Armani Neo Nude Collection Review

June 7, 2018

Armani Neo Nude Collection Review and Swatches

The Armani Neo Nude Collection launched earlier this spring exclusive to Nordstrom and Giorgio Armani Beauty. This collection hands down has been the most requested review in my entire blogging life! It’s taken me a while to compile this as pieces sold out so it took me a long time to track enough down for a review. At the time this post is going live everything has restocked at Nordstrom!

The entire collection is focused on creating that no makeup makeup look with a luminous sheer glow. To me the vibe is similar to that of the Chanel Les Beiges 2018 launch. Each has their own unique take on what they wanted to focus on. If you like natural makeup this Armani Neo Nude collection is going to be right up your alley.

What I have been playing with:

A-Line Highlighter + Blush

Up first are the cheek products. The products are called Neo Nude A-Line which Armani calls complexion enhancing watercolor makeup. These are water-based liquid colors that blend seamlessly into the skin for a glowing complexion. I tried the A-Blush and A-Highlighter.

Armani Neo Nude A-Highlighter 11, A-Blush 30 and 50

I tried one A-Highlighter 11 which is a soft champagne for a very natural glow and two A-Blushes 30 is a peach and 50 is a pink. All blend out and sheer out quite a bit for a barely there tint. I’ve done face swatches where I had to layer quite a bit to get the color to show in a photograph with flash. In real life you can see the tint better with just a few dabs and blending. It won’t disrupt powder or foundation if you apply on top. They blend nicely but do not have the texture or finish like a cream blush so these lasted on my skin a lot longer!

Armani Neo Nude A-Highlighter 11, A-Blush 30 and 50 swatches

The highlighter barely shows up on my skin but in person it gives a very natural glow. The blushes give a natural tint of color. Given how much they sheer out I think I would have had no problem ordering the darker ones sight unseen but wanted to play it safe. By comparison the Glossier Cloud Paints give a similar finish in terms of pigment. The NARS Liquid Blush will give a more opaque buildable cheek look. I skipped the contours as I’m not really into contours. Given how these blended I think I may give them another look, but for now I’m sticking with my Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel to contour.

Ecstasy Balm

Next are the Ecstasy Balms which are supposed to enhance your natural lip color. Shades are 1 a light pink, 2 a sheer coral, 3 a soft plum. Color-wise they are very very sheer. Formula wise they feel nicely hydrating without feeling thick or goopy.

Armani Ecstasy Balm review and swatches neo nude collection

On me they didn’t change or alter my lips like the Dior Addict Lip Glows. The Armani Ecstasy Balms are essentially sheer balms with a very tiny bit of tint to them. They feel extremely comfortable and hydrating. If you really want that no makeup makeup look you will like these. I think for summer it’s nice to have one. For more color you might want to opt for the Chanel Les Beiges Balms from this season or the YSL Tint-In-Balms or even the YSL Volupte Liquid Colour Balms.

Swatches below, on the lips they are done on bare lips:

Armani Ecstasy Balm review and swatches neo nude collection

Armani Ecstasy Balm review and swatches neo nude collection

Fusion Powder

Last but definitely not least are the Neo Nude Compact Foundations. Just as an FYI my compacts have these labeled as Neo Nude Fusion Powders so in case you see both names online know they are the same. I ordered shades sight unseen. My Luminous Silk Powder Foundation shade has been #4 for as long as I can remember. The shades in the powder line have gaps and many of them are pink-toned. Since powder and foundation or the combination can oxidize on my skin I often go slightly lighter if I cannot find an exact match because the blending always adjusts the color.

Armani Neo Nude Compact Foundation Fusion Powder

I can get away with all options I ordered in 4, 5.5 and 6.5 all over the face. However 5.5 is the best match even though it does have a slightly pinkish undertone in the compact. It is sheer enough and my tan has enough warmth that it works and blends in seamlessly, but if I could have my pick my best shade match would most likely be 6 which they do not make. The Armani Neo Nude powders are finely milled with a natural luminous sheen similar to that of the Laura Mercier Candleglow Powders (difference is the LM ones are baked and have different undertones). The Neo Nude Powders blur away fine lines and pores and makes my skin look glowing without shine. I have no idea if these are limited edition but they are so nice I’m ordering backups right now.

A closer look at the texture of #4 and then swatches of all the colors I have. These are 2 tiered like the powder foundation, there is a compartment underneath for a brush that you can use for touchups. I prefer to use a regular powder brush to apply all over. My favorites of the moment are the Laura Mercier Blending Brush and MAC 140S.

Armani Neo Nude Compact Foundation Fusion Powder 4


Armani Neo Nude Compact Foundation Fusion Powder Review 4, 5.5 and 6.5 swatches


Beauty Looks

Two looks with each blush and two different lip combos, wearing:

Armani Neo Nude A-Blush 30 + Ecstasy Balm 1

Look 2 below, same as above, only differences are:

Armani Neo Nude A-Blush 50 + Ecstasy Balm 2

Bottom line love. I really did not think I would love another natural makeup collection as much as I did Chanel Les Beiges but the Armani Neo Nude is really beautiful. Collections are similar but different as they have a different focus and different formulas.

I think every item I tried with the Armani Neo Nude is outstanding. I would say that the Ecstasy Balms are not the most exciting since they are so sheer it’s hard for me to justify the price. Yet I’m still happy with them and think they’re great for a truly effortless tint + shine. Plus they feel nice on the lips. If you already own a lot of tinted balms or want more color, skip these. The Neo Nude Powder is a must-have if you can find a good match. A quick look a the counter showed there were quite a few shade options. They are sheer enough that you don’t need an exact match. The Blushes and Highlighters are perfect although I do think they can be duplicated with other shades from NARS or Glossier. I like the Armani ones because of the finish – the humidity is rising here but I have high hopes since these aren’t creams that they will last through the heat.

You can find the Armani Neo Nude Collection at Nordstrom and Giorgio Armani Beauty. I highly recommend checking the collection out.

All items purchased by me except the A-Highlighter and A-Blushes which were press samples.

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