Chanel Le Vernis Color Comparisons For Morning Rose & Beige Pétale

April 15, 2011

I searched for possible dupes of Chanel Morning Rose and Beige Pétale but could not find anything in my stash that was identical to either shade. Those looking for cheaper alternatives, I do think with a bit more searching it might be possible to find similar colors from Zoya or OPI. However, I am usually of the opinion that Chanel does it best with nail colors.

I pulled colors in the same family for Morning Rose and Beige Pétale. There are quite a few similar shades, but no true dupes. I could not find any bright yellows to compare Mimosa to. But I suspect since this seems to be the “it” shade for summer, other blogs will be doing dupes soon.

L to R: Chanel Riviera, MAC Girls Will Be Girls, Chanel Mistral, Dior Flapper Pink, Chanel Ming, Chanel Morning Rose, Paul & Joe #12

A few shades swatched on the fingers (2 coats each):

L to R: Chanel Inattendu, D&G Nude, Chanel Allegoria, Chanel Beige Petale, Chanel Jade Rose, Dior Nude Chic, Chanel Lily Beige

Similar shades finger swatched, since they are sheerer, these have 3 coats each:

Hope this helps some 🙂

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