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New Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors

May 22, 2023

New Chanel Le Vernis Shades

I’m back! We’ve been away on a two-week vacation in Miami. We had so much fun with Ollie. He was such a good boy! I’ll be sharing more on the blog soon but if you want to see more from our trip, you can find more on my Instagram Miami Vacay highlights. I’ll share more soon but first wanted to share a look at the new Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colors.

Chanel revamped their Le Vernis Nail Colors ($32 each) with an updated brush and new colors. Some of the classics are still in the collection but there are lots of new shades. There are 24 total. The Chanel PR team sent a handful of beautiful colors for me to try. While in Miami I stopped by one of the beauty boutiques to check out the rest of the shades and picked up the new La Base Camelia and Le Gel Coat to try.

New Chanel Le Vernis launch Spring Summer 2023

Also tried on these sunglasses and was tempted but did not pick them up this trip.

Chanel Pantos Sunglasses Try On

The new Le Vernis formula has definitely improved with better pigment, coverage and application. I think it’s actually just as good as the original version but the new brush makes application much easier with just a few brush strokes. According to Chanel they’ve made the pigment more concentrated. I wore my favorite shade Premiere Dame while we were on our trip and it lasted nearly a full seven days on the tips and on my toes they look fresh like the day I applied.

Chanel Le Vernis Original vs New Brush

Normally on trips my nail polish is destroyed within a couple of days because of all the sunscreen I apply. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of formula I use, sunscreen can be fairly destructive to clothes, polish, the car seat etc. The gel coat and new nail polish formula combination held up remarkably well for me this trip though!

I did quick swatches in this video linked here (in case you want to see them in different lighting or in action). Each one applies with full perfect smooth coverage with two coats. Ballerina has significantly improved this round but for me still requires 3 coats.

101 Insomniaque is a pure neutral white

Chanel Le Vernis 101 Insomniaque

111 Ballerina is a beautiful sheer milky pink

Chanel Le Vernis 111 Ballerina

103 Legende is a pale beige brown

Chanel Le Vernis 103 Legende

113 Faussaire is a neutral creamy nude pink

Chanel Le Vernis 113 Faussaire

121 Premiere Dame is a pink coral

Chanel Le Vernis 121 Premiere Dame

125 Muse is a cool toned sky blue

Chanel Le Vernis 125 Muse

135 Immortelle is a stunning lilac

Chanel Le Vernis 135 Immortelle

137 Sorciere is a beautiful purple

Chanel Le Vernis 137 Sorciere

139 Activiste is a plum mauve

Chanel Le Vernis 139 Activiste

147 Incendiaire is a warm red

Chanel Le Vernis 147 Incendiaire

155 Rouge Noir is a blackened plum (new version seems a little bit deeper in the base color)

Chanel Le Vernis 155 Rouge Noir

131 Cavalier Seul is a beautiful soft sage green

Chanel Le Vernis 131 Cavalier Seul

So many of you wanted to know how Faussaire compares to Organdi so I’ve swatched it on a nail wheel below. They are similar but on my fingers Organdi is lighter in color while the new Faussaire matches my skintone more. I pulled what I could find in my stash to compare below.

Chanel Le Vernis comparisons

I’ve been such a long time fan of Chanel nail polishes. I know they can be hit or miss for some of you, but I’m really loving the new formula and brush. The base and top coat are listed as “new” but I’m not sure I can tell the difference from the previous formulas. They do have the newer wider brush. I really like how they perform.

Overall lots of pretty colors to choose from. A few of you commented on my video you’re happy to see more bright colors in this launch and I agree! It’s nice to see some brighter shades especially for summer. I still have my eye on a few more shades but I have so many to play with I think I’ll be set until the next seasonal launch.

Out of all the ones I tried I’d say my top 5 favorites are Premiere Dame, Muse, Cavalier Seul, Immortelle and Incendiaire.

You can find the shades out now at Have you tried any of these new colors yet? What did you think?

Chanel Le Vernis nail colors gifted from Chanel for review. A few select shades purchased by me as well.

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