The Beauty Look Book’s Guide to Edward Bess

March 24, 2011

Edward Bess has a beautifully edited, sophisticated and classic beauty line. I first discovered his products while flipping through a Bergdorf Goodman catalog and was instantly intrigued by the sleek black lipstick tubes all lined up in a row. I googled it but to my dismay, found it was only available in NYC. I could not see the items in person. Thanks to LeslieCZ, Alexa, Leanne, Blogdorf Goodman, Fab Over Forty among other Edward Bess fans, I was able to get the scoop. Several gave me wonderful recommendations and urged me to contact the Edward Bess counter Bergdorf Goodman. I’m so glad I did. I’ve never met a more helpful team of artists. On each and every occasion that I’ve called them, they have given helpful descriptions and recommendations over the phone as they listened to me describe my tastes/likes/dislikes. They put me completely at ease ordering items sight-unseen.

The items from Edward Bess are classics and naturally flattering. They are reliable staples in my beauty wardrobe and versatile to create a number of different looks.

Many of you have asked for my own recommendations of what I like from Edward Bess. I thought I’d put together a resource page of what I’ve tried that has been reviewed since I can imagine what a hassle it must be to search through over 600 posts =) I’ve loved almost everything I’ve tried (with the exception of the original mascara). I hope this helps!

Where to buy & info

Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, EdwardBess.com (prices, full collection and other locations on his website)

Eyeshadows: Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow & Trios
Lips: Ultra Slick Lipstick & Deep Shine Lipgloss
Cheeks: Compact Rouge, Blush Imperiale, Ultra Luminous Bronzer, All Over Seduction
Sets (Limited Edition)

Guest Reviews & Misc.

The Beauty Look Book’s Top Five Favorites from Edward Bess
(only because so many have asked)

Daydream Bronzer (my holy grail)
Pure Impulse Lipstick
Forever Yours Lipstick
Dusk Eyeshadow
Soft Smoke Eyeshadow Trio
Island Rose Compact Rouge (oops, six!)

* Tip – Yes, the price points are high, but Bergdorf Goodman occasionally puts together beauty events and gift-card events, many times with nice gift-with-purchases. Their GWPs are usually one full-sized item (they pick out the item) and occasionally they have a step-up gift. I think their next one is in April.

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  • I love his line too! The items are truly high quality and are such natural "enhancers" πŸ™‚ Does Edward Bess come out with items every season? I'm wondering what's in store for summer πŸ™‚

  • Wendy

    Unfortunately, his line was pulled from the Neimans in Houston. I live in Dallas and visited Houston a week ago, eagerly anticipating finally seeing the line in person. I was told they pulled the line about a month ago…they said it wasn't selling well…I can't even imagine!

  • Sabrina,
    You are the reason why I fell in love with EB products. I was so happy to tell him that personally, when I met him at the Bergdorf counter last year.

    I definitely need to put in an order as I am almost out of my favorite nude gloss, Nude Slip.

  • Great post – I wonder could someone tell me the best pics for a very cool skintone (very pale, blue eyes, blonde hair, slight pinkish tone to skin)? I would love to try some products but will be sight unseen from the net? I was thinking night romance and soft smoke maybe? Thank you!

  • I've got Storm and Dusk eye shadows on my online Neiman list. The only Ed Bess product I own is the Night Romance lipstick which is incredibly beautiful. Plus, it is, for me, an investment item. It is so moisturizing and pigmented that I need only use a few swipes of a lip brush and then press the lipstick to finish the look. And it lasts on my lips.

    Sometimes a pricey product is just pricey, and sometimes it is just so worth it!

    Oh, and baby in a corner, I'm a light-blue-eyed blonde with NW skin so maybe you could look at my baby list above for ideas.

  • Thank you for the great summary. I check your blog regularly for Edward Bess items, and it's nice to have your reviews all in one place. Your first reviews and fantastic photographs of his lipsticks and eyeshadows (around 18 months ago) completely captivated me. I spent a small fortune at BG shortly after reading!