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Welcome Ollie!

April 25, 2022

Ollie Cavapoo and Sabrina

We are so excited to introduce the newest addition to our family Ollie! He’s a Cavapoo and we’ve had him for a full month now. Ollie has brought so much happiness to our home and we are soaking up every minute of this puppy phase. We created an Instagram page for him @olliemclovin in case you want to follow along on his puppy adventures!

Cavapoo Puppy 9 Weeks Ollie

Our pups Jake and Lucy have been missed. Jake lived 14 years and passed away the summer of 2019. Lucy lived a few more years until age 17 and passed away this last Christmas. It was so heartbreaking to lose them. Both Jack Russells gave us so much love and happiness. After Lucy passed away I never thought I’d get another dog – saying goodbye was so terribly sad, I didn’t think my heart could go through it again.

This year however just hasn’t been the same without them. Even our ragdoll cat Calvin noticed Lucy wasn’t around and he just hasn’t been himself. In early March Andrew told me had been researching dog breeds on his own for several weeks and said, “I think we should get a Cavapoo. They have a good temperament, they’re friendly, super cute and don’t shed.” As soon as he showed me pictures I immediately said yes!

We picked up Ollie when he was 9 weeks old (5 pounds). He’s a mix of a Toy Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Today he’s 13 weeks and weighed in at 7 pounds. He’s growing so fast and has so much energy. It’s estimated he will be 14-20 pounds full grown.

Here’s a video we made with him!

Cavapoo Puppy 9 Weeks Ollie

Cavapoo Puppy 9 Weeks Ollie

A number of you asked for a roundup of what we bought for him and what he likes. Since he’s still young and hasn’t had all his vaccines he’s stayed at home with us or gone on short walks. He’s very friendly and loves it when any new people come over to our home.

Crate, Bed and Gates

Puppy Corner Crate

We’ve crate trained Ollie and he has a Wood and Wire Medium sized crate from Wayfair. It’s in the corner in between two sofas we have gated but we leave the crate doors + gate open for him during the day. Andrew also ordered two Ortho Pet Bed Pillows to put inside the crate but Ollie prefers sleeping on the tile floor, a Top Paw Donut Bed or his Barefoot Dreams Pet Bed.

He has another sleeping corner in our bedroom where it’s quiet so he can sleep undisturbed during his daytime naps.

Cavapoo Puppy 9 Weeks Ollie

Cavapoo Puppy 9 Weeks Ollie Donut Bed

To section off areas in the home Andrew ordered some Freestanding Wooden Pet Gates from Amazon. They’re foldable and sturdy and they’re exactly what we were looking for. You can also buy Support Feet which we have and really like.

So far our setup works well for Ollie. He’s a jumper and likes to bounce around a lot but he’s nowhere near the jumping capacity of our Jack Russells. Jake was able to jump all the way to my shoulder height even as a little puppy.

Favorite Toys & Organization

Ollie's Favorite Toys

We’ve tried so many toys with Ollie. His favorites are his Barefoot Dreams Fox and anything that has a crinkle noise. He loves this Stuffless Crinkle Squirrel, Baby Yoda Toy (the ears crinkle), Stuffed Chewbacca and also the Top Paw Easter Crinkle Toys. By now he knows how to play catch and fetch and loves anything he can chew and carry. Even though he’s in the teething phase and likes to bite and chew he doesn’t tear into or rip toys like our Jack Russells did. Nothing lasted more than 5 minutes with Jake and Lucy!

Ollie Cavapoo Barefoot Dreams Fox

Ollie Jellycat Toy

Andrew found quite a few entertaining toys that Ollie ended up liking. The Snuffle Dog Mat Snail has pockets to hide treats and keeps him entertained for a while. This Suction Cup Chew Toy attaches to our sliding glass doors. We put peanut butter on the outside and it keeps Ollie occupied until it’s all gone.

Suction Cup Wall Treat Toy

The Hyper Pet Dog Tail is another winner. It wiggles, vibrates and barks. It’s interactive so it keeps Ollie pretty entertained. He also like his Hide-a-Squirrel! He has a lot of toys but we limit what we expose him to at any given time so he can stay more focused.

Hide-A-Squirrel vs Target Hide-A-Chipmunk

To keep his toy situation under control I bought a couple Woven Felt Baskets (available in Large and Small sizes) and Rectangular Wire Baskets (available in multiple sizes and in black or white) from Target. I liked them so much I bought a few more for around the home.

Storage Baskets Dog Toys


Ollie Cavapoo Bully Stick

We waited to get the ok from the vet before giving Ollie treats and we’re easing him in with a few for training and teething. He seems to be picky with the treats but likes Milk-Bone Trail Mix and a Nylabone Healthy Edibles. The Jack and Pup Bully Sticks help with his teething and don’t make a mess.

Cleaning & Grooming

Cavapoo Puppy Ollie Ruby and White

Pee pads were on everyone’s puppy essential list and we bought a pack but we didn’t really need to use them for Ollie. He’s been pretty good with the potty training and learned quickly.

Earthbath Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

To clean up accidents the Bissell Pawsitively Clean with Febreze is great. It’s a stain remover and smells pretty good for an Enzyme Cleaner. They make one for cats too but out cat Calvin doesn’t usually mark anything so we haven’t tried it.

For baths we used Earth Bath for Jake and Lucy and still had some in our cabinets (it also works for our cat). They work well for Ollie too! Right now we use the Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo and the Oatmeal Aloe Conditioner on him.

For grooming we’re still learning. He thinks brushing is play time so I try to give him gentle brushes while he’s sleeping. We use a brush we had for our Jack Russells but Ollie’s Cavapoo fur is different so we will need to order different combs.

He will need professional trims and grooming in the future. The fur around his eyes has grown the fastest and has covered his eyes. Since he’s so wiggly and energized I’ve only attempted a tiny trim (tiny as in 2 snips) when he’s fast asleep.

Training will start soon. He’s still pretty young and knows basic commands like sit, stay (sometimes) and come here. He understands words like “potty” and “treat.” They say Cavapoos are quick learners so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Cavapoo Ollie @olliemclovin

Calvin and Ollie

Baby Ollie Outdoor Egg Chair

Ollie Crinkle Toy

Cavapoo Puppy 12 Weeks Ollie

9 weeks vs 12 weeks

Cavapoo Puppy 9 weeks vs 12 weeks

I’ve linked all the things we’ve bought for him. A number of you asked about his harness and leash but we got it from our breeder who buys them from a third party vendor. Since Ollie is growing we need to get him a bigger size already. Once I find one that works I’ll share that with you too!

Everything from Amazon is on my Amazon Page under Ollie’s Favorites.

Other items linked below:


A very special thank you to each and everyone of you who have sent heartfelt messages to me about Ollie. We love him so much and I love seeing pictures of all your doodles! I had no idea there were so many of you with poodle mix dogs and I LOVE IT! Keep sending me the photos and accounts, I love seeing them and hearing about your dog stories.


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2021

Diptyque Holiday Candle Carousel

Merry Christmas! Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season as we wrap up the year. Andrew and I spent Christmas Eve at home with just the two of us along with our pup Lucy and cat Calvin.

Calvin turned 9 this year and Lucy is 17! We are grateful for every day we still have with our Lucy girl as she is very old and has lost most of her sight and hearing. She’s still happy, healthy, living for the snacks and belly rubs, just slowing down more and more each day.

Wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart! Sending you all lots of love! Grateful for the kindness many of you have shown me each as you follow along on my beauty journey. Hopeful and looking forward to the next year!

Merry Christmas!

Calvin and Lucy

I’ll be wrapping up the year with some favorites roundups! Also stay tuned a mini home decor haul refresh (you can see a peek at one thing I hauled here) and a look at Chanel Spring first week the new year!

Fashion Lifestyle

Favorite Summer Sandals from Tory Burch

June 10, 2021

Best Tory Burch Sandals | The Beauty Lookbook

Sandal season is here even though it feels like it’s always sandal season in Florida! I’ve rounded my current favorites from Tory Burch. I own a number of different brands and styles for flat sandals, but the ones from Tory Burch always end up being the ones I wear the most frequently.

I’m all about flats since they’re the most comfortable and casual for my taste. The Miller Sandal has been a classic favorite for so long, but I look forward to newer styles each season. I think this year they’ve made some of the best ones I’ve seen!

I do think these are quite the splurge but I’ve always been happy with the quality and versatility so I’ve found them worth the price.

Miller Sandal

Tory Burch Miller Sandal Review via The Beauty Look book

Sandals: Tory Burch Miller / Hat: Eric Javits / Bag: Eric Javits / Sunnies: Celine / Tips: OPI Bubble Bath / Toes: Chanel Arancio Vibrante

The Miller Sandal ($198) is a classic I think great for any age or style. The ones I’ve worn the most are the classic black leather or vachetta leather. I am a true size 6.5 but in these I’ve worn both the 6.5 and 7 and these days I like the bigger size better. I’d recommend going up 1/2 a size. They come in a wide range of colors.


Miller Sandal Patent

Tory Burch Miller Patent Sandal Review Tan

Sandals: Tory Burch Miller Tan / Bag: Cult Gaia / Scarf: Tory Burch / Sunnies: Celine

Miller Sandal Patent ($198) these are also really cute and I love the look. These have held up longer for me even in rain, but do note if your feet get wet they can get slippery. The ones I have right now are the Patent Tan. Runs the same sizing as the classic miller in regular leather and comes in a wide range of colors.


Miller Cloud

Tory Burch Miller Cloud Review

Sandals: Tory Burch Miller Cloud / Bag: Tory Burch Perry Bombe Bag (reviewed here) / Hat: Eric Javits / Sunnies: Celine

I was finally able to try Miller Cloud ($228) a few weeks ago! They’ve been sold out for quite a long time in a lot of the colors and sizes but just started to restock (you can pre-order on some sites). The Miller Cloud is a padded sandal described as lightweight and ergonomic with a molded footbed.

I found my usual size 6.5 ran a little big in store but ordered a 6 as soon as I saw it pop up. For me going down a half size worked perfectly. They run wider than the regular Millers but it still does hug the feet with the molded cushion and edge. The only downside is they do make a squishing noise when you walk (at least for me) but it’s not a deal breaker. I really like these!


Double T Sport Slide

Tory Burch Double T Sport Slide review

Sandals: Double T / Bag: Loewe / Wrap: Vitamin A Swim / Sunnies: Celine / Toes: Chanel Le Vernis Arancio Vibrante

Double T Sport Slide ($198) is what I wore pretty much our entire trip when we went to Miami in May. These are so comfortable and I 100% recommend them. There’s no break in period, sole has a cushion (although it is flat), and comfortable to wear even in the heat. I like that they’re not a flip flip style making it a little more dressy.


Basket Weave Slide

Tory Burch Basket Weave Slide review

Shoes: Basket Weave Slide / Bag: Loewe / Scarf: Tory Burch / Sunnies: Celine / Hat: Eric Javits (see hat worn here) / Toes: Chanel Le Vernis Arancio Vibrante

The Basket Weave Slide ($258) is another favorite. I picked these in white and think the weave is so pretty. My bestie messaged me that she got the same pair as well. These run true to size on me for an exact fit. They’re super flattering. Comfort wise I find they are comfortable, but not as comfortable as the Double T or APL Slides.


Basket-Weave Espadrille

Tory Burch Basket-Weave Espadrille review

Shoes: Basket Weave Espadrille Tie Sandal / Bag: Chloe Small Woody / Sunnies: Rayban

The Basket-Weave Espadrille ($228) is another style with the woven design. This has a large strap in the front and a leather string tie. They run true to size and I also love these. Wear is about the same as the slide version, the sole on this is slightly more comfortable (but still flat).

Best Tory Burch Sandals | The Beauty Lookbook

That wraps up my favorites summer sandals from Tory Burch right now! For me they were 100% worth the splurge. I will put together a part two with some more favorites from other brands. What are your favorite sandals to wear for the summer? Do you also wear flats or something with a heel?

You can find Tory Burch at Tory Burch, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and more.

Shop the Post:


Lifestyle Roundup

Checking In

April 2, 2020

Beauty LookBook Vanity Desk

Just wanted to do a quick check in post to say hi and see how you are all holding up. The world feels like everything has been turned upside down and life feels like one long extended nightmare. In Florida we are now on a state-wide stay-at-home-order although it started earlier in our county with lots of businesses closing except for the essentials. Grocery stores, pharmacies, take-out food and pet stores etc are still open, but our beaches have been closed as well as some parks. A lot of our favorite bakeries and cafes have closed. The panic buying continues here (it started a lot later here than other places). It’s still nearly impossible to find toilet paper in stores. The paper towel aisle and cleaning sections always seem to be cleared out.

We are holding up just fine – we are social distancing but continuing outdoor walks to stay active and trying to support local businesses with take out as much as we can. We took our bikes for a ride last weekend at some parks and nearby trails – although with many parks being closed we aren’t sure how long we can do this. At home we are enjoying time in our backyard, doing more home work outs, cleaning and organizing. We just started watching the new season of Ozarks and Westworld. Better Call Saul is also on my list. I’m trying to stay distracted to stay sane and positive. Really looking forward to the days when things can and will go back to normal.

So how are you holding up? What have you been doing to stay busy at home? I wanted to answer some FAQs on new beauty launches – so many of you have been asking about things since everything now is literally online only. On my more immediate to-do list I will be reviewing the new Armani concealer, Chanel Les Beiges, By Terry summer and new Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks.

From recent posts, several of you have asked where this round mirror is from. I found it at Target and think it’s super cute. My other favorite makeup mirrors here.

Beauty Look Book beauty room setup

I haven’t been getting good sleep lately. Unfortunately I’m sure this is the case for many of you. I’ve woken up with puffy eyes more and these 111Skin Eye Masks have been life savers for me. I really love the Sub Zero De-Puffing Eye Masks (blue ones) are my favorites. I also really like the Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Masks as well (pink package). They’re a really nice treat in the mornings and I think they’re 100% worth the splurge. Some retailers carry them in 1 sheet packs too. I haven’t had much luck with melatonin sleep aids in the past but I’ve ordered the HUM Beauty zzZz to try as I really like their other supplements. If you have any favorites let me know.

111Skin Sheet Eye Masks

My favorite at-home comfy things to wear are the APL Techloom Slides. I own them in so many colors and bought some for Andrew too. They have nice support and are so much better than flats or sandals that have no cushion. We wear ours everywhere. The lighter colors are easy to clean up – I just throw them in the washing machine but air dry them. Below is the color Parchment (toes is an older nail polish color in Chanel Resplendissant).

APL Slides

My sweet girl Lucy and me in our backyard, she’s 15 this year! We really miss Jake who passed away over the summer. (Wearing Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine in Peace Star.)

Sabrina and Lucy in our Backyard

For those asking about DIY manicure tips, I’ve done several hand nail care routine posts in the past. I’ve been doing my own since we moved to Florida (for over 3 years now) since I’ve never quite found a salon that I really liked. In case you want to do your nails at home and want some tips you can find my most recent Hand and Nail Care Routine article here. Quick note that I think some of my holy grails from Deborah Lippmann have been reformulated. I ordered replacements and they don’t perform the same! I’m trying out some other cuticle softeners/removers from Sally Hansen and CND hoping they’ll work better.

Nail Polish Application Tips from Sabrina The Beauty Look Book

Will have the Chanel Les Beiges 2020 collection review soon! (Ordered everything except the 2 nail colors, still undecided about those.) I will also review the new Armani Luminous Silk Concealer (ordered 6.5 which is a good match for the 6.5 foundation).

Beauty Look Book Vanity Bathroom

How are you all holding up? What are some things that have helped you remain calm or sane? Any good new TV shows to binge watch? Good movies you love to re-watch? How are you staying active at home or are you able to go outdoors?

Hoping you are all well and safe. Sending lots of love. I’m doing a lot of stress eating at home to cope!


Fashion Lifestyle Roundup Sales

Instagram Roundup / Loving Right Now

April 12, 2019

Sam Edelman Gala Sandals White Spring Sandal Season

Happy Friday! I have an Instagram roundup on some outfits and accessories I’ve been loving lately. A few of you have asked for more info on sizing/scale of the mini bags I’ve posted in a few flatlays so I’m sharing all the details today!

Quick note that a few retailers are having sales going on right now that you might want to take advantage of. Many of my accessories are on sale!

  • Shopbop’s sale ends April 13th (extended by one day) with code EVENT19 you can save 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500
  • Nordstrom is price matching a lot of the items from the Shopbop Sale (you’ll have to search by brand or product name)
  • Tory Burch is having a sale event through April 15th, 20% off $200, 25% off $350 and 30% off $500 (there are quite a few exclusions), use code SPRING
  • J.Crew is having a sale with 50% off sale styles and 40% off everything else, online only with code SALEUPGRADE, ends April 15th (update)


Sam Edelman Gala Sandals, Jcrew Toothpick Jeans, Ark Bag Dupe

Ark Bag dupe / Sandals Sam Edelman / Jeans Jcrew Toothpick / Polish Chanel Joyau

I did a quick series on Instagram Stories about one of my Ark Bags. This one shown above was a gifted dupe and it’s a very well made one. The differences between the real Cult Gaia and this one are slight, I wish I knew where it was from but it was a gift and I’m a little embarrassed to ask! A few of you mentioned you think it’s this one from Amazon or possibly this one from Tuckernuck. Based on what I’ve seen for the bamboo/wood ones the dupes are very well constructed. If I knew where my exact dupe was from I would 100% buy it.

My favorite sandals this season are from Sam Edelman. I bought a couple pairs and these Gala Sandals are on sale at Shopbop. They run true to size and are very comfortable.

I recently rediscovered J.Crew denim, I always thought their jeans were pricey but with the sales it makes them 100% worth it. The 9 inch high rise has a good fit where it doesn’t feel like they are falling off like lowrise ones. No belt needed for this style and at the same time they aren’t too high it makes me feel like I’m wearing pants up to my chest. They’re a little stretchy but still sturdy enough to hold everything up and in! My favorites however are still from Paige in the Verdugo Ankle style (any color). Out of all the brands/styles I’ve tried I think Paige has the most flattering cuts and fit.


Cult Gaia Mini Ark Bag Natural

Cult Gaia Ark Bag Mini in Natural / Sunglasses Rayban / Lipstick Tom Ford Carriacou (review soon) / Hair Oil Gisou Mini / Bracelet Celine

My curiosity got the best of me and I felt like I just had to know what the original was like. I bought the real Cult Gaia Ark Bag in the Mini Size Natural Color from Nordstrom (also available at Shopbop) and think it’s SO cute. The real ones have the Cult Gaia branding inside the handle and in between the strips are tiny round beads while the dupes usually have a gap with the clear plastic showing. I’m 5’3″ and find minis fit my frame better in general but they aren’t always practical because of how little they hold. The mini measures 6.25 inches tall, 9 inches long, 2.5 inches deep. (Scroll down for a photo of me wearing the mini.) I think it’s the cutest thing ever and it is big enough to hold my wallet, phone, keys, a compact, sunglasses and a couple lipsticks. I do think the bigger sizes, even the small is more practical to hold more things without overwhelming your frame. I’m keeping the mini I bought and my gifted dupe – think both are the perfect summer bag, even years after it originally launched. If you want something more unique opt for the Tortoise or pretty Acrylic Colors, I love the blue and melon colors!

Quick note on my sunglasses from Rayban, the style code I have is RB2185 and I have the polarized options which are slightly more expensive than the non-polarized versions. I did not realize this until after I bought mine. I know people say polarized sunglasses have better protection for the eyes, but sometimes I don’t like the way they shift colors. I still really love mine and I own quite a few polarized sunglasses. Just wanted to tell you in case you wanted to know or wanted something around $50 cheaper opt for the regular versions.


Staud Mini Shirley in White and Tory Burch Emmy Sandals

Bag Staud Mini Shirley / Sandals Tory Burch / Hat Lack of Color / Lips Bobbi Brown Lychee Baby, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Liner, Charlotte Tilbury Kidman’s Kiss / Perfume Byredo Bal D’Afrique / Earrings Mikimoto / Sunglasses Celine

I’ve had the Staud Mini Shirley bag for a little over a year now and love it! As with the minis vs small, I do like my mini, but the bigger options are going to be a lot more practical. I wish I bought the small size but since I use this for days I only carry essentials. It’s perfect for date nights or quick trips out. It doesn’t have a shoulder strap or long handle to throw over the arm which is the only downside to this style for me. They did just launch another clear option called the Clear Bissett Bag which seems more practical if you need a longer handle to hold over the shoulder or want something a little bigger around.

These style Tory Burch Emmy Sandals run a little small, I’d recommend going a 1/2 size up. I normally wear 6.5 in their millers, with these I opted for a 7. The classic Millers are still the most comfortable as the sole of these are stiffer, but they’re still easy to wear for me.


AGolde Parker Shorts in Swapmeet

Hat Lack of Color / Sandals Tory Burch / Shorts AGolde / Black case The Daily Edited / Sunglasses Chanel (old style) / Polish is Chanel Le Vernis Jaspe

I bought the AGolde Parker Shorts the last time Shopbop had a sale and this was the first time I tried high rise shorts. They’re on the high side as described but it’s a nice change from the shorter lower waist options I’ve tried. Color shown is Swapmeet which is a lighter blue and they have some fun distressing giving them a more casual vibe. I also love the color Rock Steady which is a more traditional classic blue jean color.

To this day Tory Burch Millers are still my favorite sandals. The sand patent has lasted the longest for me. I’ve worn my others TO DEATH and they are starting to wear, but they have lasted probably 5 years and I’ve worn them EVERYWHERE so I think they were well worth the splurge. My brown leather ones have seen better days – but they have lived through a lot of travel, rain, humidity and moving. I’m planning to repurchase and replace them soon.


Clare V Petite Sandy and Sam Edelman Beckie Slides

Bag Clare V Petite Sandy / Card Case Gucci / Polish Chanel Perle de Corail / Sunglasses Celine / Sandals Sam Edelman Beckie

Another sale splurge last month was the Clare V Petite Sandy and I did not realize how small it was going to be even after checking the dimensions online. I still love it and think it’s the perfect size for me! (See one photo down to see how small it is.) The larger Sandy is more of what I envisioned this being like though because it’s bigger and has a longer strap to hold over the shoulder. You can buy a separate shoulder strap from Clare V for a lot of their bags which is something I’m considering for my petite option.

Another pair of Sam Edelman shoes I’ve been loving are the Beckie Style in Natural Raffia (runs true to size for me). They have a similar style called Bay Cutout which has solid/smooth leather but I have not tried those yet. The Beckie options are the woven material and it’s very sturdy and comfortable with a slight cushion like the Gala.


By request, a few mirror selfies to show scale of the bags. I’m 5’3″ and 118 pounds (I’ve gained weight with our indulgent Miami vacation eating and have also gained muscle weight with our weight training). The struggle to stay fit is real when there are so many tempting good food places to try when you travel. I’ve been fluctuating like a yoyo.

Left photo:

Right photo:

OOTD AG Robyn Jacket White, Mother Denim Skirt, Cult Gaia Mini Ark, Staud Mini Shirley, Celine Round Sunglasses

Below more photos of another mini bag:

OOTD Madewell Tie Front Top, AGolde Parker Shorts in Swapmeet, Clare V Petite Sandy, Stuart Weitzman Nearlynude Black


One last post from Instagram! I mentioned the Anthropologie Cloudfleece top a while back and a lot of you wanted to know what it looked like on. I posted a photo sharing the Mint color. It’s super soft and lightweight and hangs nicely for a relaxed fit. I’m wearing the XS here.

You also wanted to know how big/small the Tory Burch Marsden Crossbody is on me. It measures 9.25 by 5.5 and 1.25 deep. Here it is on me over the shoulder and worn as a crossbody. I wish it had an adjustable strap to make it a tad bit shorter but it’s easy to wear and most of you are taller than me so it’s probably going to be the perfect length! I wear it all the time and it has some slots inside to put cards so you don’t need a wallet. I’ve owned it since last July and it’s held up very well even in Florida humidity and rain.

Anthropologie Cloudfleece Top, STS Blue Shorts, Tory Burch Crossbody

Top Anthropologie / Crossbody Bag Tory Burch / Shoes Converse / Shorts STS Blue / Rimless Aviator Sunglasses Marc Jacobs


Favorite tops and bottoms mentioned:



Shoes and accessories:


I hope you found this roundup helpful to answer all your questions! Let me know if you have any other ones. If you’re shopping the Shopbop sale it ends today April 13th so make sure to check it out!


Fashion Lifestyle

Spring Transition Essentials

March 1, 2019

Spring Outfit Madewell Jacket, Whisper Cotton Tee, STS Blue White Denim Shorts, Converse

It’s been two years now since we’ve moved to Florida and I cannot believe how fast time flies! It seems like it was just yesterday we drove across country from San Diego to Tampa. It’s been quite a transition for us but we’ve really fallen in love with everything here. We love the beaches, the people and the casual relaxed vibe. Every week I get questions from readers asking what to pack for vacation trips to Florida and my answers usually depend on what time of year they’re visiting and where they’re going. Florida is a big state and the weather varies depending on how far north or south you’re visiting (it’s more humid and hotter the further south you go). There is a long distance between Tampa, Orlando and Miami so temperatures and humidity changes depending on how close you are to the coast. Weather is also fairly unpredictable depending on what time of year. Right now the weather is mild in the Tampa Bay area with temperatures ranging from low 60’s to low 80’s. Last week weather was in the high 80’s! I’ve teamed up with Nordstrom to share some of my go-to warm weather essentials for South Florida.

Madewell Denim Jacket, St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market

Madewell Denim Jacket, Chloe Mini Marcie, White Denim Shorts

My favorite layering piece is a good denim jacket. For me the best ones are from Madewell because they come in a wide range of washes and fits whether you want something classic, loose or cropped. Temperatures can change from morning to mid-day to night. Also indoors they love to put the AC on full blast making it icy cold. I like that you can dress up or dress down any outfit with a classic denim jacket. I typically size up for a more slouchy relaxed look.

Good shorts are absolutely a must in Florida. Since moving here I’ve tried so many different brands and styles. For those who want a true mid-rise with a casual look I highly recommend checking out the STS Blue Raw Denim shorts. They’re the best affordable denim shorts I’ve found. Even the light blue distressed ones hold up remarkably well after lots of washes in the washing machine. I also love these ones from 7 For All Mankind and Blank NYC.

A simple small crossbody bag is perfect for just carrying the essentials. When it’s hot and humid out it’s nice to have something light and small that you don’t even notice is weighing you down. I splurged on the Chloe Mini Marcie and love it to death. The Tory Burch Marsden Crossbody is a less expensive alternative and I have also been contemplating the Madewell small crossbody as well for something simple.

Spring Outfit Favorites Chloe Mini Marcie Tan

Spring Outfit Favorites Chloe Mini Marcie Tan

The tees and tanks I pretty much live in are the Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tank, V-Neck Tee and Northside Vintage Tee. They’re lightweight, super comfortable and come in so many different colors. I am a little embarrassed to admit how many of these I own. They’re great as a casual tee by itself, layered with a sweater or jacket, nice for the beach, also perfect for at-home lounging. They’re not really designed for workouts but sometimes I’ll wear the tank during a run or at home when we’re lifting weights too. I also have and love the Stripe Version.

Spring Outfit Favorites Chloe Mini Marcie Tan

Madewell Denim Jacket, Chloe Mini Marcie, White Denim Shorts

Madewell Whisper Cotton White Vneck Tee

For shoes I live in the Tory Burch Miller Sandals and Converse Sneakers – they go with everything! I find the classic Converse Chuck Low Tops to be among my favorite and most comfortable sneakers. They don’t give me blisters and are nice to walk in for extended periods of time. I think they’re a super cute sneaker even for the girls who feel like they aren’t really sneaker girls.

One last essential I have to mention is sunscreen. We have tested dozens and our favorite that isn’t heavy, doesn’t smell like sunscreen, has no flash back, is lightweight, easy to apply and also is the best at preventing burn is the Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen. No matter what we try, this is the one we keep going back to.

Outfit details, for sizing reference I’m 5’3″ – petite!

Hope you enjoyed this post! More of these to follow since I’ve been getting so many questions about my everyday basics. A few other favorites linked below.



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Looking Forward + 2019 Goals

January 4, 2019

2019 Goals via The Beauty Look Book

For 2019 I made a list of goals I wanted to share as I’d love to hear about yours as well! I’ve taken a lot of your feedback to heart. I asked in a recent poll what you would like to see more of here on The Beauty Look Book. The things you’ve asked to see more of aligns with what I want to cover as well! I tend to make an evolving list of personal goals throughout the year. I feel like it’s a great way to grow. Topics I want to focus more on and goals for 2019:

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness – So many of you asked for more posts about health and wellness along with fitness beauty favorites. I’ve received a number of e-mails from readers about recent blog posts saying I look healthy and happy! It’s been a work in progress but both Andrew and I have never felt better because we have focused on our personal health and well being. This has been a major focus in my life in general. I haven’t write much about it but in the months leading up to our move to Florida a couple years ago I was not healthy. I had high stress, high blood pressure and a physical indicated I wasn’t in the best shape. 2017 was a stressful year with our additional moves/exploring and by the first portion of 2018 my health suffered after getting sick multiple times. Both Andrew and I made a conscious effort to take better care of ourselves. We’ve been consistently exercising, building strength and started weight training. We’ve also changed our diet to incorporate clean eating. It’s taken months to create good habits. I didn’t want to adopt anything drastic or temporary just to lose weight or get fit quick. I wanted to incorporate things I knew I could sustain. More on these topics soon! For now some of my fitness favorites can be found here in this post.
  • Tutorials and How-To’s – I always want to evolve and change to be a better beauty resource for you and tutorials are something I know can be more helpful than just swatches. I’ve incorporated more looks this past year but I do want to take it to the next level with video and photo tutorials. I’ll be experimenting with both!
  • Hair Posts – I was touched by all the love you gave me on getting the highlights! It was a big step for me but I think it was a good one. I literally felt like I had my own cheerleading squad with all the love from you! There have also been a large number of requests for curling tutorials, more hair dryer reviews, and more hair products/tools in general. More coming your way this year! I will say that I’ve still been using the Harry Josh and Dyson regularly and still really like them both.
  • Budget Beauty Brands – You loved the Budget Beauty Post #1 and I wanted to do more but never got around to doing more round ups. I’ll be focusing more on affordable beauty and try to find more dupes this year. So far L’Oreal and OPI remain my favorites but I’m going to try out more options this year to review for you. Let me know what your favorite budget brands are 🙂
  • Daily Looks – As a beauty blogger I’ve focused mainly on product reviews as I feel like the easiest way to present them. A large number of you want more look posts with a mix of what I’m wearing or using or loving like my Sweater + Red Lip Post and my Holiday Glow Looks feature. I’ll be sure to do more of these!
  • Regular Favorites Posts – My favorites rotate as the weather shifts and seasons change and also as new formulas come out I discover new loves. I’m asked on a weekly basis what my ABSOLUTE tried and true daily go-to favorites are. I’ll try to compile an updated list of my ride or die beauty favorites each month.
  • Lifestyle and Travel – Even though this is a beauty focused blog, LOTS of you have asked for more travel posts! Particularly the travel diaries with the places we eat, stayed and shopped. Full California travel diary coming your way soon from our recent trip. I hope that we will travel more frequently this year. For lifestyle you’ve asked for more home decor and organization posts. Organization is something I struggle with on a daily basis but I have found some things I think are essential for keeping things more put together and easily accessible. More on all of this to follow this year!

I’ll still be doing a lot of the same product reviews and swatches so if you love those don’t worry, those aren’t going anywhere! I want to be a better resource and share more things beyond makeup swatches and flatlays. I’m really excited for the new year! I have nothing but high hopes looking forward.

As always I’d love to hear what your 2019 goals are! Do you make a New Year’s Resolution list or have any goals? They can be big or small!

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