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Chanel Les Beiges Summer of Glow 2020

April 13, 2020

Chanel Les Beiges 2020

Chanel launched their 2020 Les Beiges Collection and I finally have swatches of everything I hauled today! A few of their classics have been reformulated and repackaged in this collection. The entire vibe of this year’s Les Beiges is true their classic line but with a slight summery twist. If you like a natural glow there are some nice options in this collection. I ordered everything except one of the polishes (which I skipped):


Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream 390

The cult classic Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Cream has been discontinued and replaced with the new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream. The question you all want answered is: are they the same or is it completely different? I’ve seen a few other reviews on the new version. Some say it’s performs the same, others say it does not. The ingredients are different but performance and color-wise I feel they are the same. On my skin there’s no detectable difference in color. Texture is the same – creamy, soft, easy to blend, has a semi-matte dry down. It is on the warm side. I really hope they add some other shades in the future like a cooler tone bronze or perhaps ones with shimmer! For those who did not know, Chanel started adding ingredients to their product pages. Simply scroll down to the area you see tabs like, Description, Ingredients, Reviews, Q&A etc. They have their current ingredient list there! This one right now has:


Bottom line, if you have the original (which I still have and find it lasts a LONG time) I don’t think you need the new one. For cream bronzer application, you can use a number of different brushes in your collection. I alternate between the Chanel Angled Foundation Brush (older version, FYI it looks like all the brushes have been revamped slightly on their website), Fenty Brush 115, Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion Brush or the Hourglass Vanish Foundation Brush. The best budget-friendly one I’ve tried is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 200 (reviewed here).

If you find the Chanel color too warm you might want to check out the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer Stick in Baked (it’s cooler toned and slightly darker).

Original Soleil Tan de Chanel vs New Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream 390

Original Soleil Tan de Chanel vs New Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream 390

On the face, beauty breakdown:

Quick note this is meant to be a face swatch, with normal wear I would blend out the bronzer more like a traditional bronzer/contour product to warm up the face.

Chanel Les Beiges Soleil Tan Bronze Universel 390


Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid

Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid Review

There are two Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluids similar to the older Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid. The product has been repackaged with a pump + cap similar to that of the Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops. There are 2 shades in Pearly Glow and Sunkissed, both are sheer as the product name implies.

Pearly Glow is a new color that is a sheer champagne gold and Sunkissed is similar the original which is a sheer soft beige tan shimmer. Both have a very lightweight fluid texture that is thin and easy to blend/layer. On my skin they apply very sheer. Out of all the liquid highlighters I own these are among the most natural looking and on my medium tan skin from a distance they look very similar when on the face.

Below left wearing Pearly Glow over the Soleil Tan Bronze Universel Cream Bronzer. On the right wearing Sunkissed on top of the cream bronzer. Foundation shade right now is the Chanel Ultra Le Teint Velvet in B40 (I wear B50 in the summer). I pump 1-2 pumps of the highlighter on the back of my hand and dab in my fingers to apply or use a foundation brush. I used the Tom Ford Foundation brush here. You can definitely mix it in with foundation to add glow to your base.

Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Highlighting Fluid in Pearly Glow vs Sunkissed

I think these are nice if you want a subtle highlight on the cheekbone. Once they’re blended on the skin they sheer out quite a bit! If you want more shimmer or pigment, opt for any of the others I swatched below.

Liquid Highlighter Swatches from Chanel, Tom Ford, By Terry and Marc Jacobs


Healthy Glow Illuminating Powder

Chanel Les Beiges 2020 Healthy Glow Illuminating Powder

Above Sand and Sunset

The new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Illuminating Powders are soft luminous powders that offer the skin a very subtle glow but with color. Sand is a highlighter on me. When applied with a loose brush I can apply all over kinda like a setting powder with glow. With a denser brush it adds a very subtle lit from within glow. Below worn on just one side so you can see the difference. Wearing Sand below:

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Illuminating Powder in Sand

Sunset is a warmer bronze color that looks like a soft warm bronzer with a hint of gold shimmer. This one is really nice to warm up the complexion.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Illuminating Powder in Sunset

Both have the same scent as all the other Les Beiges powders. They have a beautiful embossed rope pattern on the surface adding a lovely touch! Texture is soft and easy to blend. Long-time Chanel lovers will know that the 2019 Les Beiges powders from last year were stiff in texture (which I did not mind but many of you did not like). The 2020 versions have a softer texture making it easier to pick up product.

Chanel Les Beiges 2020 Swatches


Healthy Glow Lip Balm

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm in Warm

There is one new shade of Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm this season in Warm. It’s a sheer warm peachy coral shade. Looks bright in the tube, swatches sheer on the hand, applies somewhere in between on the lips. Warm is a nice healthy summer color. I was hoping for a softer cantaloupe peach to be launched, maybe next year!

Swatches next to the other existing colors. If you want the lip swatches, you can check out my posts from past years. Light/Med/Deep on the lips/face in the 2018 Les Beiges review. Intense worn in the 2019 Les Beiges review.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm Swatches


Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Chanel Les Beiges 2020 Eyeshadow Palette Warm

I have mixed feelings about the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette in Warm. This palette has a very soft texture. Powders are very finely milled and soft with a delicate finish. When layered together on an emollient base the colors show up nicely. I do have to apply the brown with a slightly damp brush for it to show up on my skin. Applying the colors on dry lids made them all look like a sheer wash of peach. I do realize the Les Beiges collection is supposed to give a barely there glow, but the palette runs a bit sheer.

It’s workable and I do think it is lovely, I think colors will show up better on lighter or deeper skin with the contrast. The first two times I applied this I felt a slightly itchy sensation from the powders. I feel that the powdery debris and kick up fell into my eyes and caused some irritation. Luckily I did not have an allergic reaction! Adding an emollient cream shadow base underneath helps keep them in place on the skin better (at least for me, I have dry lids).

Colors include a sheer satiny beige, soft blurred brown, shimmery coral peach, soft lighter peach shimmer and a sparkly champagne.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Eyeshadow Palette in Warm


Le Vernis

Chanel Le Vernis in Cruise

Last is the Le Vernis in Cruise. There are two shades which seemed like your standard orange and red polishes. Pretty, not entirely unique, and in my mind not must-haves. I decided to pick up the orange one Cruise which is almost identical to the older discontinued Mirabella. The difference is slight and barely noticeable. Mirabella has a tiny bit more blue undertone. Cruise is a cream. It’s bright orange and I can get full coverage with 2 coats. I have a feeling Cruise is close to Orange Fizz but I searched all of my boxes and it appears I no longer have it to compare. To date I still think Chanel’s best orangey shades were Holiday, Sea Whip and Resplendissant.

Chanel Cruise vs Mirabella vs Holiday


Chanel Les Beiges 2020 Collection Review

Overall a lovely collection adding some sunshine and beauty into my life right now! I think there are a lot of natural glow products that are easy to wear and perfect for the conservative makeup-lover. That being said I do think there is a lot of summer beauty newness on the horizon so you might want to wait and see what launches from other lines.

The best products to me are the Healthy Glow Illuminating Powders and Highlighting Fluids. I think they’re nice additions to my daily makeup routine. I do think the Highlighting Fluids might not be for everyone since they are very sheer. I do love the new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream – to me it’s nearly identical to the original in color and performance. Since I already own the original and still have a lot left I don’t think it’s a must-have for me.

If I were to do my purchase over again I would have skipped the nail polish. Also while I love both of the highlighting fluids, I don’t think I needed both since they look similar on my medium skin. I would have picked just one although trying to figure out which one is better is difficult as they’re both lovely.

You can find the Chanel Les Beiges collection available now at Have you checked it out yet or ordered anything? What did you think?


Chanel Eye Makeup

Chanel Eye Collection – New Stretch Mascara, Liquid Liner + Brow Duos

March 23, 2020

Chanel Eye Collection Review

Chanel launched new products for the eyes and today I have a Chanel Eye Collection review. There are three new products including:

La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax/Powder Duos

Chanel La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax Powder Duo

There are three La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax/Powder Duos in Light, Medium and Dark. These come with a tinted wax on one side and a powder on the other. The Brow Duos are cased in a compact with four mini tools including a tweezer, spoolie, angled brush and soft small sponge applicator. I tried Medium which is a neutral medium brown color. The wax is soft and easy to apply with the angled brush. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried a wax and this had enough color to wear alone. It filled in my brows and held them in place. The powder is interesting to me. It’s a stiff but pigmented powder. It’s more pigmented than the older brow duos. I haven’t tried a small detail applicator before – most of my brow brushes are angled. The small applicator made it easy to apply in soft strokes although since the handles are so small it took a bit of work to hold. The pros for the applicators are they are compact and easy to travel with. They are usable and well made although full size brushes and tools are easier to hold and use for me.

Lasting power is very good. I didn’t experience any fading or smudging. The brows stayed put all day long!

Chanel La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax Powder Duo swatches

Natural brows vs just the wax:

Chanel La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax Powder Duo Medium

Wax plus powder:

Chanel La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax Powder Duo

Le Liner de Chanel Liquid Liner

Chanel Le Liner de Chanel Review

Out of the three items in this launch I found the Le Liner de Chanel Liquid Liners to be the most exciting to me! They launched some of the most beautiful shimmers I’ve ever seen! These dry down to a semi-matte finish although the shimmers still have a slightly wet look because of the shimmer. The brush is well designed to apply in one stroke or a feathering motion. I found these took a few seconds to dry depending on how thick a line you draw on. Formula is thin but smooth and very pigmented. Once it sets it does not budge. As one who struggles with pencil liners during the summer months I was really excited to see a brown and plum matte – I think they’ll be excellent for the warm humid months.

Chanel Le Liner de Chanel Swatches

Le Volume Stretch de Chanel Mascara

Chanel Le Volume Stretch de Chanel Mascara

Last is a look at the Le Volume Stretch de Chanel Mascara. This comes in one color and has a rubber twisted brush. I think this is a decent formula to lengthen and define the lashes. The brush did take a bit of practice for me to get used to because of the angles but it’s not impossible to use. It miraculously did not smudge even though it didn’t really hold the curl. I like it a lot but it’s not my favorite. I still think the classic Le Volume de Chanel is the best for me (or the waterproof version). It was easy to remove since it’s not a waterproof formula. Since it did not smudge on me I give it a thumbs up.

Chanel Le Volume Stretch de Chanel Mascara

Stretch versus Le Volume:

Chanel Mascara Stretch vs Original Le Volume

Chanel Eye Collection Review

Full beauty breakdown:

Just for fun my little ragdoll buddy keeping me company. He doesn’t like to take photos lol! He’s 7 years old now and I cannot believe it.

Chanel Eye Makeup + Kitty

Chanel Eye Collection Review

Overall a solid line of eye makeup staples. I think the liquid liners are special because of the color selection. I really like the brow duo because of the wax and compact but don’t think it’s essential. The verdict is still out on the mascara because I think it’s really good but I think there are better options.

You can find the Chanel Eye Collection out now, available at and all Chanel retailers.

P.S. Some of the Les Beiges items already popped up on the website and I ordered the two Les Beiges Highlighting Fluids. Also as of today (Tuesday) the Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops just restocked online! (Rosy Light Drops review here in case you missed it).

Chanel Eye collection provided for review.


Chanel La Fleur Et L’eau Collection

March 5, 2020

Chanel La Fleur Et L'eau Makeup Le Blanc Collection Review

This year’s Chanel Le Blanc makeup collection is a stunning one! The Chanel La Fleur Et L’eau Collection is currently available at and today I finally have swatches of everything! The colors have a soft wash with pastels for eyes and bold colors for lips.

Lip Colors

Chanel La Fleur Et L'eau Rouge Coco Shine and Rouge Allure Ink Fusion

The lip colors are the stand outs for me with new Rouge Coco Flash colors in Ondee (sheer bright coral) and Eau de Rose (sheer rose). I think both are must-haves in my opinion, I especially love the glossy rose color! Both have a sheer smooth finish with high shine. There are two Rouge Allure Ink Fusions in Fleur de Lotus which is a bold coral and Pivoine which is a bold raspberry color. Both are fluid and lightweight in texture but since both are bolds they cover the entire lip and apply smoothly.

Chanel La Fleur Et L'eau Rouge Coco Shine and Rouge Allure Ink Fusion swatches

There’s a Lip Palette called Camelias D’eau which comes with four colors that are in an embossed camelia pattern. Colors are bold classics with a bold bright raspberry, bright fuchsia, soft rosewood with a slight shimmer and blue-based red cream. Colors have medium coverage but can be built for full coverage. Each color has a slightly glossy finish. The compact does come with a tiny lip brush which is super cute!

Chanel La Fleur Et L'eau Camelias D'Eau Lip Palette

Swatches alongside some of their newer Lip Liners in coordinating colors that launched last month:

Chanel La Fleur Et L'eau Camelias D'Eau Lip Palette swatches

Eyeshadow Quads

There are two Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palettes in this collection which have a soft washed pastel theme. I purchased both of these to review the complete collection even though the color scheme really isn’t something I gravitate towards. Au Fil Des Fleurs has a more lilac lavender pink vibe with soft shimmers. Au Fil de L’eau on the other hand has a more steel grey blue vibe. Both palettes have excellent pigment with smooth texture. They glide on flawlessly and stay put once on the lids.

Chanel La Fleur Et L'eau Eyeshadow Quads

Chanel La Fleur Et L'eau Les 4 Ombres swatches

Joues Constraste Blush

There is one new Joues Contraste blush called Rose Petillant. This is in the baked version which I’m normally not a fan of but this one surprised me with really good color payoff. It has a soft shimmer to it but once on the skin it’s more of a satiny matte soft pink. Lasting power is excellent!

Chanel Joues Contraste Rose Petillant

Chanel Joues Contraste Rose Petillant

Glow + Highlighter

The Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops highlighter has some of the prettiest shimmers I’ve ever seen! This is a liquid highlighter that has a soft light pink pearly sheen. It’s lightweight and blends easily onto the skin. It gives the skin a light opalescent glow. If you blend into foundation or use as a base you can definitely sheer it out to wear all over. I prefer it as a highlighter.

Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops Review

Also for the cheeks is a new Gloss Lumiere Multi-Use Top Coat in Miroir D’Eau. This is a translucent glossy opal that flashes pink and blue in a very subtle way. So far I’ve only liked using this on the lips as a soft gloss. It’s fairly sheer so the effect is a barely there glow. You can use on eyes or cheeks too but I don’t usually use glossy products anywhere but the lips.

Chanel Gloss Lumiere Miroir D'Eau

Chanel Rosy Light Drops and Miroir D'eau

A few swatch comparisons to a Chanel Poudre Lumiere in White Opal (REVIEW, sharper and more contrast with the duo chrome), Estee Lauder x Danielle Lauder Act IV Spotlight Highlighter (REVIEW, more pigment and more lavender), Chanel Eclat du Desert Powder Highlighter (REVIEW, also more visible shimmer and warmer pink):

Chanel highlighter swatch comparisons


The two Le Vernis colors in Fleur de Pecher and Petale are both also must-haves. Fleur de Pecher is a smooth shimmery pearly rose pink with noticeable silver shimmer. I love that it applies smoothly and doesn’t show any brush strokes! Petale is a perfect soft pink cream. I applied both with two coats to get full coverage.

Chanel Le Vernis Fleur de Pecher and Petale

Chanel Le Vernis Fleur de Pecher and Petale swatch

Four Looks, Look 1 with Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Au Fil Des Fleur, Rouge Coco Flash in Eau de Rose and Joues Contraste in Rose Petillant:

Chanel makeup look Le Blanc Eau de Rose


Look 2 with Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in Ondee, Joues Contraste in Petale, Rosy Light Drops

Chanel Le Blanc makeup look


Look 3 with Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Petillant and Rouge Allure Ink Fusion in Pivoine

Chanel Le Blanc Makeup Look


Look 4 with Rouge Allure Ink Fusion in Fleur de Lotus, Joues Contraste in Rose Petillant and the Rosy Light Drops

Chanel Le Blanc Makeup Look


My top favorites are the two Le Vernis Nail Polishes, Rosy Light Drops and both Rouge Coco Flash colors. I do think everything is lovely and quality is top notch! The quads are a miss for me mainly because I don’t wear pastels on the eyes but quality is excellent. I think the blush has surprisingly good pigment for the baked formula and I think it is an easy one to wear with many different colors.

You can find the Chanel La Fleur Et L’eau collection now at Have you checked out any of the pieces yet? What did you think?

Chanel Le Blanc collection gifted for review. The two Les 4 Ombres purchased by me.



Chanel Lips

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia + New Longwear Lip Pencils

February 20, 2020

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia

Chanel launched new Rouge Allures with the Rouge Allure Camelia Collection ($40 each) earlier this year and also revamped all of their Longwear Lip Pencils ($31 each). I have swatches of all 8 of the lipsticks and 15 of the 19 lip pencils.

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia and Velvet Review

The Rouge Allures come in two formulas, Regular Luminous Intense and a Velvet Luminous Matte. These are cased in the beautiful click case and the ends are embossed with a gold camellia. Formula-wise these are really excellent. The Rouge Allure Luminous Intense colors are smooth classic lipsticks, have medium but buildable coverage and have a natural looking sheen to them. I cannot detect any scent or taste. Colors are really pretty for a soft pink or bold look.

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Luminous Lipsticks

The Regular Rouge Allures in the Camelia packaging:

  • Camelia Blanc 327 is a pale pink that is almost like a clear balm on my lips
  • Camelia Rose 337 is a soft medium girly pink cream
  • Camelia Rouge Metal 607 is a stunning metallic red that isn’t too frosty and has an ultra smooth pearl
  • Camelia Pourpre 637 is my favorite, it’s a wearable deep plum with a very subtle pearl

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Luminous Lipsticks

Below wearing:

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Luminous Lipstick swatches

The Rouge Allure Velvets are luminous mattes. They have a soft almost airy feel to them. They’re ultra smooth, non drying, almost feel hydrating, with a soft velvet finish. Pigment is full coverage and very opaque – they’re like one-swipe wonders. I would have loved some more neutrals or lighter colors but every single one in this launch has flawless coverage. Since these are dark they leave a stain on the lips and when the color fades you can still see quite a bit of color left on the lips.

  • Camelia Fuchsia 347 is a bright bold pink
  • Camelia Rouge 357 is a bold orange red
  • Camelia Grenat 617 is a matte plum red
  • Camelia Carmin 627 is a perfect bold red

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Velvet

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Velvet swatches

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Velvet lip swatches

Chanel Le Crayon Levres New Formula and Colors

The Le Crayon Levres Longwear Lip Pencils have been revamped into all new colors. To me the new formula is very similar to the original, the main difference is the new ones seem more matte and more long-wearing. In the old original formula Nude 05 was the perfect universal pink brown with shimmer. Unfortunately there’s no dupe in the new line although I do think there are a couple colors that pull similar. I have 15 of the 19 new colors swatched. There is also a clear version which acts like a matte lip primer to extend the wear of lipstick. These also come with a lip brush on one end.

Chanel Le Crayon Levres New Formula and Colors

Neutrals below, the ones closest to my natural lip color is Rose Naturel or Pivone:

Chanel Le Crayon Levres New Formula and Colors swatches neutrals


  • Peachy Nude 154 is a pale milky peach
  • Beige Naturel 156 is a light pink beige
  • Rose Naturel 158 is a medium pink rose peach
  • Nude Brun 162 is a medium brown
  • Pivone 164 is a soft rose
  • Rose VIF 166 is a bright warm pink
  • Swatch comparisons to the original 05 Nude, MAC Whirl, MAC Stripdown and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

Deeper and bolder colors:

Chanel Le Crayon Levres New Formula and Colors swatches bolds


  • Rose Caractere 168 is a bright electric fuschia
  • Bois de Rose 172 is a warm pinky rose with some shimmer
  • Blood Orange 176 is a bold bright orange
  • Rouge Cerise 178 is a bright bold red
  • Rose Framboise 182 is a deeper bright fuschia
  • Rouge Intense 184 is a brick red
  • Berry 186 is a hot pink
  • Rose Poudre 196 is a shimmery warm rose pink
  • Rouge Noir 194 is a satiny matte plum brown

Lasting power is very long with these. I find since they’re mattes there is a tiny bit of tugging on bare lips. These are best applied in a feathering motion for me or applied over a balm/lip primer. I’m still playing around with all the colors but really love the way Rose Naturel, Nude Brun and Pivone wear.

Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia and New Lip Liner Review

Overall some solid launches in the lip department from Chanel. I would recommend buying based on color preference. Formula-wise I think they all wear extremely well. For the lipsticks there aren’t many neutrals but the bold colors are classics that I think will flatter a wide range of skin tones.

You can find the new Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Lipsticks and Longwear Lip Pencils at and all Chanel counters. I will have the La Fleur Et L’Eau Collection reviewed soon!

Chanel lip products provided for review.

Chanel Nail Polish

Best Chanel Le Vernis Neutrals + Soft Shades for Spring

January 23, 2020

Best Chanel Le Vernis Neutrals

By popular request I’m rounding up my favorite Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Polish neutrals! This has been one of my favorite nail polish formulas as long as I can remember. I’ve been a fan through several reformulations and love the colors they launch. I’ve also added a few other softer mauves and purples I think are nice for spring with swatch comparisons.

Most of these you can still find now at and most retailers, although some colors are limited-edition and are harder to find (like Afterglow and Chicness). Organdi is the one I wear the most and also the shade I get the most compliments on. A lot of you wanted swatch comparisons to see the different undertones and depth.

Below left to right is: Blanc White 548, Afterglow 703, Organdi 504, Bleached Mauve 646, Daydream 735, Chicness 612 (discontinued, from cruise 2018), Purple Ray 709 and Mirage 739

Best Chanel Nail Polish Neutrals via The Beauty Look Book

Chanel Le Vernis Swatches

Swatches and comparisons on the nails, each swatch has 2 coats except Blanc White has 3 coats. All still available at

Chanel Blanc White, Organdi, Bleached Mauve and Daydream

Chanel Nail Polish Blanc White, Organdi, Bleached Mauve and Daydream

Below swatch set 2, all available at still except Chicness (discontinued) and Afterglow (but still available at Saks right now):

Chanel Le Vernis New Dawn, Afterglow, Purple Ray, Chicness and Mirage

My top three favorites right now include Organdi (probably my most-worn neutral), Daydream (new for spring-summer 2020) and Afterglow (from cruise 2019).

I like to use these with the Chanel Le Gel Top Coat for extra shine and lasting power. If you apply properly you will find these last a long time. If you’re getting tip wear or chipping, it’s likely you’re not coating the tip enough with polish or the top coat. Just like any paint, when it dries, the product shrinks so make sure you paint all the way around to the tops. Also note that not all top coats are compatible. For example Seche Vite is a great brand for quick dry top coats, but it runs on the thick side and always shrinks on me no matter what brand of polish I use. As it shrinks it pulls the polish around the edges and causes early tip wear.

A few other nail articles I’ve written and resources you may find helpful!

Top 10 Chanel Le Vernis Shades + Matching Lip Colors
Top 5 Best Nude Nail Polishes
Hand + Nail Care Routine + Tips

You can find Blanc White 548, Organdi 504, Bleached Mauve 646, Daydream 735, Purple Ray 709 and Mirage 739 available at and all Chanel counters. Afterglow is currently still available at Saks.

Have you tried any of these colors yet? What did you think?



Chanel Beauty Spring-Summer 2020

January 14, 2020

Chanel Spring-Summer 2020 makeup collection

Chanel Beauty Spring-Summer 2020 just launched and it offers the prettiest palette of soft neutrals for the new year. I’ve been playing with the items for a few weeks now and love everything. The colors are soft and glowy for a new fresh look. You can find all the pieces available now at The Chanel beauty team sent the collection for review and I have swatches of everything today including:

Illuminating Powder

Chanel Spring 2020 Eclat de Desert Highlighter

The Illuminating Powder Elcat du Desert is one of the softest highlighting powders I’ve ever tried. It’s quite powdery with a lot of kick up on a brush but blends beautifully and seamlessly on the skin. It’s a soft cool-toned pink embossed with a pattern that looks like a desert. The texture is smooth and gives the skin a really pretty glow. I find it unique enough to justify owning even with all the other highlighter options out there. Lasting power is excellent – it stays put all day. Pigment is soft but buildable. It’s smooth and doesn’t emphasize texture or pores on my face.

Chanel Spring 2020 Eclat de Desert Highlighter and Baume Essentiel Golden Light Swatch

Baume Essentiel

Chanel Spring 2020 Baume Essentiel Golden Light

This is my first time trying the Baume Essentiel. The new shade for spring is Golden Light which is a sheer golden bronze. I would love this in a pigmented powder, gloss or eyeshadow form – I think the color is truly gorgeous! The baume itself is ultra dewy and glossy. If you like the concept of a dewy highlight like the RMS Living Luminizers, then you’ll love these. My bestie has been raving about the original Baume Essentiel for months wondering why I didn’t buy it. Dewy balms for the face aren’t my thing – but Golden Light is fun to play around with. I see myself wearing it more on the lips vs face.

On my medium skin once it’s blended it pretty much disappears into a very subtle glossy glow. It almost matches my skin tone. If you have fair or light skin tones it will most likely look deeper and give you more of a bronzed look.

Chanel Spring 2020 Baume Essentiel in Golden Light

Les 4 Ombres

Chanel Spring 2020 Les 4 Ombres Elemental and Warm Memories

There are two new Les 4 Ombres quads for spring. Elemental is the prettiest soft palette of neutral pink and mauve with some taupe shimmer. It’s very neutral-looking on my skin and reminds me of a more subtle version of the NARS Kalahari duo but in quad form with more pinks and mattes. Elemental is the perfect everyday kind of neutral quad.

Warm Memories is a warmer option with a mix of mauve, plum and shimmering orange. It’s a lot more wearable than I anticipated but still pulls very warm. Pigment is medium but buildable and lasting power of both quads is excellent without any fallout.

Chanel Spring 2020 Les 4 Ombres Elemental and Warm Memories swatches

Stylo Ombre et Contour

Chanel Spring 2020 Stylo Ombre et Contour

Chanel Spring 2020 Stylo Ombre et Contour swatches

There are two Stylo Ombre Et Contour products which are essentially chubby pencils that are in the twist up format. The two colors for spring are perfect contouring shades for the lids. I simply swipe on the lids and blend with my finger. Contour Mauve is the perfect my-lids-but-better soft mauve nude pink. Contour Brun is a deeper but very soft brown that adds depth in a natural way for my skin tone. I tried it as a liner and it gives a soft diffused look. They are both creamy, easy to blend and have a matte finish that stays put once it sets.

Ombre Premiere Laque

Chanel Spring 2020 Ombre Premiere Laque

The Ombre Premiere Laque is a new formula of liquid shadow. They have the perfect amount of shimmer and glow when you blend on the lids. I played around with these a few different ways – I can use one or two all over the lids for a wash of color. They also layer on top of powder shadow almost like a top coat. They are like a thicker fluid, not quite creams. Texture is easy to blend and they dry down nicely to a dry finish for long wear. These come with a sponge tip applicator which is sturdy and makes application easy. I blend either with my fingers or a separate cream shadow brush. My favorite color is Quartz Rose and Rising Sun, but really all the colors are gorgeous.

The packaging reminds me of the older Chanel D’Eau Fluids from many years ago, but the fluid ones were more of a watery bases with pigment suspended. The new Ombre Premieres are thicker and not nearly as watery.

Chanel Spring 2020 Ombre Premiere Laque swatches


Chanel Spring 2020 Lipsticks

The two lip colors are bold this season. They pull very warm and have super rich opaque pigment. The Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme in Endless is a warm bold pink red. I’ve reviewed this formula a few times in the past here and here. This is Chanel’s ultra pigmented matte lipstick that has a velvety finish but does not look or feel dry. They’re very creamy and opaque and smooth.

The Rouge Allure in Rouge Brulant is lighter in color but still very bold and warm. I’d describe it as a warm brick shade. Formula of both is smooth, easy to blend and they glide on the lips flawlessly. There’s no detectable scent in either. The Rouge Allure formula is like a classic lipstick, bold and opaque and creamy with a slight sheen.

Chanel Spring 2020 Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme Endless and Rouge Allure Rouge Brulant

Le Vernis Nail Color

Chanel Spring 2020 Le Vernis Daydream and Mirage

Last but not least are the two new Le Vernis Nail Polishes in Daydream which is the prettiest mauve pink cream and Mirage which is a gorgeous dusty purple. Both have a glossy finish. There is a very slight transparent quality to the color but I can get full coverage with 2 coats. I’m obsessed with Daydream which pulls more muted on the fingers once I get 2 coats and it dries down.

Top is Daydream, bottom is Mirage

Chanel Spring 2020 Le Vernis Daydream and Mirage swatches

Chanel Spring Beauty 2020 Collection Review

Two makeup looks below. Look 1 wearing:

Chanel Spring 2020 Makeup Look Eclat du Desert__________________

Look 2 wearing:

Chanel Spring Makeup 2020 Golden Light and Warm Memories

Overall I think this is a beautiful collection to start off the year. Everything performs well to the typical Chanel standards for high quality textures and lasting power. My recommendations for picking items would be based on your color preferences you see yourself wearing a lot. Quality-wise everything is phenomenal.

My top picks are the Eclat du Desert Illuminating Powder, Elemental Quad, Daydream Le Vernis, both Ombre Contour Pencils and any of the new Ombre Premiere Laque. I would have liked to see a few more lip options but there are always lots of launches closer to February anyways. The new Rouge Allure Camelias have just launched online but I have not yet tested them. For the eyeshadow quads, I loved how both performed. In terms of color selection I can’t say whether or not they are must-haves yet as there are a lot of new launches this year including a few options from Charlotte Tilbury, Natasha Denona and Tom Ford. I’ll have reviews on all of those in the upcoming weeks and will be able to compare them later. I do really like the vibe of Elemental – I think it’s different from the popular reds and oranges these days. It makes for the perfect classic neutral eye.

Did you check out anything from the spring collection yet? What did you think?

You can find all the pieces available now at

Spring 2020 collection provided by Chanel for review.


Chanel Skincare

Chanel Sublimage Skincare – New Additions

December 23, 2019

Chanel Sublimage Skincare Review | The Beauty Look Book

Chanel has some new additions to their Sublimage Skincare line and after putting them to the test for the past couple of months I have a review to share today. The Chanel Sublimage line has been one of the most luxurious lines I have ever tested. I’ve loved the Eye Cream, Face Mist and Texture Fine Cream in the past. New items to the collection have launched and I’ve been getting so many messages from you to review. I’m thrilled to have been able to put the new launches to the test:

There is also a new Sublimage Le Savon de Soin that launched recently as well but I have not tested it. If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts! It’s been a long time since I’ve tried a bar soap for the face.

The Sublimage line is best suited for normal to dry skin types (in my opinion) but there are some great products for normal combination skin too. It’s an excellent anti-aging line and comforts the skin in the most luxurious beautiful way. My thoughts on each product below along with some alternate suggestions in case you don’t have dry skin. Mine is more normal to dry right now.

Sublimage L’Huile en Gel de Demaquillage

Chanel Ultimate Comfort and Radiance-Revealing Gel-to-Oil Cleanser

The Sublimage L’Huile en Gel de Demaquillage is their Ultimate Comfort and Radiance-Revealing Gel-to-Oil Cleanser. It’s super gentle and hydrating and dissolves makeup when you rub it into the skin. It contains antioxidants and purifying ingredients to leave the skin feeling extra soft and clean. This is the most hydrating gel-to-oil cleanser I’ve tried. I really like it – it makes my skin feel so soft!

Long-time Chanel lovers might remember the Le Blanc line had a similar product which was reformulated to the current Le Blanc Tri-Phase Makeup Remover cleanser (which I have tried and loved but haven’t repurchased in a while). If you have more oily or combination skin I would recommend opting for the Le Blanc version or the L’Huile Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil which is a very soft cushiony cleanser more along the lines of a traditional cleansing oil remover.

Sublimage Ultimate Comfort and Radiance-Revealing Gel-to-Oil Cleanser vs L’Huile Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil, on the nails is Le Vernis in Organdi

Chanel Sublimage L'Huile En Gel Cleanser vs L'Huile Cleansing Oil

Sublimage L’Eau de Demaquilllage

Chanel Sublimage L'Eau de Demaquillage Refreshing and Radiance-Revealing Cleansing Water

The Sublimage L’Eau de Demaquilllage is their Refreshing and Radiance Revealing Cleansing Water. This is also a very hydrating makeup remover and does just as the name implies: refreshes and adds radiance. It won’t take off waterproof eye makeup but it’s great for regular face, lip or eye makeup. It has a very soft fluid feel and is very moisturizing.I found it gentle and soothing on the skin. It has a small rubber opening at the top to control how much product you dispense. A little goes a very long way!

I think it’s a beautiful product but best suited for normal to dry skin. For other cleansing waters I’ve really loved the Lancome Eau Fraiche Micellar Cleansing Water and the Chanel L’Eau Micellaire. I feel either of these will be better for normal or combination skin. I’ve gone through a full bottle of the Chanel L’Eau Micellaire and liked it enough to repurchase. It’s a really nice one!

Sublimage Les Grains de Vanille

Chanel Sublimage Les Grains de Vanille

The Sublimage Les Grains de Vanille is the fanciest face scrub I’ve ever tested and the most gentle one too! If you have ultra sensitive skin that can’t handle most abrasive scrubs this is one I think you might want to look into. It has Vanilla and Jojoba seeds that are super fine and suspended in a gel base. It has a smooth feel and while I can feel some subtle exfoliation it is very gentle. I love the Sublimage scent and wish it came in a body cream form. It’s the most calming and soothing vanilla scent I’ve ever smelled.

I wish I could compare it to something else but this is a unique scrub in my experience. It’s so gentle and soft, it almost doesn’t feel like a scrub.

Chanel Sublimage Purifying and Radiance-Revealing Vanilla Seed Face Scrub

Sublimage La Creme Texture Supreme

Chanel Sublimage La Creme Texture Supreme Travel Size

The Sublimage La Creme Texture Supreme now comes in a mini form that is the perfect size for travel or to try out the formula. It’s still quite spendy at $125 but the 0.5 oz format is perfect to me! I hope they consider launching the other formulas in this size too. Right now you can find regular La Creme in a travel size only in their Sublimage Le Voyage Set.

With the Sublimage La Creme Texture Supreme there’s a little spatula to help keep the cream itself clean. Every cream comes sealed to preserve the product. A little goes a long way and it’s ultra hydrating and smoothing. Skin is instantly calmed, tightness is removed and it gives the skin a luminous finish. I’ve been wearing this one at night more often than for day time because it’s so hydrating.

This year my most-used moisturizer has been the Hydra Beauty Camellia Water Cream. It’s the perfect lightweight texture for my skin. It’s a lovely one to try if you have normal skin.

Sublimage La Brume Intense Revitalizing Mist

Chanel Sublimage Face Mist

One last mention is the Sublimage La Brume Face Mist which is still one of my favorite face mists ever. This is quite the splurge at $200 but it does come with three refills which made the price easier for me to stomach. It dispenses a super fine mist and refreshes the skin without feeling heavy. Even if you have normal or combination skin I don’t think you should let the “intense” part of the name intimidate you. I feel it’s suitable for all skin types.

Chanel Sublimage Skincare Review | The Beauty Look Book

For those of you who have been asking for the Sublimage review I hope you found this helpful! If you’ve tried the Sublimage line I’d love to hear your thoughts! If not, have you tried any other Chanel skincare products?

You can find all the new Chanel Sublimage launches online now at

P.S. The Spring-Summer Collection has already launched online and it looks so beautiful! Review coming soon 🙂

New Chanel Sublimage Skincare items gifted for review.


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