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Hermes Lipstick Haul

September 29, 2020

Hermes Lipstick Haul Review and Swatches via The Beauty Look Book

I have a Hermes Lipstick Haul to share today! The launch of three new limited-edition colors combined with numerous messages about this formula pushed me over the edge to splurge on these lipsticks. After extensive testing I have a review and swatches of the Rouge Hermes Lipsticks in three formulas: Satin, Lip Shine and Matte. I ordered all of these sight unseen and am very happy with all the colors I picked.

The Rouge Hermes Lipstick retails for $67 each in the US, however the new limited-edition shades for fall are priced at $72. The lipsticks are refillable and the refills are available at the Hermes website and stores. Each lipstick is cased in a bright orange box and mini canvas-like pouch.

Hermes Lipstick Review and Haul | The Beauty Look Book

Most of the colors I bought far exceeded my expectations. The colors are really pretty, formula is comfortable and lightweight in feel. To me these are unscented but I put them close to my nose and can smell a tiny bit of sweetness but it’s really subtle – I did not notice anything when I applied them. Lasting power is pretty good too! I love the simple and sleek packaging.

I bought 7 shades total in Rose Ombre (satin), Rose Pommette (satin), Rose Nuit (matte), Poppy Lip Shine, Rose Boise (matte), Rose Encens (satin), Beige Tadelakt (satin).

Hermes Lipstick Review Neutral Colors | Sabrina The Beauty Look Book

Swatched below, Rose Nuit and Rose Boise look similar on my arm. Rose Ombre and Rose Encens also are close. The difference is more noticeable on the lips (scroll down for face photos).

Hermes Lipstick swatches neutrals

Rouge Hermes Fall 2020 Shades

Hermes Lipsticks Fall 2020 Rose Ombre, Pommette, Nuit

I think the three colors for fall are the stand outs for me. They are priced higher than the colors in the regular lineup and have different colored bases for the packaging:

  • Rose Ombre (Satin Lipstick) is the prettiest soft pink with a hint of mauve tones, it’s very wearable even though it pulls more cool-toned, I wish they would make this one permanent. It’s a super flattering natural rose color with medium coverage.
  • Rose Pommette (Satin Lipstick) is a brighter rose pink, formula has a subtle sheen to the finish.
  • Rose Nuit (Matte Lipstick) is a velvety warm pink. It’s both muted and bright at the same time on my skin.

The satin formula feels smooth and like second skin. They have a slight sheen to the finish and make the lips look like they have a little gloss/shine to them. The matte in the fall collection has a lightweight feel to it but has full coverage. It glides on seamlessly and has good lasting power.

Fall colors on me, also wearing the Cle de Peau Radiant Fluid Foundation Matte in O40 and Hourglass Mini Unlocked Sculpture Palette.

Hermes Lipstick in Rose Ombre | Sabrina, The Beauty Look Book

Hermes Lipstick in Rose Pommette | Sabrina, The Beauty Look Book

Hermes Lipstick in Rose Nuit | Sabrina, The Beauty Look Book

Neutral Satin and Matte

Hermes Lipstick Beige Tadelakt, Rose Encens, Rose Boise Review

From the regular lineup:

  • Beige Tadelakt (Satin Lipstick) is a peachy soft coral neutral, it’s a creamy warm color that is bright but not too bright.
  • Rose Encens (Satin Lipstick) is a soft muted pink, it is similar to Rose Ombre on my skin, the difference is Rose Encens is more neutral and warmer in color while the fall Rose Ombre pulls more mauve/cool.
  • Rose Boise (Matte Lipstick) is a medium rosewood, this pulls darker and cooler on the skin than Rose Nuit even though the arm swatches look close. For me this one had a little bit of texture in the tube, on the lips it’s still a lightweight smooth matte, I felt the fall matte formula felt a lot better than this one.

Hermes Lipstick Beige Tadelakt

Hermes Lipstick Rose Encens

Hermes Lipstick in Rose Boise Matte

Poppy Lip Shine

Hermes Poppy Lip Shine

Last but not least is a look at the Poppy Lip Shine. This one was sold out for ages and when it popped back online I ordered it immediately. It’s a bright orange in the tube but on my lips it goes on clear with shimmer. Part of me thinks this is an overpriced shine lipstick with shimmer particles. Another part of me loves how it feels lush and semi thick on the lips. The texture is smooth even with the shimmer, I don’t feel any particles or glitter. It does leave a noticeable shine with the shimmer but it’s not over the top. I like it! I just don’t know that I think it’s super special or worth the price.

Hermes Poppy Lip Shine Review

That wraps up my Hermes Lipstick review! As many of you have messaged me I do think these are beautiful and splurge-worthy. I actually thought I had ordered a couple brighter shades and one of the reds, but in the process of moving things around in my cart it seems I ended up with all neutral-ish shades. Every color worked for me. If I had been able to see them in person I would have skipped Rose Boise and the Poppy Lip Shine, although I do think they’re lovely. I like the refill concept – I do wish that the fall colors weren’t limited though, I think they’re the prettiest ones they’ve launched!

If I had to pick my top three, it would be Rose Ombre, Rose Nuit and Beige Tadelakt.

I ordered my lipsticks from Nordstrom and Hermes. Also available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. Have you tried any of these yet? What did you think?


Custom Pro Palette from Mary Kay

January 3, 2019

Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review

I’ve been exploring more beauty brands these last few months and recently had a chance to try out the Mary Kay Chromafusion Collection. As a serious makeup junkie I love large palettes with lots of colors but I find buying them can be tricky. There is usually at least one color that I’m not 100% in love with so being able to create and customize my own palette with colors I know I’ll use is like a dream come true. The Mary Kay Chromafusion Collection offers generously sized magnetic compacts with individual makeup pans that you can pick and choose to create your own custom beauty wardrobe.

Mary Kay Chromafusion Custom Pro Palette Review

The Mary Kay team sent over their entire collection of color options for me to try out. There are different finishes that range from mattes to shimmers. I think the formula is very good – they offer natural medium but buildable coverage. Color range is also pretty nice with colors with great everyday neutrals alongside some bolder options for a smokey eye or more trendy look. Cheek products have a nice colors that will work for a wide range of skin tones. Options include:


Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review

Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review, Eyeshadow, Contour, Highlighter and Blush

Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review

Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review

Formula for both eye and cheek products are smooth and apply well on the skin. There is enough pigment to show up with one swipe and colors blend easily. Lasting power for both the eye shadows and cheek products were excellent. On my normal skin type I found color stayed put all day long from early morning until late evening without budging or fading.

Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review

I put together a few looks while testing these. One of my favorites is worn below. I used my brushes from my own collection alongside other staples for the base, mascara, etc. Chromafusion products worn:

Swatches below with a couple other of my favorites from the colors I tested.

Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review

Mary Kay Chromafusion Pro Palette Review - Custom Palettes

Overall some nice powders that have excellent performance, great color payoff for a natural look and impressive lasting power! I really love when you can customize palettes to pick the colors I know I’ll use. Even better that I can switch things out for different occasions or seasons!

You can find the Mary Kay Chromafusion Collection at



Sponsored by Mary Kay.

Beauty Lips

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick Collection

November 27, 2018

Christian Audette Beauty Professor Lipstick Collection

I’m thrilled to share a peek at a collaboration between Christian Audette and one of my favorite beauty bloggers Rachel from the Beauty Professor. They launched a Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick Collection ($60 for the bundle) with three perfect lipsticks in Elle, a gorgeous neutral-cool pink rose, Golightly, a neutral but bright peach and Johanna a flawless peachy nude. I feel fortunate to call Rachel a dear friend – I still remember the day we met many many years ago 🙂 She’s beautiful both inside and out. I think she’s the mix master with neutral lip combos and has quite the eye for layering products for the perfect lip.

Christian Audette Beauty Professor Lipstick Collection Elle, Golightly and Johanna

The three lipsticks are available exclusively on Christian Audette’s website. This is my first experience trying the brand and I think the best way to describe the formula is that they are classic lipsticks. Elle and Johanna seem more creamy to me while Golightly had a slightly more opaque matte finish. Each one has smooth flawless coverage. It’s medium but buildable. Weightless. No scent or taste. You can see them all on Rachel on her blog post here. Fun fact is that most of the year we are skin twins! We also both naturally tan easily so our coloring changes depending on how much sun we each get even though we are now on opposite coasts. A closer look at each color and then side by sides at the bottom with full face photos.

Elle is truly one of the prettiest cool pinks I’ve ever seen. Anything cool-toned is hard for me to wear (ie Tom Ford Pussycat) with my olive complexion but this has enough warmth that it does not look blue on me. It has a tiny bit of sheen to it but on the lips the shimmer isn’t really visible. It has the perfect creamy finish.

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick in Elle review

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick in Elle review

Golightly is a peach that is neutral but pulls a little bright on my olive skin. It’s a really fun mood lifting color I think would be nice to wear year round.

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick in Golightly review

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick in Golightly review

Johanna is a beautiful peach pink nude that has full coverage, doesn’t look streaky and doesn’t wash me out! It’s a solid winner and I think it would suit a wide range of skintones.

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick in Johanna review

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick in Johanna review

Swatched side by side on the arm and full face:

Christian Audette Beauty Professor Lipstick Collection swatches

Below also wearing:

Christian Audette Beauty Professor Lipstick Collection swatches

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor Lipstick Collection

Overall perfect. The colors are truly flawless as is, you can layer to mix the colors but each tube is perfect alone. I cannot pick a favorite. Each one is unique in its own way. I find the formula is comfortable and non-drying. They’re not really moisturizing lipsticks but I was thrilled to find that they did not dry out my lips at all and that the days after testing my lips felt nice and smooth. Lasting power is average for a lipstick, they’ll last several hours without fading or budging. You can find the Christian Audette x Beauty Professor online at Christian Audette in a $60 bundle. Available for a limited run.

Christian Audette x Beauty Professor lipsticks gifted for review.


Beauty Loving Right Now

Loving Right Now + Giveaway

August 29, 2017

Beauty Favorites August | The Beauty Look Book

I’m back in Florida compiling my photos and notes from my San Francisco trip and hope to have the first travel post up tomorrow. I’ve failed miserably trying to blog and travel at the same time although if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen snippets of our travels. I’m so touched by your comments and recommendations and was even so surprised a few of you recognized me in the city while I was wandering the Union Square area and stopped me to say hello. A quick roundup of some things I’m loving right now and I’m giving away my extras of these in this post to 1 lucky winner. Details on how to enter at the bottom of this post in the widget but a few notes on current favorites.

  1. Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo 2.2 oz (mini) is my favorite dry shampoo, I love the scent and the fact that it doesn’t leave a white cast on my dark hair
  2. Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Eyeshadow Cream in Scintillance (full size) is one of the longest lasting eyeshadows I’ve tried (swatched here)
  3. Laura Mercier Face Illuminators (full size) are among my favorite highlighters, Addiction is shown which is a yellow gold but I really like all the colors
  4. Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks (full size) are a regular staple in my beauty routine, I am obsessed with Rose Gold and Copper
  5. Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask (mini) is another one I really like, I have an extra of this which is why I’m giving it away!
  6. Glossier Wowder Brush is such a great synthetic pink brush, I love the little zip pouch it comes with too
  7. Tatcha The Essence (mini 20 ml) is the best essence I’ve tried, it works in a wide range of climates for me and helps keep skin plump and hydrated, it’s lightweight but effective – I notice a difference when I stop using it! (Individual travel size is sold out, but you can find it in their sets)
  8. Tatcha Sheet Mask (full size, x1) a classic no-fuss mask that adds the perfect amount of hydration
  9. 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask (full size, x1) hands down the best sheet mask I’ve tried (review soon, but I already bought 2 boxes)
  10. NARS Velvet Lip Glide (full size) is one of the best velvet lip products I’ve tried – it’s great for those who don’t like the liquid lip trend but still want to try something with a velvety finish
  11. Glossier Pouch is something I carry with me frequently – they’re good throw in the bag things and the bubbles help protect compacts, the zipper isn’t the best and often breaks on me but I still like them
  12. Truffle Clarity Clutch in Black (small) you ladies know I love these clear zip pouches, they go with me everywhere!

To enter my giveaway simply enter through the Rafflecopter widget below, perform at least 1 of the entry tasks.

  • It’s open internationally but you must be 18 years or older to qualify.
  • Giveaway will run through Monday September 4th at 11:45 PM EST.
  • I’ll select 1 winner at random through the widget and e-mail them for their contact info within 24 hours after giveaway ends.
  • Winner must respond within 24 hours otherwise another winner will be selected in their place.
  • Note all entries are subject to verification. Giveaway not affiliated or sponsored with anyone.
  • 1 winner will receive 1 of each item listed: Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (mini 2.2 oz), Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream Shadow in Scintillance, Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Addiction, Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick Full Size (winner’s choice), Christophe Robin Mini Regenerating Mask, Glossier Wowder Brush, Tatcha Essence (mini 20 ml size), Tatcha Sheet Mask (x1), 111SKIN Biol Cellulose Sheet Mask (x1), NARS Velvet Lip Glide (full size, winner’s choice), Glossier Pouch, Truffle Clarity Clutch Black Small.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Beauty Skincare

Coconut Love with Kopari Hydrating Multitaskers

August 23, 2017

Kopari Coconut Melt, Milk, Oil and Scrub | The Beauty Look Book

I first discovered the Kopari Coconut Melt earlier this spring and as the ultimate coconut lover I feel like it was made for me. It’s a simple multitasking product you can use in a number of ways on the face, hair and body and it has been a skin savior for me since relocating to the east coast with the Florida. The water, heat, ocean and pools have all contributed to drying out my skin. Regular use of the Coconut Melt helps restore my skin to a better hydrated state and keeps it looking smooth and glowing without being greasy. I’ve teamed up with Kopari to try and review some of their other body products.

Kopari Beauty Coconut Melt and Body Line | The Beauty Look Book

Kopari Coconut | The Beauty Look Book

Up first is the Coconut Melt which I’ve already been using and love. It’s not your standard grocery store grade coconut oil – yes, coconut oil is coconut oil, but according to Kopari there is a difference between oils depending on where they are sourced and how they are harvested. There’s also a difference in how the melt is made with the straining process. The Coconut Melt is free of silicones, sulfates, parabens and GMOs. It’s also cased in a sturdy glass jar. A little goes a long way and I usually need to give it around 5 to 10 minutes to let it soak in with the amount I use. For day I use a little less but I also like to use it at night before I go to sleep. It has worked wonders to restore moisture to my skin and keep it from drying out with the Florida heat.

Other recommended ways to use this coconut oil:

  • Hair Mask – recommended you leave it on for 40 minutes or sleep on it overnight, I’ve tried it as a mask and it does hydrate the hair
  • Body Moisturizer – they recommend you apply on damp skin to lock in moisture, I find it works on both damp and dry skin
  • Makeup remover – I did not know you could use this to remove eye makeup and it works! I apply a little on a q-tip and it helps remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup
  • Dry shave oil
  • Bath boost
  • Under eye moisturizer
  • Baby butter
  • Belly balm

Kopari Coconut Melt Review | The Beauty Look Book

The full size comes with a scooper. Consistency can change with temperature so if you’re in a hot humid area like me it can liquefy. It will go back to a harder state once it reaches room temperature.

Kopari Coconut Melt Review | The Beauty Look Book

It also comes in a mini with their cute Coconut Multitasking Kit. A quick look at the full size Coconut Melt compared to the Multitasking Kit minis which are super cute and a nice way to try multiple items.

Kopari Coconut Melt Full Size vs Set Minis

The Coconut Crush Scrub is a super hydrating body scrub with brown sugar and Tahitian coconut shells to buff all the dead dry skin off. This is also silicone-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and GMO free. It has a very sweet coconut vanilla milk kind of scent. It’s one of those oil-infused scrubs that leave the skin coated with a layer of moisture that you can feel in the shower. I love body scrubs and use this one about once a week – it’s definitely one of the most hydrating ones. They recommend you buff it onto dry skin and rinse but I’ve used it on both dry and wet skin and it works well either way.

Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub Review | The Beauty Look Book

Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub Review | The Beauty Look Book

Kopari Coconut | The Beauty Look Book

The Coconut Body Milk and Coconut Body Oil both have a sweeter scent to them while the Coconut Melt has the most natural coconut scent. These are other ways to incorporate coconut oil into your body routine in case the melt isn’t quite your thing formula-wise. The Body Milk is a creamy lotion that in a milk-lotion format. It’s rich in hydration but not greasy. It smells like a sugar, coconut and vanilla blend. There is a nice velvety dry down to it.

The Body Oil is a spray and it’s a dry oil that is a more lightweight option for those who just want a little bit of hydration. It has a sweet gardenia scent to it that transports me to a vacation state of mind. This leaves the skin smooth and naturally glowy.

Coconut Body Milk and Body Oil

A look at the body milk texture straight out of the bottle. Oil not shown because it’s clear.

Coconut Body Milk

Kopari Beauty Coconut Melt and Body Line | The Beauty Look Book

Bottom line wonderful. I’m a huge fan of the Coconut Melt and it continues to be my personal favorite from the Kopari items I’ve tried. The scrub is a wonderful discovery with the hydrating element. The oil is a nice lightweight and less messy alternative as it comes with a spray. The milk is the more traditional moisturizer formula which is best if you want a nice velvety dry down.

Shop the post:

Have you tried anything from Kopari before? What did you think? Any favorites? If not what is your current go-to body moisturizer or oil?

Sponsored by Kopari.

Beauty Beauty Favorites Roundup

Five Summer Beauty Loves

July 2, 2017

Summer Beauty Essentials | The Beauty Look Book

I love the summer sunshine and warm weather. It’s one of the main reasons we picked Florida to move to from San Diego because we really just love the sun. I’m especially fond of summer for beauty because bronzer is in and even though I wear it year round, I’m always looking forward to new formulas and colors. There are quite a few new summer launches that I’ve been loving – if I made a comprehensive list it would be quite long. Many of you want a super edited version so I’ve picked my top five summer beauty essentials to share today.

Summer Beauty Lovin' | The Beauty Look Book

Shown above: Towel // Sunglasses // Sandals // Stripe Pouch // Replica Beach Walk // Supergoop! Sunscreen Mousse // Tory Burch Bel Azur Fragrance // Clarins Lip Oils // Guerlain Ultra Shine Bronzer // Shorts // Swimsuit

My five simple summer beauty must-haves include:

  • A good body oil – I just did a roundup of summer body oils for soft glowing skin, of course right after I did my testing Maison Margiela launched a Replica Beach Walk Dry Body Oil (thanks to one of my readers Lori for putting this on my radar!). I still really love my top picks as mentioned in my previous post, but Beach Walk is a summer beach vacation in a bottle. This one has a salty more beachy feel compared to the fragrance version. I think the two layered together makes for the ultimate summer combo. The Dry Oil feels silky smooth on the skin and is nicely hydrating. Also huge plus it comes with a spritzer! Notes include Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Coconut Milk, Heliotrope, Musk, Cedarwood, Benzoin. There’s also a Body Lotion and Shower Gel version too.
  • An everyday sunscreen – my go-to winning brand this summer is Supergoop! with a tie between the Sunscreen Mousse and Everyday Sunscreen. I carry both in my purse almost all the time (I alternate between the two and they both come in travel sizes). Both have SPF 50 and are easy to reapply. I find it impossible to stay out of the sun here in Florida and sun protection is a must. Both have been really good at preventing the burn and protecting skin. Review here and here if you want more info.
  • Summer fragrance – I’ll do a roundup of the best summer smells soon, Tory Burch just launched a new fragrance called Bel Azur and it’s just beautiful. It comes in a few sizes. It has a light fresh and sweet combination with a bright feel. Notes include Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon, Neroli, Pink Peppercorn, Peony, Patchouli Heart, Vetiver Heart, Cedarwood Oil. I notice peony and neroli a lot in this one.
  • Lip moisturizer – I’m a lip balm junkie and I’ve been really loving the Clarins Lip Oils. They have a nice lush feel and are super easy to just swipe and go. They launched new shades this spring including two that will change color with your lip chemistry. In case you missed it, review and swatches in this post. There are 7 shades total now. They give the lips just a slight tint of color.
  • Bronzer – I’ll forever be loyal to Edward Bess’s Daydream as my holy grail, but this season I’ve also been loving the Becca Sunlit Bronzers and Guerlain Terracotta Ultra Shine Bronzer. For the Guerlain one I have to say Cafe Makeup made me do it. We both stopped by the Guerlain counter during our beauty trip in New York earlier this spring. It rained in the city the day we met up but it didn’t stop us from going all around town to scout out the best in beauty. The artists put this on her at Bergdorfs and it just made her skin glow in a naturally beautiful way! This one is really gorgeous.

Also not beauty-related, but to date the best summer sandal splurge I’ve made are the Tory Burch Miller flip flops. They are really quite expensive but 100% worth the splurge. I wear them everywhere and am a bit embarrassed to admit how many different colors I’ve bought by now but they’re really comfortable and they make wearing flip flops fashionable.

To celebrate summer beauty, I’m giving away 4 $100 eGift Cards to your choice of Nordstrom or Sephora. It’s open internationally but you must enter through the widget below and be 18 years or older. Full details listed in the Terms and Conditions:

  • Four separate people will be selected at random to win a $100 eGift Card to Nordstrom or Sephora
  • Giveaway runs from 7/2/2017 to 7/10/2017 11:45 PM EST
  • Open internationally
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Enter by using at least 1 of the steps provided in the widget
  • Winners will be selected at random and e-mailed by 7/12/2017
  • You must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be selected
  • Winners will be announced on this widget in this post once selected
  • Giveaway not sponsored or affiliated

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tory Burch Fragrance, Beach Towel Sunglasses, Clarins Lip Oils, Supergoop! Sunscreen gifted.



Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017

Venus Et Fleur Eternity Roses | the beauty look book

Just wanted to wish my lovely readers a lovely Valentine’s Day! Hoping your day today (and everyday as well) is filled with love. This year my husband surprised me with one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever received, a box of Venus Et Fleur Eternity roses. They’re supposed to last an entire year! I’m over the moon as my husband is usually one for giving practical gifts. For Christmas he bought us a new vaccuum the iRobot Roomba 980 as a gift for us, lol. For those wondering if it’s worth the extra price over the cheaper models, hands down yes it is.

There are a lot of rose box options you can pick from Venus Et Fleur. They have round and square box options and you can pick colors of roses for each arrangement – unfortunately the round ones are only available for delivery in NY (at least right now). These are real roses from Ecuador – they appear to have a light coating sprayed on them which is what I suspect helps keep them alive for an entire year, but according to their site they use a special method to keep color and freshness. No water is needed – all you need to do is keep them away from direct sunlight and at normal temperatures (card says 60 to 70 degrees).

I’m obsessed with the colors my husband picked out because when it comes to girly stuff he really has no idea about colors or things like that. A look at the roses – it’s a box of perfection!

Venus Et Fleur Roses Valentine's Day | The Beauty Look Book

New beauty post to follow very soon within the next hour or so. Hope your day is special whether you have a significant other or are single! xoxo