Chanel Le Vernis Shades For Summer 2011: Morning Rose, Beige Pétale & Mimosa

April 13, 2011

Chanel’s Summer Collection has hit counters and I snapped up all three new Le Vernis shades in Morning Rose 557, Beige Pétale 567 and Mimosa 577 (yes, I caved for Mimosa). These are mood changing shades and as soon as I put these on I instantly forgot that it was cold and gloomy. Hours after swatching these, I still have a different shade on each finger and I feel like I’m wearing candy on my fingertips.

The Le Vernis shades have recently increased in price to $25 each which is fairly steep. I remember when Chanel nail polishes were $18, but in all fairness the formula wasn’t quite as good as they are now.

  • Morning Rose 557 is a warm candy pink with gold sparkles (the sparkles are subtle)
  • Beige Pétale 567 is a sheer transparent cool-toned cream (I’m loving this shade even though it’s so basic, it applies so smoothly)
  • Mimosa 577 the most highly anticipated shade of summer is a vibrant pearly yellow (I wonder if I’ll be brave enough to wear this to the office)

The texture and pigment of the nail colors seems slightly different from the classic Chanel Le Vernis texture. I will have to play around with these more but all the shades for summer are 3-coaters. Morning Rose and Beige Pétale applied wonderfully smooth and without any issues. Mimosa, on the other hand, was a disaster for me. It took 5 attempts for me to get a decent finger swatch. I tried it on a bare clean nail, over Chanel’s Base Coat, over Seche Vite’s Base Coat and RBL’s Base Coat. The texture is thick and applies unevenly. It took a super slow and steady hand for me to get it to work. It was difficult to get the right amount of product on the brush. In the end, I applied 3 thin streaky coats. It evens out by the 3rd coat. I highly recommend reading British Beauty Blogger’s experience and Beauty Moogle Zone’s thoughts as well. Close ups below:

Swatches on fingers, 3 coats each color:

Added in Miami Peach (Neimans exclusive, repromote, reviewed last week) for fun:

My favorite shades are Beige Petale and Morning Rose. I’m smitten with Miami Peach too. Mimosa is surprisingly a wonderful yellow (the shimmer on the nail is beautiful) just very difficult for me to apply on my own. I think with practice or a professional application it will look amazing. I’m just not used to having such a streaky finish with the first coat (at least not for Chanel) but much like others have noticed, Mimosa evens out with 2-3 coats.

I did not have time to do any comparisons yet but will try to do some before the end of this week. Off the top of my head, Beige Pétale is more beige than Allegoria which I find more white.

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