Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Collection

July 6, 2010

This post is for one of my readers Jo Ann, a fellow Chanel Nail Polish collector, she was kind enough to search for shades I did not have from Asia during her recent business travels. I apologize to her, but this has been a few months delayed. She hoped I would feature an updated post on my Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish collection in order to try and figure out which shades she was missing. Upon returning from her trip, I heard she brought back over 20 bottles (Chanel + Dior) 🙂 Many were for her friends. One was for me. I was ecstatic (it was Magnolia Rose which I had missed out on years ago).

I never thought this would happen, but I’ve recently run out of space for my Chanel Nail Polishes in my nail polish rack. There are now four lone bottles without their own space. I need an intervention, but don’t really want one. Most of these shades were limited edition from past seasons. Chanel is the brand that set off my interest in nail polishes. The formulas weren’t always great quality (in my opinion). I can’t remember the exact year, perhaps it was the early 2000’s was the time Chanel revamped their formulas. My first two were Le Perle (see dupes here) and Vamp (see swatches here). Some of the shades are from Canada, Europe and Asia, so US girls might not recognize or remember all the shades being released here in the US. This is definitely not comprehensive of all the shades that have been released in the US.

* Blanc Petale & White Satin swatched here

* Django swatched here
* Jasmine & Inattendu swatched here

* Jade Rose swatched here
* Perle Rosee swatched here

* Tendresse swatched here
* Pink Satin swatched here

* Mistral swatched here
* Cry Baby swatched here

* Rose Paradise swatched here

* Violette & Lilac Sky swatched here
* Paradoxal swatched here
* Vendetta & Feu de Russie swatched here

* Diabolic, Forbidden, Rouge Noir & Vamp here

* Blue Satin & Nuit de Russie swatched here

* Antilope & Trapeze swatched here
* Particuliere swatched here

* Illusion D’Or, Gold Lame & Golden Sand swatched here

* Riviera & Nouvelle Vague swatched here
* Riviera dupes here
* Orange Blossom swatched here

* Dragon swatched here
* Coromandel swatched here

* Tokyo Happening Collection

I may have missed a few swatch links. Also, I haven’t always photographed every mani/pedi I’ve had in the past year. I’ll try to include more in the future. Do you have any favorite Chanel Nail Colors?

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