Edward Bess Black Sea Hair Hero

September 4, 2014

Edward Bess’s hair has been a topic of discussion among many women for quite some time. I have often wondered what products he uses on his gorgeous hair (also a bit envious of his luscious locks). He has released a styling cream called Hair Hero ($38 for 6.7 fl oz/200 ml, made in USA, exclusive to QVC through March 2015). It’s described as a miracle styling cream that “magically boosts volume to new heights, sculpts and defines by adding
texture, and even smoothes and tames hair without weighing it down.” Edward’s Hair Hero comes in sleek black bottle with a pump dispenser. The cap twists to lock the pump when not in use. The bottle is quite large which I’m happy about because it will last a long time.

The texture of the styling cream is semi-thick, it’s a soft white cream that is very easy to work through damp or dry hair. Even though it’s thick, once applied on the hair it feels very lightweight making dry hair feel smooth while giving it a slight textured look. It smells absolutely amazing. The scent is difficult to describe but it’s a wonderful beachy scent, like a mix of tiare, coconut, fresh sea. I can’t wait to see how this is used on Edward’s QVC segment on September 5th. It’s free of parabens and sodium chloride so it’s supposed to be safe for keratin and color-treated hair.

I’ve used this a couple different ways. I have thick unruly hair that has a slight wave. I have to use product everyday to prevent my hair from frizzing up. I don’t color or highlight my hair, but I do blow dry and straighten my hair on a regular basis. I’ve used the Hair Hero on damp hair before using a blow dryer (I’ve always been a Solano fan, but my husband just bought me the Drybar Buttercup Blowdryer because he liked the color, lol). It helped smooth out my hair for the perfect blowout with two pumps. I like to add one more small pump to add to the ends to smooth the hair and keep it in place. My husband noticed the difference immediately and commented my hair looked smoother and more lightweight in a good way.

After application, it does leave a slight residue on the hands (you will need to wash your hands even though it smells incredible). It doesn’t make the hair sticky at all though but rather makes it very smooth. I’ve also used on damp hair and let it air dry. The result is a soft natural wave that isn’t frizzy (which usually happens if I air dry without any product).

Some more shots to show the texture. The Hair Hero gives the hair a smooth finish but still gives it some texture so it’s not flat.

It’s bottom line complete and total love, I can’t get over how amazing it smells, I wish it came in body products. You can find Edward Bess’s Hair Hero exclusively through QVC (through spring 2015). He will be having his first 1 hour segment on QVC this Friday September 5th 9 pm EST. I can’t wait to see how they use it on the show. To stay up to date with Edward Bess and his latest products, be sure to check out his website for news and store listing. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (his social media handle is @edwardbess).

Many thanks to Edward Bess for gifting me a sample of his new Hair Hero and for enabling me to have smoother hair that smells amazing.

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