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July 24, 2019

Best Makeup Mirrors for Your Vanity: Simplehuman and Glamcor

Today I have a roundup of my favorite light-up mirrors for makeup application that I think are worth the splurge. If you don’t have consistently good natural light in your home or have a fully enclosed bathroom with no windows having a mirror with good lights makes a world of difference with makeup application. I’ve opted for smaller or more portable ones because they’re easier for me to move around. The ones with magnifying options are amazing for detail things like tweezing brows, applying liquid liner or mascara, etc. In today’s review:

  • Simplehuman 8 Inch Sensor Mirror Pro in Rose Gold
  • Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide
  • Riki Skinny Vanity Mirror by Glamcor
  • Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror


Simplehuman 8 Inch Sensor Mirror Pro

Simplehuman Round Sensor Pro Mirror 8 inch

The Simplehuman 8 Inch Round Sensor Pro ($250) is one I bought from the Nordstrom sale a couple years ago. I have the 8 Inch Round Sensor Mirror Pro in Rosegold featured in this post. For this year Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale option is the silver color $150 on sale (regular price is $250).

  • Mirror itself is 8 inches with 5x magnification
  • Comes with a magnetic 10x detail mirror which you can remove and attach in the back when not in use (so you don’t lose or misplace it)
  • Multiple light settings which are enabled through the simplehuman app (link your mirror or devices)
  • Settings can be adjusted to turn off at different intervals (from 5 seconds to 10 minutes)
  • Height is either 14 or 17 inches depending which way you flip the mirror

There are different light settings but I’ve only used the auto brightness auto setting. For me the best part is the magnifying mirror which makes a world of difference to see your face up close! I love that these simplehuman mirrors are so well made. They aren’t flimsy like the plastic ones and since they are on the heavy side they’re super stable.

The 10x magnifying attachment is nice to have but not a must for me. If you’re also like me and don’t think you’ll need it there are options that come without this feature.

If you’re in the market for one of these, I recommend looking at the Simplehuman website first to do some research to check out the different models. There are several variations of the 8 inch round option and it’s nice to get all the specs and side by sides from their website and check what the latest model/version is. Some have an adjustable base, others have different magnification specs. Their products are available at multiple retailers so you can definitely shop around if you prefer other stores for points, shipping options or to see in person etc.

My 8 Inch Round Pro in Rose Gold below

Simplehuman Round Sensor Mirror Pro Review Rose Gold


Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View Review

As much as I love the round mirror and the magnifying power, the downside is that it’s hard to see your entire face. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to see your whole face rather than just a close up detail. The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide* does the trick with larger rectangular panels. It is quite the splurge at $400 (available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Simplehuman and all Simplehuman retailers). Right now it is on sale at Nordstrom during the Anniversary Sale for $250. This one had been on my wish list for years and I held off for on this purchase because we did a lot of moving and traveling a couple years ago. Soon after we settled down into a new place I was ready to make the splurge but the simplehuman team reached out and gifted one. It was perfect timing. I am beyond thrilled to finally own one! I find the adjustable side panels really convenient so I can see the sides of my face easily. It’s large and on the heavy side but still easy to move around.

  • Wide sensor mirror with three panels
  • Middle panel measure approximately 10 inches tall by 13 inches wide (light strips are almost an inch wide each)
  • Side panels measure about 5.25 inches wide by 13 inches tall
  • Side panels are adjustable
  • Entire mirror bevels
  • Height is a little under 16 inches tall
  • Has different light settings and can mimic natural sunlight
  • Includes a magnetic attachment round mirror with 10x magnification

There are a few downsides to this mirror which aren’t a huge deal, but some I thought I’d mention based on my experience. One is the round magnetic mirror can only attach at the bottom portion of the center panel, it would be nice to move it around different areas. It is also fingerprint prone around the edges, but then again most mirrors are, so it’s not a deal breaker! It is on the heavy side but for me this is a must so it doesn’t get knocked over. I have a very naughty cat that likes to climb over everything and knock things over.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View Review via The Beauty Look Book


Riki Skinny Mirror by Glamcor

Riki Skinny Vanity Mirror review via The Beauty Look Book

above with lights off

Another mirror I use everyday is the Riki Skinny Mirror by Glamcor ($195, available at Beautylish). It has a wide panel, lights around the edges and is skinny/compact enough to travel with. The stand and edging is plastic making it super lightweight but it’s still sturdy enough to have some weight. I’ve tried some mirrors from a few other brands to see if I could find a more budget friendly alternative. You can definitely find options for less, but to me they felt too lightweight and very flimsy.

  • Measures 9.5 wide by 13 inches tall, mirror portion is about 10 inches tall
  • Has five brightness settings
  • Comes with a 3x magnetic mirror attachment
  • Has a magnetic phone clip if you want to film yourself or take selfies
  • Comes with an adjustable stand

Riki Skinny Vanity Mirror review via The Beauty Look Book

above with lights on

The Riki mirror came packaged in a large sturdy cardboard box and everything was well protected with inserts so it arrived in perfect condition. I kept the box for a year or so but have since tossed it. Every time I travel I always wish I had this mirror with me. I haven’t figured out a way to pack it yet, but next time I do I will be sure to keep you posted.

I like this one because it’s easy to see my whole face. The stand makes it easy to adjust. I love that it’s lightweight but has a high quality mirror and light system. It’s held up remarkably well and the mirror hasn’t scratched even though it’s gone through a lot of moving. It is definitely a splurge and you can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon. I had a few that I tried from Impressions Vanity that were a fraction of the price. They’re good for the price, but the quality and stability is just not the same. For me this was worth the splurge 100%.

Riki Skinny Vanity Mirror review via The Beauty Look Book

There are other variations as well including a Riki Cutie and Skinny Pink Set, a Riki Tall Version (super spendy), and a Cutie Compact version.


Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror

Favorite Spring Lip Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip

Last but not least is one that I’ve received so many questions about. I try to tag and label everything when I can but sometimes miss things here and there. This really isn’t a makeup mirror so it’s not part of my top three, but I get so many questions about this Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror I thought I’d do a quick FAQ. I bought the smallest version from Anthropologie online. It comes in a few other colors and size options. Mine is the 3′ option and measures 39.25 inches high and 39 inches wide. It is pretty heavy at 75 pounds. When I bought it I could not lift it myself, but thanks to some consistent weight training I can lift it all by myself now! I think it was 100% worth the splurge!


Simplehuman Round Sensor Mirror Pro Review Rose Gold

For those who have been asking for an updated mirror roundup and review I hope you found this helpful! If you’re in the market for Simplehuman mirrors the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a really good time to save on them. They do have a few deals during the holidays and past readers have found good coupons for Bed, Bath and Beyond.


If you have any makeup mirror favorites let me know in the comments! Would love to hear about the ones you’ve tried and your thoughts!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives Haul: simplehuman, Space.NK and Jo Malone

July 31, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives simplehuman, SpaceNK, Jo Malone | The Beauty Look Book

I have a roundup of three more beauty exclusives from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today. There’s still approximately a week left for the sale, it ends August 6th.

One of the best value sets is the The Best Of Collection from the Nordstrom x Space.NK.apothecary line. The set is priced at $159 and for a $237.50 value and you get four full sized items and two travel sized items. Often times value sets have really small sizes which I don’t mind because it allows you to get a good sampling – this set has full sized items and really good travel sizes that will give you a really good sampling.

The Best of Collection Space NK x Nordstrom

Inside the set you get a travel size Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment. For the full size items you get a Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara, By Terry Baume de Rose, Eve Lom Cleanser and Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick. This was my first time trying a green lipstick – it’s a color changing shade that adapts to your natural pH and on me it transforms into a deep pink within 5 minutes. On me it also left a stain so once it fades off the color still stays on like a pretty berry stain.

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick Swatch

I picked up the Jo Malone Cologne Collection from the sale as I really like to keep travel sized mini perfumes with me on the go. The heat and warm weather have me wearing more perfume than ever – partly because I also use these on mosquito bites to stop the swelling. I’m super sensitive to bug bits and for the most part we’ve been able to avoid them except at dusk and night. There are two Jo Malone perfume sets, the one I picked includes Nectarine Blossom and Honey, French Lime Blossom, Orange Blossom, Nashi Blossom and Silk Blossom. I’ve shopped these sets for years and don’t remember ever seeing Nashi Blossom or Silk Blossom in the minis so this was a nice one for me.  There’s also a Men’s Cologne set which is a little more expensive as it has some of the intense sets. If you’re shopping the sale – don’t forget to check the GWPs online. Had I known about it while browsing in store I would have picked up something else to take advantage of it. If you don’t think these are up your alley – I’d say wait for holiday which is just a few months away. Jo Malone always launches the cutest holiday sets and I can’t wait to see what they have this year.

Jo Malone Cologne Set Nordstrom | The Beauty Look Book

Last but not least is the simplehuman round sensor mirror pro in Rose Gold. I already own the simplehuman Countertop Sensor Makeup Mirror and it’s probably the best beauty tool I own. I’ve had mine for years and you can read my review from 2014 here. It’s lasted since then and worked perfectly every time. I think it’s funny that with this mirror my male friends and family are the ones that were most impressed with this – funny as I think of it more as something women would use, but my husband uses this frequently and my brother was so impressed he bought one too. If you don’t own one the sale is a great time to save on it. If you want a comparison review of the two models I can do one in the near future, let me know in the comments. The Round Sensor Mirror Pro has the same size circumference but is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled with controls to change the lighting color, set timer on how long light stays on and also has a clock feature with an alarm. I’m not really the type to get ready every morning at the exact same time like clockwork to use the alarm feature – if you use it let me know! Also the pro version doesn’t have an adjustable base so you can’t make it taller like you can with the countertop version. I like both – the app feature is really neat as it also tells you how much battery life is left which comes is super convenient.

This version has a magnetized detail mirror and there’s a magnet on the back for you to store it when you’re not using it. Note – I just checked online and UPDATE Tuesday 8:23 AM it’s back in stock! You also might want to check your local store.

simplehuman sensor mirror pro rosegold | The Beauty Look Book

simplehuman sensor mirror pro rosegold | The Beauty Look Book

That wraps up my three more things from the Nordstrom Sale! In case you missed my previous posts:

  • Beauty Haul Part 1 here
  • Beauty Exclusives Neutral Lip Haul + swatches here
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Diffused Light Palette here
  • Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Blush Glow reviewed here
  • Tom Ford Golden Rose Eye and Lip Set here
  • Sisley-Paris Color Twist Set here

What have you hauled from the Nordstrom sale? Let me know in the comments! I want to live vicariously through your hauls – beauty and everything else 🙂

Space NK Set gifted for review. Other two purchased by me.



Sephora Beauty Insider VIB Rouge 15% Off Event Starts Today: 4/12 through 4/21/2015

April 12, 2015

The Sephora Beauty Insider event is happening this month! VIB Rouge Members get early access starting today where you can get 15% off your purchases online at with code ROUGELOVE and in stores by showing the mailer or copy of the e-mail you received with the barcodes 4/12 through 4/21. VIB and other Beauty Insider Members will have access at later dates (will update as more as I receive more info).

I placed an order online this morning to avoid the crowds, although quite a few of the Surratt Beauty items I had on my wish list sold out already. I’ll have my haul to share with you in the next week (my package is expected to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday).

In the meantime if you need some recommendations here is a list of items I’ve reviewed from the past few years that are good to save on. Sales on mid to high-end luxury products rarely occur except with the occasional friends and family discounts. In the mix a few splurges along with classic staples.

Row 1, left to right:

Row 2, left to right

Row 3, left to right:

Row 4, left to right: 

Did you buy anything for the VIB Rouge Beauty Insider sale at Sephora? If you’re shopping online be sure to enter in the code ROUGELOVE at checkout. If you’re a VIB/Beauty Insider Member, what’s on your wish list or in your shopping cart?


Best Beauty Discoveries and Highlights of 2014

December 29, 2014

2014 has been a very exciting year and I feel incredibly blessed in so many ways. I am grateful for each and every one of my readers. Without your passion for all things beauty this blog would not be a possibility for me to keep up. Each week I am touched by the kindness some of you have shown through e-mail and comments. I think the internet and social media is amazing with the way it enables us to connect with each other across the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me through this blog 🙂 

I have a roundup of beauty highlights in 2014. There have been so many great beauty releases and innovations this year. I think the holiday sets this season were the best ones I’ve seen to date. I’ve linked previous reviews of my favorite beauty discoveries for 2014 below. Please let me know what your top beauty discoveries were as well, I’d love to hear what your favorite picks were!
This year marked the year for a number of brand launches and store openings. New beauty brand launches in the US that I was really excited about included Gucci Beauty and Charlotte Tilbury. A number of brands added new stores and boutiques. Diptyque on Larchmont opened in Los Angeles. In Venice Beach Caudalie and Hourglass Cosmetics opened up boutiques. Another highlight for me was finally visiting the NARS Boutique on Melrose (although it opened a few years ago).

Additional highlights include a couple special features for The Beauty Look Book. In January I was really excited to be featured on Barneys New York – The Window. In March of this year I was beyond thrilled to discover that InstyleUK included me in their Top 50 Websites (thank you!!).

The best thing for me this year though was being able to connect with some bloggers and YouTubers in person (in beauty and fashion). Meeting them was incredibly inspiring. There are few things that give me that warm fuzzy feeling like seeing women support other women and I value their friendship, advice, encouragement and positive outlook on life. 

What were your top beauty discoveries this year?

Beauty Tools

simplehuman Sensor Mirror

August 18, 2014
To apply makeup, I’ve been using either a full length wall mirror from Ikea (similar here) or for close ups an older style Restoration Hardware countertop mirror (similar style here) that measures about 7 inches in diameter, both of which aren’t ideal due to lighting situations where our larger mirror is stored in our house and also because of the small size of the counter top mirror. I’ve been searching for quite some time for a good countertop mirror that is slightly larger than what I have that is sturdy and well designed with a silver steel or satin nickel finish. Having a simple classic look for household items is a must for me so finding the right mirror with the right design, size and overall look has been a challenge for me. When I received press information about the simplehuman Sensor Mirror options, the e-mail couldn’t have come at a better time, especially since I am a huge fan of simplehuman products for their simple, sleek and modern product designs. My favorites are their sensor soap dispenser and dish racks.
simplehuman has several sensor mirror options. The one I received for review is the regular Sensor Mirror ($200, 9.1 inches wide and 15.1 – 18.1 inches tall, approximately 3 lbs) – it’s the larger size option with an adjustable stand which allows you to extend the height. The mirror is adjustable as well so you can bevel it at different angles. These come with an automatic sensor at the top so the lights turn on when your face nears the mirror and stays on as long as your face is relatively close (within the sensor’s range).


The diagrams from simplehuman show the adjustable stand and how the mirror can be beveled:

The entire set contains the 5x round mirror, a USB power cable and outlet adapter and cleaning cloth with a limited 5 year warranty. The product description and benefits of the mirror include:

  • The tru-lux light system provides 600 lux and a color rendering index (CRI) of 90—more than twice as bright as the next best and more similar to natural sunlight.
  • The mirror features high-performance LEDs that are rated to perform like new after 40,000 hours—that’s an hour a day, every day, for more than 100 years so you never have to change a bulb.
  • The light recharges using a standard USB port or wall outlet. (One charge lasts up to five weeks.) No alkaline batteries are required.
  • There are no cords to clutter up your countertop and the mirror is easy to use anywhere.
The mirror is extremely well designed and also well made. The lighting is impressive and mimics natural sunlight without being blinding. My first impression upon testing this out was, “wow.” The magnifying power is simply incredible. I showed this to several friends and family and they were all incredibly impressed (male and female). Nobody I know gets excited about mirrors so I was really surprised by the reaction people had to this product. Reviews indicate that most everyone who has purchased this really loves this even though it’s really expensive. I love how sturdy the mirror is and the sleek and simple design is aesthetically pleasing.


The standard size mirror is designed for you to be able to see your entire face. After testing this, I felt that I could indeed see the entire face, but only when I was up close to the mirror within 4-6 inches of the surface. Seeing my entire face up close in that much detail was a little too uncomfortable, but this mirror has made a world of difference when it comes to eyes and lips. It’s great for tweezing brows and applying eye makeup. Applying eye liner and eye shadow is so much easier now that I can really see what I’m doing. Also applying mascara and curling lashes is easier now that I can see where to place the wands/tools better. It’s good for getting a precise lip as well. For face makeup this works, but I tend to step back and see how my blush and bronzer are applied from a distance to make sure it’s subtle and blended well.The sensor is good at sensing movement. However I found it turned off too quickly if I moved my head away to pick up something. I didn’t find it too troublesome to be an annoyance, but having an extended timer for a shut-off delay is an option I would have liked.


Left side unlit vs Right side with light on:




Without the light sensor on:



With sensor light on:


Cleaning cloth and charging tools, plug in area is at the base of the stand, I love the design so it’s really subtle and blends in well with the base. It’s great that this doesn’t require cords for use so there’s no messy look to it and your counter or desktop will remain clutter-free. One charge is supposed to last up to 5 weeks, but I haven’t had this long enough to see if it really does last that long.



There is also a clever on/off button located on the base so in case you need to move it but don’t want the sensor to keep flashing on and off as it gets close to objects, you can force turn it off:




Side views:

Some close ups of the lighting and magnifying power:






I’ve been using this for a week and now I don’t ever want to be without one. My brother already asked if he could have it if I ended up hating it. For me I love it. There’s no more squinting or straining eyes to see exactly where I’m putting my eye makeup on. I can apply mascara so much better now and see where to apply it precisely to my lashes. The $200 price tag is extremely steep for a mirror but it’s a quality product that is well designed and extremely well made. There’s nothing I’ve seen or tried that comes close to the design and quality. The lighting is bright and white so it doesn’t distort color like some lights can. If you’ve tried simplehuman products you know that everything is extremely well made.  I am a huge fan of all the products I’ve tried from the line.
On pricing, for reference, the older Restoration Hardware mirror I have was around the $100 price range when I bought it several years ago – it was the only sturdy metal mirror I could find with a simple no-fuss sleek design. It has a regular mirror on one side and a magnified side on the other with a brushed nickel stand. For the simplehuman Sensor Mirror, I would probably be more willing to buy it at full retail price without hesitation if it were around the $150 range. At the $200 price, it’s a bit steep, I probably would have shopped around to see if I could find a way to save on the price or wait until there were double/triple points event. Still, the mirror is built with a sturdy base and is well constructed with unique details I would have never thought of.
The simplehuman Sensor Mirror retails for $200. Available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, simplehuman and other retailers.
The simplehuman Sensor Mirror was provided  for review consideration. All opinions are my own.