My Must-Have Nail Polishes Plus a Little Update …

June 5, 2011

A few of you have e-mailed me asking “what are your top picks for nails?” This is a tough question! As with many other products, my favorites are subject to change week after week. I’ve picked 5 color categories of what my must-haves for nails are. My favorites fall mainly within a few select brands, but many of my readers either don’t like the brand, formula or price. However, those who do love the same brands as me, for each category I’ve included my right-now favorites by brand/color. Most of these have been previously featured. (Update: It appears the sidebar google search isn’t working so I’ve linked past reviews to each name as applicable below.)

I think everyone needs:

A few nail spam pictures


Black Pearl

Rococo Reissue

And …

The Beauty Look Book is going on a mini-summer break from blogging the month of June. I have quite a few projects coming up which will require more time and dedication. But not to worry! Blog posting for me will not come to a complete halt this next month although there will be a significant slow down in the upcoming weeks. I will have limited time to respond to e-mails or comments but will keep you updated on my latest finds in the upcoming month and complete a few more reviews on things I’ve been loving but haven’t had time to write about yet.

The inside my new Chanel feature will be posted sometime later this week.

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  • so true. i think everyone needs a bright red – chanel dragon is gorgeous. very olivia palermo-esque. thanks for sharing sabrina – hope you have a chance to get a little rest and relaxation over june too =)

  • The corals photo took my breath away. I'm still so sad I missed out on Miami Peach (sold out). RBL Coral looks really cute too, but it's dc. Sigh~

    Good luck on your projects!

  • I'm a total scatterbrain today. RBL Coral is not a discontinued shade!

  • this is a lovely post and what i really like is that these colors have been reviewed by you before so I can look up the initial review and also comparisons, which help so much. Love it!!

  • Anonymous

    I will be going through withdrawals without your posts in June ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyday, I always look forward to reading your posts– even when I am out of town on vacation–when I get a chance to access the internet, your blog is the 1st thing I check– even before my personal email!

  • Have a lovely June and you deserve a break! I love that Chanel pink polish btw – I need to get it now…will be looking forward to your new Chanel feature ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great selection.
    Enjoy the break, you'll be missed!

  • I love your posts! They really inspire me colour wise – i've been so much more attracted to neutrals recently! Enjoy the break though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nekochama

    After reading your must-haves I finally pulled the trigger on Aloha! I loved it in your original review but somehow resisted… Now I wish I could find Riva. Enjoy your summer break!

  • Miami Peach is sooo gorgeous! I have Chanel Orange Fizz but it is more of a soft orange…sad!

  • I have been lusting over Jade Rose but I don't think it's around any longer.Have a wonderful time on your vacation break! Hope it's somewhere nice and warm ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I wish I hadn't looked! My nail polish collection has increased exponentially since I started reading your blog–especially Chanel and Dior. You have excellent taste and post the most gorgeous pictures. But now I see more I want. I almost hope I can't find them any more!

  • Debra

    Wonderful shades! Enjoy your vacation.

  • Sabrina, what an amazing post-thanks so much!
    All of these colors are just spectacular. I love Aloha, Miami Peach and Orange Fizz especially-just gorgeous.
    I hope you enjoy your mini-break, love the palm trees in the last pic, so Cali ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    i just love, love your website!!! it's truly the best!!! now, we all want miami peach!!!!!!!!! i called chanel..no luck…you'd think they'd want the business!! xo

  • Lauren Stoller

    I will miss you in June!

  • Have a wonderful time in June and see you in July! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think you must-have categories are so spot-on. There are so many great colors in the list! I've been wanting NARS Chinatown for quite a while now.

  • What a collection!
    I'm totaly addicted to the ALOHA DIOR………I'm a reader from Belgium..but I come on holiday in Los Angeles every summer!!! Love it..

  • I love morning rose so much! I've seen it on so many people and it's stunning, I may try it myself!

  • The Dior Aloha is to die for! I wear Essie Clam Bake for my tomato red, and Miami Peach as my coral, but Aloha has that extra oomph factor that looks so chic.

    I'm already a huge fan of Black Pearl, and I love how it looks against your Balenciaga. I haven't worn Black Pearl on the fingers yet, only on toes.

    I do need a medium pink polish, and I like your picks. I'm not sure how a pink of that hue would look against my African-American skin, though…I'll have to experiment.

    Thanks for these suggestions! As always, your taste is flawless!

  • Thanks for the awesome post. Looking forward to staying current with your blog. Keep it up with your good work. I will share your blog with my friends. Thanks

  • Marรญa

    Hola Sabrina, me encanta tu blog! Y este post en especial me fue muy รบtil, te felicito por tu trabajo, perfeccionismo y generosidad para compartir tus descubrimientos. Coincido con tus elecciones y tu gusto delicado y sofisticado a la vez.
    Voy a hacer un pedido a Rescue Beauty Lounge, quiero encargar Ani, que otro color me podรฉs recomendar de esta marca? Cuรกl es el infaltable? Gracias y saludos!