Chanel Paradoxal 509 Le Vernis Nail Colour

June 28, 2010
The Chanel Fall 2010 collection is trickling in stores and finally arrived at a Neimans near me. Among the things I picked up, the most anticipated item for me was the new Paradoxal 509 Nail Polish. I saw it featured by Jen at Beauty Moogle and fellow Chanel fan Leslieal sent me pics of it swatched on her. It’s an odd shade because it looks so different depending on what lighting your fingers are in making it a bit difficult to tell what it really looks like. If you’ve seen the photos on the web you may be wondering, “so which photo is the most accurate?” My answer is: they all seem to be accurate, it just depends on what light you’re in.

In the bottle Paradoxal is a greyed mauve plum with visible purple shimmer. On the nails, the shimmer disappears, much like Vendetta (Spring 2009) and Jade Rose (featured here) which has been repromoted with the fall collection. In the sunlight there is a subtle sheen to the polish but from arm’s length, it appears to be a flat-cream finish. The formula and finish on this shade is pretty good. I was able to get a full color application with 2 coats. While I would have liked the shimmer to be more visible, I did like that it applied smoothly without streaks. I took a number of photos in different lighting:

Swatches all applied with 2 coats, no topcoat:

Photo with high flash:

Photographed in artificial light:

This is what the color looks like in natural light:

Compared to NARS Tokaïdo Express & Chanel Vendetta 483:

Artificial light (shimmer is not as visible):

With high flash (shimmers visible here):

Outdoors, natural light:

I found the collection at Neimans, but I’ve also heard reports that it’s available at Macy’s. My Nordstrom and Macy’s both said they weren’t expecting the shipment until right before July 4th. So those still trying to hunt the collection down – it will most likely be in store near you within the next week.

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