A Closer Look at Edward Bess Blush Allure, Demi Buff & Rose Demure Lipsticks

January 3, 2011
It seems there has been much excitement about the new lip items from Edward Bess even if thoughts about the new packaging have been mixed. My first review was completed about a month ago linked here New Lip Items from Edward Bess. Other reviews, swatches and details of these new colors have been posted by other great bloggers:

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As far as I know, each of these lipsticks are available individually for $32 each but were also part of a trio with all three for $75 during Bergdorf Goodman’s last gift card event. Here is a closer look at the new lipsticks in Blush Allure, Demi Buff & Rose Demure.

After testing these for a few weeks, the formula and texture seem to be the same even though the packaging is different. I find that the fig scent is more subtle, but everything else seems to be the same great consistency, coverage and finish as the lipsticks in the older packaging. The new ones are embossed with Edward’s initials (as seen below).

Blush Allure is a pale nude pink. I find it similar in lightness to YSL’s Rouge Volupte #1. The difference is slight, but Blush Allure is slightly darker and the YSL is slightly cooler toned. You can see below it has full creamy coverage, but on me it’s too light and mod-like on my lips. This color is lovely once blotted down and topped with gloss. This will be one of my higher-maintenance nudes. If you can pull off light pinks like MAC Angel, MAC Hue, MAC Faux, YSL Rouge Volupte #1 then you will love Edward Bess’s Blush Allure Lipstick.

Demi Buff is a brown-nude-pink. It leans more brownish on me although you can see bits of pink in it. It’s not as dark on my lips as Bobbi Brown’s Brownie Pink Lipstick but it is similar (see all the way down at the bottom). Compared to BB, the EB lipsticks are creamier and smoother. Bobbi Brown’s are full coverage but slightly more matte with a drier texture, still creamy in my opinion, but without the sheen.

Rose Demure is a pretty cool pink with a tinge of mauve. This is an odd-ball shade. When I put this on last week it turned blueish and almost fuschia. I was sad and thought this would be a shade I’d have to gift away. However, I tried it again this week and it went on a beautiful cool mauve-pink but without the fuschia/blueish cast. I am glad I gave this one a second chance, however I have a feeling this will be a color I cannot pull off every day. My lip color changes from day to day – sometimes they are really pink, other days they look really pale.

These new shades are beautiful neutrals that lean more towards the cool side of the color spectrum. There are a number of similar nude pinks out there – those who have explored those lighter neutrals know it can be hard to find the right one for your skintone. Too pale and you look like a corpse. Too brown and it goes on dark. Blush Allure, Demi Buff & Rose Demure Lipsticks are definitely worth checking out if you can get to a counter (Neimans at Beverly Hills and Houston or Bergdorf Goodman in NY). These have a beautiful and unique undertone that works with one’s natural skintone. That being said, my heart still belongs to a few of his other shades like Forbidden Flower, Pure Impulse and Forever Yours (all previously reviewed within the last year).

Here are the new Edward Bess lipsticks compared to a few other shades. Take note of four things:
1) In the tube they look strikingly similar, my camera isn’t always so great at capturing the differences
2) Swatched on the arm you can see the difference better (only slightly)
3) On the lips, each of these will look different based on how nude-like shades will react with the natural pigment in your lips. For example, Bobbi Brown Brownie Pink and Edward Bess Demi Buff look similar in the tube and on the arm, but on the lips, I get a straight brown with a slight hint of pink with the BB, while the EB shows more pink on me.
4) While these photos may appear to present dupes on your computer screen, I do not think any of these are dupes.

L to R: Bobbi Brown Blush, Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink, Bobbi Brown Brownie Pink, Edward Bess Rose Demure, Edward Bess Demi Buff, Edward Bess Blush Allure, YSL Rouge Volupte 1, YSL Rouge Volupte 23, Tom Ford Pink Dusk (Chanel Ming added in swatches only)

Have any Edward Bess fans tried the new lipsticks? How do you like them?

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