New Dior Vernis Shades from Dior.com & Saks

March 1, 2011

Dior has been revamping their nail polish formula and brushes for a while, but apparently on stealth mode as I have not seen or read any press releases communicating the new changes. I heard about the changes word of mouth from another Dior/Chanel nail polish friend who emailed me that Saks had an exclusive to release new colors first (you can see some on saks.com). I ordered City of Gold some months ago and ever since purchasing the Gris City colors online (see my reviews here), I have been checking in on Dior.com to see if anything new would show up.

Those of you who have been dying over Nude Chic (seen here), good news, it’s been re-released under a new name 219 Safari Beige on Dior.com. At this time I do not know if or when these will be released on counter (with the exception of City of Gold from Saks).

What I ordered left to right: 453 Flapper Pink, 428 Sienna, 211 Beige Lotus, 563 Cabaret Pink, 668 City of Gold (Saks)

Updated with thoughts & descriptions:
Overall love the formula and finish. All the swatches were applied with 2 thin coats and went on the nails without any issues. These all have the tapered brush, which I am getting the hang of for application. Descriptions:

453 Flapper Pink – cool iridescent bubblegum pink
428 Sienna – cream, non shimmer beige-pink
211 Beige Lotus – luminous nude with silver & beige sparkles
563 Cabaret Pink – bright warm pink
668 City of Gold (Saks) – frosty warm gold

Comparisons to come in the future weeks.

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