A Closer Look at Chanel Black Pearl #513 Le Vernis

December 18, 2010

A few readers wanted to know how Chanel Black Pearl 513 compared to other shades such as Chanel Steel and NARS Full Metal Jacket. Due to differences on computer screens it may be hard to tell. I hope these close ups will give you a better idea of what this looks like. To me, Chanel Black Pearl is a dark greyed-teal shimmer. It has a pearly finish with a bit of silver veining which makes the color look different depending on what angle and lighting you see this in. I had my nails done today with this color and keep getting distracted by the pretty color. It’s a darker dramatic color, but the soft pearl gives it a soft glow that prevents it from being too sharp.

Balenciaga fans, if you’re familiar with the Anthracite colors you know how it’s evolved over the years with each new seasonal release. The first generation of Anthra was a murky dark greenish teal. (You can see all the variations from Anthra fans at The Purse Forum: Balenciaga Clubhouse.) I compared it to Lancome Pop Petrol back in February (see here). You can see Chanel Black Pearl is better matched to the 2007 Anthra Balenciaga. The Lancome is sharper, deeper and more contrasted in color.

Here is Chanel Black Pearl swatched next to my Balenciaga First – Anthracite from 2007

Next to my Ocean Le Creuset (if you think this is nuts, you’re not the only one, but I have limited teal in my house).

Close up from the side, looks a bit more blue-ish rather than greenish:

I already did some comparisons yesterday but here are more. I hope this helps you! On my screen, Chanel Black Pearl has that greenish sheen that NARS Full Metal Jacket and Chanel Steel lack.

NARS Full Metal Jacket, Chanel Steel, Chanel Black Pearl, Laura Mercier Caviar Dreams, Lancome Pop Petrol, OPI Cuckoo For This Color shown below

*UPDATE* I hope this doesn’t confuse you even more, but people keep asking for more comparisons! I dug up a review from the past that has Deborah Lippman’s Don’t Tell Mama, China Glaze Gussied Up Green and Hard Candy Envy and Laura Mercier Caviar Dreams. It was from last January (Color Focus: Teal Eyes & Nails Inspired by . . .) – I decided to do one last set of comparisons for you. I can’t believe how many greens I have. I didn’t think green was really my color.

Comparison Set #2 with China Glaze, Hard Candy & Deborah Lippmann

Bottom line: GET THE CHANEL BLACK PEARL. It’s unique. It’s gorgeous. It’s different enough to justify owning. There is no comparison.

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