Edward Bess All Over Seduction in Sunlight & Afterglow

December 15, 2009

I bought these due to the Product Swatches the Edward Bess Counter sent me (many thanks to the wonderful staff there). I briefly glanced at the description online to get more details – they are priced at $37 each and described as a cream-finish highlighter for eyes, lips and cheeks.

I’ll do my best to describe the colors:
* Sunlight – a pale cream shimmer
* Afterglow – a light peachy bronze shade



I must admit I was stunned when I saw how small these compacts were. For $37, I assumed they would be at least as big as the bronzer compacts. I compared these to a few of my other liquid and cream highlighters and the EB is clearly superior if you are looking for that subtle glow without the greasy feel or glittery finish.

This is how I feel the Edward Bess products compare to other brands:

* NARS Multiples – I am a huge fan of Nars Multiples for the wide range of colors and the luminous glow you can get from these. I love the pigment and blendability of these, however, I find that the Multiple Sticks tend to get a bit greasy-looking on warmer days and don’t last very long by themselves. I usually need to set with a powder blush.

* Armani Fluid Sheers – Armani Fluid Sheers are indeed very sheer. The formula is a bit rich for my skin, so I need to apply this sparingly or else I end up looking shiny/oily. The #02 shade is most similar to EB Sunlight, but has a slightly glittery finish, where the EB just gives you a glow.

* Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors – I’ve used this mixed with foundation. I find the Becca to be the most glowy-luminous liquid highlighter I have (even my husband has commented before about how my skin just glows). With these I have to be careful in the application too because they are so luminous, too much makes me look very shiny because of the finish.

How does the All Over Seduction compare? Color-wise Sunlight is a less white version of Nars Copacabana, Afterglow is most similar to Maldives minus the sparkle. For the finish/texture, Edward Bess’s cream highlighters are non-greasy yet creamy enough to be blendable. I do find them to be very sheer, so if you’re looking for a more visible highlight, I wouldn’t recommend these for you. If you’re looking for that subtle glow to finish your look, then these are the right product to try out.

For me, I’m a Chanel Shell 1.5, so the Sunlight shows up better on my skin because of the contrast where the Afterglow blends in more for a nude-barely-there peach glow. Today I am wearing Sunlight on my lids with the Nude Eyeshadow over it and it gives the perfect natural your lids but better glow. I have Afterglow on my cheeks and added MAC Nuance Mineralized Blush on top.

Comparison to Nars Multiples: Copacabana, Maldives, South Beach

Swatches on bare skin, keep in mind my swatches aren’t the best/most accurate:

Same order, but in natural sunlight:

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

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