Chanel Jade Rose Le Vernis Nail Colour

June 12, 2010
Chanel Jade Rose was released as part of a limited edition collection last September. Luckily for those who missed out the first time, Jade Rose will be re-released with the upcoming fall collection, so those trying to find it will have another chance to buy it. I wrote about it when I received my order last fall and did a few photo comparisons (see here, Chanel Jade Rose Nail Polish) but realized I never featured it swatched on a full manicure, so here it is.

Jade Rose is a creamy nude pink with slight iridescence in the bottle. You can barely see the shimmer-glow once it’s applied on the nails though, unless you are in direct sunlight. The result is a creamy nude pink on me. I gave a bottle to one of my friends for Christmas – she loves this (more so than me), but she is fairer in skintone (probably the equivalent of a MAC NC15) so it looks more peachy on her.

When I first received this, I was less than thrilled. Even for a neutral-lover like me, it was just another boring shade of neutral pink. However, the more I wear it, the more it grows on me. It’s a demure shade of pink that gives a nice classic polished look to the hands without drawing too much attention to them. This required three coats though. Two coats left a streaky finish, even by a professional. I personally could not find a dupe for this.

Compared to my other soft shades from Chanel & Dior, left to right:
Chanel Jasmine, Chanel Lily Beige, Chanel Pink Satin,
Chanel Jade Rose, Dior Porcelain and Chanel Ballerina

Today’s mani + pedi combination:

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