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New Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Nail Colors

August 17, 2022

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors

The Chanel Fall 2022 Makeup Collection with new shades of Le Vernis Nail Color and Rouge Allure is here! They launched a beautiful color palette of neutrals and everything is stunning. I’ve split my review into two parts: I have my picks of the Le Vernis today and Rouge Allure Lipsticks swatches will be coming in a separate post. The new lipsticks are phenomenal.

There are 12 new shades of Le Vernis in neutral nude shades. I have 11 of them swatched for you today. All the colors applied smoothly with a full coverage finish except one of the shades (Denude is semi-sheer). I like that they have nudes with different undertones. Some are more beige/yellow/brown and others have a more pink undertone.

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors


New colors I have are below (I’m missing 957 which I’m undecided about purchasing). I received 5 in PR and the others I ordered online. All shades are swatched with 2 coats.

  • 937 Harmonie
  • 939 Singularite
  • 941 Spontane
  • 943 Enigme
  • 945 Emotion
  • 947 Desir
  • 949 Denude
  • 951 Originel
  • 953 Essentiel
  • 955 Inspiration
  • 959 Infinite

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors

937 Harmonie is my perfect creamy nude, a bit lighter than my skin tone for contrast

Chanel Le Vernis 937 Harmonie swatch

939 Singularite is a pretty pink nude, almost matches my skin tone if it were pink (this is deeper than Organdi)

Chanel Le Vernis 939 Singularite swatch

941 Spontane mid-tone warm pink

Chanel Le Vernis 941 Spontane swatch

943 Enigme is a warm pink, almost looks like a warm pink brown brick color

Chanel Le Vernis 943 Enigme swatch

945 Emotion is a rose berry neutral

Chanel Le Vernis 945 Emotion swatch

947 Desir is a blue-based deep blackened eggplant color

Chanel Le Vernis 947 Desir swatch

949 Denude is a semi-sheer beige

Chanel Le Vernis 949 Denude swatch

951 Originel is a cool-toned light-medium camel brown

Chanel Le Vernis 951 Originel swatch

953 Essentiel is also brown, a bit warmer and deeper than Originel

Chanel Le Vernis 953 Essentiel swatch

955 Inspiration is a gorgeous chestnut brown cream

Chanel Le Vernis 955 Inspiration swatch

959 Infinite is a perfect deep chocolate

Chanel Le Vernis 959 Infinite swatch

Chanel Fall 2022 Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colors

All the colors performed well and I think they are all gorgeous. From a distance Desir and Infinite look almost identical, Desir is deeper and darker, Infinite has a bit more warmth. Based on how much I like Inspiration I think there is a very high chance I’ll also order the 957 color. If I do I’ll add the swatch to this post.

For those who want to know my current hand/nail care routine, it’s pretty much the same as what I have in my Hand and Nail Care Routine Favorites. I’ve also since added the Chanel L’Huile Camelia and Hermes Nail Oil to my routine.

Will you be checking out the new neutrals? What shades catch your eye?

New shades available now online at

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