New Lip Items From Edward Bess . . .

December 10, 2010
If you’re on the distribution list for the Bergdorf Goodman Catalog then you’ve probably already seen the lovely preview of the new lipsticks and glosses from Edward Bess. Also, Amy from Café Makeup provided us a swatch sneak peek along with the color names here. The new items have finally arrived in-store at BG in two special sets. Trios which are each $75. One has the 3 lipsticks, the other has the 3 glosses. I found these to be a good deal since each lipstick and gloss is $30+.

New Lipsticks L to R: Blush Allure, Demi Buff, Rose Demure
New Glosses L to R: French Lace, First Kiss, Amor

The lipsticks are all natural and neutral. Even though the packaging is different, the scent, textures and formulas all seem to be the same quality. All (as usual with Edward Bess lip products) are a cream finish-formula without any shimmer. At first glance, the lipsticks all look similar, but you’ll see the differences when swatched below. Here are my descriptions:
  • Blush Allure is a pastel neutral nude-pink, it seems to be a pink version of Pure Impulse
  • Demi Buff is a neutral pink-brown
  • Rose Demure is a neutral-cool mauve pink
  • French Lace is a light grey-beige-pinkish nude
  • First Kiss is a vibrant healthy pink glow (love this one)
  • Amor is a deep raspberry almost fuschia reddish color
The lipsticks are full coverage and lipglosses semi-sheer with a high gloss finish. You can read my previous reviews of Edward Bess to get a more detailed idea of his lip products, but overall are high-quality, fig-scented, naturally flattering and beautiful. In this next photo you can see the subtle underlying differences in tone for the lipsticks. Blush Allure is more nudish, Demi Buff is the most brown, Rose Demure is more mauvey.

Now onto the packaging. I have a love/hate relationship with packaging changes. I tend to like it when packaging changes are minimal because I like consistency for storage sake. For Edward Bess, the lipstick packaging is now square and made of a plastic casing. The new case is very sturdy and the benefit is that now there will be less rolling off the table casualties. However, I really loved the sleek metal round tube he used to have. Weight/product wise, the older lipstick tubes were .14 oz/4 g while the new ones are now .13 oz/3.8 g. Not a huge difference so it’s not something I think anyone will make a fuss about.

The lipgloss packaging seems to be virtually the same to me. The old and new are very similar and the differences are slight, but I feel the newer tubes are less angular and have a slightly softer look. The old packaging glosses were .19 oz/5.8 ml if made in Italy or .16 oz/4.4 g if made in the USA. The new packaging glosses are .20 oz/5.9 ml.

Packaging L to R: New, Old, Old, New


Overall I find them very different from the existing EB lipsticks and glosses. This is the first time he has released lighter neutral pinkish colors. The closest ones Tender Love, Pure Impulse and Natural Attraction are all significantly darker/deeper.

Those not familiar with Edward Bess’s line, check out the tag/label below for past reviews and info on where to buy etc. I’ll feel like a broken record if I repeat where the items are found or can be purchased again since I’ve done so numerous times already. Also you can reference the tear-out from the catalog up above 🙂

I haven’t had time to try these on the lips yet so I can’t say for sure how these look on the lips. They literally arrived a couple days ago from Bergdorf Goodman and I haven’t had time to test them fully. Lip swatches to come soon.

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