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OPI x Barbie Collection

July 20, 2023

OPI x Barbie The Movie Collection

OPI launched a Barbie Collection with nine shades and they’re really fun, especially for summer. I have swatches of all nine. You can find them all at Amazon, Target and Ulta Beauty. They have a pink OPI x BARBIE logo on the cap but it’s a sticker (one of mine already popped off).

OPI x Barbie The Movie Collection

Bon Voyage to Reality is a creamy pale pink, almost an off white kind of pink. Applied below with 2 coats.

OPI Bon Voyage to Reality

Every Night is Girls Night is a chunky glitter with a sheer shimmery base. The base is almost clear. Glitter is very dense in the polish so you only need 1 coat to cover the entire nail, but I applied it with 2 below.

OPI Every Night is Girls Night

Best Day Ever is a pale frosted pink shimmer base with different colors of glitter suspended throughout. I think this one is really fun.

OPI Best Day Ever

Feel the Magic is a classic cream pink Barbie shade. Applies with smooth perfect coverage. 2 coats on the nails below.

OPI Feel the Magic

Welcome to Barbie Land is a sheer hot pink jelly shimmer but I can get full coverage with 3 coats.

OPI Welcome to Barbie Land

Hi Barbie! is a pretty hot fuchsia pink cream. Applied with 2 coats.

OPI Hi Barbie!

Hi Ken! is a bold yellow (reminds me of Big Bird). Applied with 2 coats.

OPI Hi Ken!

Yay Space! is another jelly shimmer, it’s a pale blue with silver sparkles. Applied with 3 coats.

OPI Yay Space!

My Job is Beach is a bold blue cream. Applied with 2 coats.

OPI My Job is Beach

I love the pink creams. Even though I don’t wear a lot of blue polish I think the blue shimmer is really fun.

You can find them all at Amazon, Target and Ulta Beauty.

Chanel Nail Polish

New Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors

May 22, 2023

New Chanel Le Vernis Shades

I’m back! We’ve been away on a two-week vacation in Miami. We had so much fun with Ollie. He was such a good boy! I’ll be sharing more on the blog soon but if you want to see more from our trip, you can find more on my Instagram Miami Vacay highlights. I’ll share more soon but first wanted to share a look at the new Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors.

Chanel revamped their Le Vernis Nail Colors ($32 each) with an updated brush and new colors. Some of the classics are still in the collection but there are lots of new shades. There are 24 total. The Chanel PR team sent a handful of beautiful colors for me to try. While in Miami I stopped by one of the beauty boutiques to check out the rest of the shades and picked up the new La Base Camelia and Le Gel Coat to try.

New Chanel Le Vernis launch Spring Summer 2023

Also tried on these sunglasses and was tempted but did not pick them up this trip.

Chanel Pantos Sunglasses Try On

The new Le Vernis formula has definitely improved with better pigment, coverage and application. I think it’s actually just as good as the original version but the new brush makes application much easier with just a few brush strokes. According to Chanel they’ve made the pigment more concentrated. I wore my favorite shade Premiere Dame while we were on our trip and it lasted nearly a full seven days on the tips and on my toes they look fresh like the day I applied.

Chanel Le Vernis Original vs New Brush

Normally on trips my nail polish is destroyed within a couple of days because of all the sunscreen I apply. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of formula I use, sunscreen can be fairly destructive to clothes, polish, the car seat etc. The gel coat and new nail polish formula combination held up remarkably well for me this trip though!

I did quick swatches in this video linked here (in case you want to see them in different lighting or in action). Each one applies with full perfect smooth coverage with two coats. Ballerina has significantly improved this round but for me still requires 3 coats.

101 Insomniaque is a pure neutral white

Chanel Le Vernis 101 Insomniaque

111 Ballerina is a beautiful sheer milky pink

Chanel Le Vernis 111 Ballerina

103 Legende is a pale beige brown

Chanel Le Vernis 103 Legende

113 Faussaire is a neutral creamy nude pink

Chanel Le Vernis 113 Faussaire

121 Premiere Dame is a pink coral

Chanel Le Vernis 121 Premiere Dame

125 Muse is a cool toned sky blue

Chanel Le Vernis 125 Muse

135 Immortelle is a stunning lilac

Chanel Le Vernis 135 Immortelle

137 Sorciere is a beautiful purple

Chanel Le Vernis 137 Sorciere

139 Activiste is a plum mauve

Chanel Le Vernis 139 Activiste

147 Incendiaire is a warm red

Chanel Le Vernis 147 Incendiaire

155 Rouge Noir is a blackened plum (new version seems a little bit deeper in the base color)

Chanel Le Vernis 155 Rouge Noir

131 Cavalier Seul is a beautiful soft sage green

Chanel Le Vernis 131 Cavalier Seul

So many of you wanted to know how Faussaire compares to Organdi so I’ve swatched it on a nail wheel below. They are similar but on my fingers Organdi is lighter in color while the new Faussaire matches my skintone more. I pulled what I could find in my stash to compare below.

Chanel Le Vernis comparisons

I’ve been such a long time fan of Chanel nail polishes. I know they can be hit or miss for some of you, but I’m really loving the new formula and brush. The base and top coat are listed as “new” but I’m not sure I can tell the difference from the previous formulas. They do have the newer wider brush. I really like how they perform.

Overall lots of pretty colors to choose from. A few of you commented on my video you’re happy to see more bright colors in this launch and I agree! It’s nice to see some brighter shades especially for summer. I still have my eye on a few more shades but I have so many to play with I think I’ll be set until the next seasonal launch.

Out of all the ones I tried I’d say my top 5 favorites are Premiere Dame, Muse, Cavalier Seul, Immortelle and Incendiaire.

You can find the shades out now at Have you tried any of these new colors yet? What did you think?

Chanel Le Vernis nail colors gifted from Chanel for review. A few select shades purchased by me as well.

Nail Polish

10 Chocolate Nail Colors to Try This Season

November 4, 2022

Best Chocolate Nail Polish Colors

Sharing a roundup of some chocolate nail colors I’ve been loving this season! I’ve never received so many “what color is that?” questions about some of the shades I’ve been wearing recently. The ones that have been getting the most compliments are OPI Bonfire Serenade and Olive and June JJ.

I’ve been in a pale pink and neutral nude nail kick most of this year but love these different shades of brown for fall to winter. Here are 10 nail chocolate colors to try this fall.

Best Chocolate Nail Polish Colors

OPI Bonfire Serenade is a creamy cool-toned chocolate brown. Opaque with two coats.

OPI Bonfire Serenade Nail Polish

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques is a shade I always thought was brown, but I just bought a fresh bottle and it’s almost taupe blue on my skin tone. I added it to the mix for comparison.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques

OPI Espresso Your Inner Self is a true medium chocolate brown shade. Also creamy, opaque, two coats.

OPI Espresso Your Inner Self Nail Polish

Olive and June JJ is the prettiest warm chocolate milk shade, neutral-warm on me. This is with two coats.

Olive and June JJ

Essie All Checked Out is a darker cool toned brown. Has full coverage with one coat, but I applied it with two.

Essie All Checked Out

Chanel Le Vernis Inspiration and Impulsion are both nearly identical to me. A lot of you wanted a photographed swatch side by side next to Infinite. I would say Inspiration is a medium neutral warm chocolate brown, Impulsion is slightly deeper and cooler in undertone, Infinite is nearly black on my fingers with two coats.

Chanel Le Vernis Inspiration

Chanel Le Vernis 957 Impulsion

Chanel Le Vernis browns Infinite, Impulsion, Inspiration

Dior Nude Line is another great chocolate color. It’s a one coat wonder.

Dior Nude Line Nail Polish

Hermes Brun Bistre is an ultra dark chocolate color, almost black on my nails, even in sunlight. It’s a deep brown. Applied with two coats.

Hermes Brun Bistre

Best Chocolate Nail Polish Colors OPI, Essie, Olive and June, Chanel, Dior and Hermes

For those who wanted to know what I’ve been wearing lately I hope you found this roundup helpful! What nail colors are you wearing this season? I’ve also linked some of my favorite DIY hand and nail care products. A lot of them are also featured in this Hand and Nail Care Favorites roundup here.

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Would love to hear about your favorites!

Chanel Nail Polish

New Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Nail Colors

August 17, 2022

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors

The Chanel Fall 2022 Makeup Collection with new shades of Le Vernis Nail Color and Rouge Allure is here! They launched a beautiful color palette of neutrals and everything is stunning. I’ve split my review into two parts: I have my picks of the Le Vernis today and Rouge Allure Lipsticks swatches will be coming in a separate post. The new lipsticks are phenomenal.

There are 12 new shades of Le Vernis in neutral nude shades. I have 11 of them swatched for you today. All the colors applied smoothly with a full coverage finish except one of the shades (Denude is semi-sheer). I like that they have nudes with different undertones. Some are more beige/yellow/brown and others have a more pink undertone.

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors


New colors I have are below (I’m missing 957 which I’m undecided about purchasing). I received 5 in PR and the others I ordered online. All shades are swatched with 2 coats.

  • 937 Harmonie
  • 939 Singularite
  • 941 Spontane
  • 943 Enigme
  • 945 Emotion
  • 947 Desir
  • 949 Denude
  • 951 Originel
  • 953 Essentiel
  • 955 Inspiration
  • 959 Infinite

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors

937 Harmonie is my perfect creamy nude, a bit lighter than my skin tone for contrast

Chanel Le Vernis 937 Harmonie swatch

939 Singularite is a pretty pink nude, almost matches my skin tone if it were pink (this is deeper than Organdi)

Chanel Le Vernis 939 Singularite swatch

941 Spontane mid-tone warm pink

Chanel Le Vernis 941 Spontane swatch

943 Enigme is a warm pink, almost looks like a warm pink brown brick color

Chanel Le Vernis 943 Enigme swatch

945 Emotion is a rose berry neutral

Chanel Le Vernis 945 Emotion swatch

947 Desir is a blue-based deep blackened eggplant color

Chanel Le Vernis 947 Desir swatch

949 Denude is a semi-sheer beige

Chanel Le Vernis 949 Denude swatch

951 Originel is a cool-toned light-medium camel brown

Chanel Le Vernis 951 Originel swatch

953 Essentiel is also brown, a bit warmer and deeper than Originel

Chanel Le Vernis 953 Essentiel swatch

955 Inspiration is a gorgeous chestnut brown cream

Chanel Le Vernis 955 Inspiration swatch

959 Infinite is a perfect deep chocolate

Chanel Le Vernis 959 Infinite swatch

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors

All the colors performed well and I think they are all gorgeous. From a distance Desir and Infinite look almost identical, Desir is deeper and darker, Infinite has a bit more warmth. Based on how much I like Inspiration I think there is a very high chance I’ll also order the 957 color. If I do I’ll add the swatch to this post.

For those who want to know my current hand/nail care routine, it’s pretty much the same as what I have in my Hand and Nail Care Routine Favorites. I’ve also since added the Chanel L’Huile Camelia and Hermes Nail Oil to my routine.

Will you be checking out the new neutrals? What shades catch your eye?

New shades available now online at

Chanel Nail Polish

Chanel Le Vernis Summer Nails 2022

June 3, 2022

Chanel Summer Nails 2022

Chanel has launched the new Summer Nails Collection with six new shades of Le Vernis ($30), a new La Base Camelia ($30) and L’Huile Camelia Hydrating and Fortifying Oil ($32). Every single color is absolutely beautiful for summer. The Chanel team sent over the shades for review and to me they’re so perfect, I ordered backups (they’re THAT good!). The colors are available online at

New Summer Nail Colors

Chanel Summer Nails 2022

There are 6 new Le Vernis Nail Colors inspired by the Sky, Sun and Sea. Chanel did an incredible job with everything from the shade undertone, opacity and smooth finish. Two coats is needed for all the shades. Only one of them applied a little streaky with the first coat but it smoothed out 100% without any issues with the second coat.

  • Rose Coquillage 925 is a perfect coral peach pink
  • Blanc Ecume 927 is a pure stark white, but still manages to have a bit of warmth so it doesn’t look like white out on the nails (your mileage may vary)
  • Pastel Sand 929 is a soft peach with that secret shimmer some Chanel nail polishes used to have, it has subtle gold sheen, but on the nails it’s more of a cream
  • Moon Shell 931 is the perfect lilac shade for summer, it has the perfect undertone to be flattering and not too pastel/white
  • Cap Corail 933 is a gorgeous bright orange coral
  • Sea Sea Green 935 is a really fun pale green

I really wanted to do a nail wheel swatch comparison to other Chanel & Hermes shades because I know so many of you will ask. I cannot find any extra wheels in my beauty closet but will try to get some and update this post in the next week. For now here are swatches of all six shades. Skintone I’m a Chanel B40/B50. I have been in the sun with a couple boat, beach + kayaking days so I’m starting to get my tan back.

Chanel Le Vernis in Rose Coquillage 925

Chanel Le Vernis in Blanc Ecume 927

Chanel Le Vernis in Pastel Sand 929

Chanel Le Vernis in Moon Shell 931

Chanel Le Vernis in Cap Corail 933

Chanel Le Vernis in Sea Sea Green 935

All six side by side:

Chanel Summer Nails 2022

New Nail Care

Chanel La Base Camelia andL’Huile Camelia Hydrating and Fortifying Oil

Chanel La Base Camelia andL’Huile Camelia Hydrating and Fortifying Oil

I’ve been a huge fan of the Chanel Le Gel Coat and Le Top Coat. Their previous base coat was nice but not great (in my opinion). The new La Base Camelia is a really beautiful one that hydrates, protects and smooths. I think it’s a really nice formula but I still like the OPI Natural Base Coat for a more affordable option. At this time it seems like they’ve discontinued the original base coat as the new La Base Camelia is the only one listed on now.

The new L’Huile Camelia Hydrating and Fortifying Oil is a camelia oil that comes in a squeeze tip applicator. The tip looks like it could be a sponge but it’s not. It has holes to dispense product. A little goes a long way so you don’t need a lot to cover and hydrate. I’ve only used it a couple times so far so I haven’t tested it long enough to speak to the long-term effects. I like it though. It makes the nails look and feel hydrated. Mine get super dry with the sand, sun, salt etc. I think it will be one I’ll use up entirely.

That wraps up my Chanel Summer Nail roundup! I really think every single shade is perfect. Sunglasses in the post are the Butterfly Sunglasses I hauled a few months ago. I’ll link my reel below if you want to see them in action on the face. You can order Chanel sunglasses online at but I’ve also spotted them in store at places like Neimans, Nordstrom and Saks.

The Terry Beach Bag is another splurge I did while in Miami a few months ago. I bought it at the Chanel boutique and it comes with a pouch and beach towel. They also had it in Black and Navy. I think by now there are other variations in stores too. I’ll link my unboxing/reel below on this one. So many of you asked for a link, unfortunately Chanel does not sell their handbags online. If you have a Chanel sales associate you have worked with they may be able to locate it for you.

Chanel Summer Nails 2022

What do you think about the Chanel Le Vernis nail colors? I’m not sure if they’ll be available at other retailers or of they’re a exclusive. At this time each shade has the “exclusive” label on the website. If you have your eye on any colors I’d recommend ordering soon. The nail colors usually sell out quickly!

Available at

Nail colors and small drawstring pink pouch gifted by Chanel.

Beauty Favorites Nail Polish

Five Neutral Nude Pinks I’m Loving Right Now

May 24, 2022

Nude Pink Nail Polishes

opening image: round marble tray, coffee table book, sunglasses

You girls know I love a good neutral nude nail, there are so many good shades out there! Wanted to round up 5 I’ve been wearing lately I think are worth checking out. Essie, Olive and June and Gucci shades are applied with 2 coats, the Chanel and Dior have 3 coats.

Essie Topless and Barefoot

Essie Topless and Barefoot

Essie Topless and Barefoot is probably one of the most-complimented nail colors I wear. It’s a great perfect pale nude pink. If you’re looking for a quick-dry version I highly recommend checking out Expressie Crop Top and Roll. It’s not exactly the same but it’s really close.

Chanel Onirique

Chanel Le Vernis Onirique

Chanel Le Vernis in Onirique 923 is a really pretty soft pink nude with a hint of peach. It’s on the sheer side but has smooth coverage. If you want a more transparent finish 2 coats is sufficient. I applied 3 for a bit more color. It’s part of the Reve de Chanel collection which I hauled but didn’t review. I think all 3 nail colors are really pretty (if you don’t mind semi-sheer colors). So far I’ve only seen the collection available online at (P.S. I still love Organdi, but I wore it so much I’m trying to switch it up a bit!)

Olive and June

Olive and June CHM

Olive and June has quite a few good neutrals. It’s hard to pick one favorite, I love CDJ, MM, GH, EC, HZ, the list goes on and on. You can check out all their NEUTRAL colors here. I am really loving CHM which is a beige neutral.

Gucci Beauty

Gucci Beauty Annabel Rose

I wish Gucci Beauty would launch more colors because I love the ones I’ve tried so far! Anytime I wear Annabel Rose I always get questions “what nail color are you wearing?” It’s a nice everyday neutral with a tiny bit of shimmer to give it some dimension.

Dior Vernis

Dior Vernis in Nude Look 100

I know a lot of you used to be die hard Dior Vernis collectors. I used to be too. They seemed to have slowed down on new color launches but I recommend checking for the latest. They don’t always launch new colors at other retailers but you can usually find them online at Dior (I love the three new ones for summer!). I hauled Nude Look 100 since I love the lipsticks in this color. Nude Look 100 Nail Polish is a nude pink. It’s a tiny bit transparent with a bit of a jelly finish. Two coats covers my nail maybe 85% of the way. It’s smooth and non-streaky and just a tiny bit of my nail shows through. I love it. I think it’s a great rose nude pink.

I have a lot of other nail polish features on the blog. You can click on the NAIL POLISH category to pull up all the other roundups I’ve done. If you want more nude/neutral swatches you can check out these posts:

For those new to the blog and my Hand/Nail Care Essentials rounded up here. My current go-to base coat is the OPI Natural Base Coat. For top coats I love the OPI Top Coat, Essie Speed Setter and Gel Setter.

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What are your favorite neutrals?

Nail Polish

Holiday Nail Colors I’m Loving Right Now

December 15, 2021

OPI Snow Day in LA Swatch

It’s been a while since I’ve done a nail polish roundup so I thought I’d share 10 Holiday Nail Colors that can take you from Christmas into the New Year. I love following all the nail trends and save a lot of tutorials for inspiration! However I still haven’t mastered the hand painting swirl designs myself. I bought a few tools to try at home in the new year, so maybe I’ll be able to do it one day! For now I love bright or bolds. I still wear my everyday neutrals often but love these holiday shades.

All swatches below are with two coats!

OPI Snow Day in LA

OPI Snow Day in LA Swatch

OPI Snow Day in LA* (infinite shine formula, also available in the regular formula) is a soft smooth white with a hint of pearl. Applies smoothly without streaks with 2 coats. Love that it’s a bright white without being too stark.


OPI Intentions are Rosegold

OPI Intentions are Rosegold is a pretty metallic coppery rose gold with a foiled finish. Applies without visible brush strokes and ultra rich pigment!

OPI Intentions are Rose Gold


OPI Paint the Tinseltown Red

OPI Paint the Tinseltown Red* (infinite shine formula, also available in the regular version) is a pretty red with a holographic shimmer finish.

OPI Paint the Tinseltown Red


OPI Big Bow Energy

OPI Big Bow Energy is a bright cool-toned fuchsia pink cream, I have it in the Infinite Shine Formula, also available in the Regular version.

OPI Big Bow Energy Swatch


Hermes Rose Incarnat

Hermes Rose Incarnat is a bright fun pink cream, similar to Chanel Turban (the Chanel pulls more warm/peachy). I keep getting so many questions about the Hermes nail polishes and I’m working my way through testing them. I still don’t think they’re worth $45 as I don’t think any polish should be that much. But I am really happy with the formula so far. Has good lasting power, no chips within 1 week, opaque coverage, beautiful colors. I think you can definitely find dupes though!

Hermes Rose Incarnat Nail Polish


Hermes Rose Magenta

Hermes Rose Magenta is a gorgeous mauve magenta pink cream.

Hermes Rose Magenta Nail Polish Swatch


Hermes Orange Poppy

Hermes Orange Poppy is a vibrant orange cream. I love how bright and vibrant it is!

Hermes Orange Poppy Nail Polish swatch


Hermes Rose Tamise

Hermes Rose Tamise is one I love in the bottle, dries to a slightly darker finish on my nails. I’d describe it as a muted dusty mauve plum. This one is a bit hard to find, but I’d recommend checking back online to see if they restock at Hermes.

Hermes Rose Tamise Nail Polish swatches


Essie Topless & Barefoot

Essie Topless & Barefoot is the one classic pale nude pink shade that always gets me compliments. Doesn’t last as long as other formulas but it’s a great neutral!

Essie Topless and Barefoot


Chanel Le Vernis in Interdit

Chanel Le Vernis in Interdit is another classic bold vampy shade. Opaque, smooth, dramatic! Another one that always get compliments more than any other vampy dark shade I own.

Chanel Le Vernis Interdit

What’s on your nails right now this holiday season? Do you do them yourself or go to the salon? Mine are all DIY. I have only been the salon once in the past 3 years for a pedicure. All the others are done on my own at home! For those new to the blog you can check out my Hand + Nail Care Favorites here including hand creams, tools, base + top coat favorites and more.




Press samples have a * next to them. All other items purchased by me.