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Best Chanel Le Vernis Neutrals + Soft Shades for Spring

January 23, 2020

Best Chanel Le Vernis Neutrals

By popular request I’m rounding up my favorite Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Polish neutrals! This has been one of my favorite nail polish formulas as long as I can remember. I’ve been a fan through several reformulations and love the colors they launch. I’ve also added a few other softer mauves and purples I think are nice for spring with swatch comparisons.

Most of these you can still find now at and most retailers, although some colors are limited-edition and are harder to find (like Afterglow and Chicness). Organdi is the one I wear the most and also the shade I get the most compliments on. A lot of you wanted swatch comparisons to see the different undertones and depth.

Below left to right is: Blanc White 548, Afterglow 703, Organdi 504, Bleached Mauve 646, Daydream 735, Chicness 612 (discontinued, from cruise 2018), Purple Ray 709 and Mirage 739

Best Chanel Nail Polish Neutrals via The Beauty Look Book

Chanel Le Vernis Swatches

Swatches and comparisons on the nails, each swatch has 2 coats except Blanc White has 3 coats. All still available at

Chanel Blanc White, Organdi, Bleached Mauve and Daydream

Chanel Nail Polish Blanc White, Organdi, Bleached Mauve and Daydream

Below swatch set 2, all available at still except Chicness (discontinued) and Afterglow (but still available at Saks right now):

Chanel Le Vernis New Dawn, Afterglow, Purple Ray, Chicness and Mirage

My top three favorites right now include Organdi (probably my most-worn neutral), Daydream (new for spring-summer 2020) and Afterglow (from cruise 2019).

I like to use these with the Chanel Le Gel Top Coat for extra shine and lasting power. If you apply properly you will find these last a long time. If you’re getting tip wear or chipping, it’s likely you’re not coating the tip enough with polish or the top coat. Just like any paint, when it dries, the product shrinks so make sure you paint all the way around to the tops. Also note that not all top coats are compatible. For example Seche Vite is a great brand for quick dry top coats, but it runs on the thick side and always shrinks on me no matter what brand of polish I use. As it shrinks it pulls the polish around the edges and causes early tip wear.

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You can find Blanc White 548, Organdi 504, Bleached Mauve 646, Daydream 735, Purple Ray 709 and Mirage 739 available at and all Chanel counters. Afterglow is currently still available at Saks.

Have you tried any of these colors yet? What did you think?


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