Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzers: Daydream & Desert Sun

July 15, 2010
You’ve heard me sing praises about Edward Bess’s Bronzer in Daydream. It’s the most versatile and natural bronzer I have that gives a soft tanned luminous glow. Many have wondered about the other Ultra Luminous Bronzer shade offered called Desert Sun. I too was curious about it and recently acquired this so I can now give you a comparison.

The girls from the Edward Bess counter at Bergdorf Goodman suggested using Daydream and then layering Desert Sun on the apples of the cheeks to intensify the bronzed look. They assured me that it wouldn’t be too dark. I don’t mind a more dramatic bronzer (such as NARS Casino, the darker counterpart to NARS Laguna) so I decided to give it a try. Both have a soft natural and blendable texture. The finish is in-between a matte and shimmer which gives a luminous tanned finish. They also have that signature Edward Bess fig scent which is subtle.

Left to Right: Daydream & Desert Sun

The difference between the two shades is noticeable but not drastic. Depending on the lighting, the difference between the colors in the compact is subtle. Daydream and Desert Sun are both brown-based without orange tones and give an effect that mimics a natural tan. Daydream gives me a luminous tanned glow. Desert Sun is more dramatic, borderline too dark on me. I can pull both off, but right now Daydream is perfect for me.

Swatches are done heavily. They don’t apply this way on the face, I don’t think anyone should apply blush or bronzer the same way most of us swatch items. This should give you a good idea of the color comparison so take it with a grain of salt. The colors are similar, the difference is in how dark they are. I highly recommend checking out KarlaSugar’s swatch comparison too (see her review here).

Left to Right: Daydream & Desert Sun

After testing both, I have to say my heart still belongs to Daydream. I can’t emphasize enough how versatile it is. I wear it alone, layered with different blushes, layered with cream highlighters, etc. To recap about Daydream, you can read about how I’ve used it in the following posts:

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Those not familiar with the line, Edward Bess is a cosmetic line currently exclusive in the U.S. to Bergdorf Goodman in New York and his website. The products are designed by Edward Bess and you can read more about him on his website EdwardBess.com.

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