Les Pop-Up De Chanel Summer 2010 Picks

April 9, 2010
*Updated with a few swatches + descriptions* Les Pop-Up De Chanel has hit counters with a very bright and summery collection. The damage from Saks:
  • Mistral Le Vernis – soft pink with tiny micro multi-glitters (very subtle)
  • Nouvelle Vague Le Vernis – surf blue with a subtle pearl
  • Riviera Le Vernis – hot fuschia
  • Bondi Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lipshine – soft peachy coral shimmer
  • Bondi Beach Aqualumiere Gloss – gorgeous iridescent peach-gold-glow
  • Bikini Peach Glossimer – soft pinky-peach with shimmer

Close Ups of the Nail Polishes:

My fingers feel like the came from the 80’s or like they belong in a gumball machine.

Comparisons to some other Chanel colors: Ming, Jade, Azur, Melrose

Lipstick + Lipglosses:

Summer Gloss Comparisons to MAC Love Nectar, MAC Sublime Shine, Armani #1, and Chanel Sesame:

Lipstick comparisons to: Como, Lily Beige, Cancun

Overall thoughts: You all know I’m a die-hard Chanel fan, but this collection seemed a bit lacking. The collection seemed a bit uncoordinated. There weren’t any new blushes or eyeshadows which I was hoping for. The bronzers seemed a bit unoriginal. The lips had a good balance of bright and neutral, of course I picked up the neutrals and I am completely obsessed with both Bondi Lipstick and Bondi Beach Gloss!

Bikini Peach Glossimer is nice, but is similar to Sesame Glossimer, just a bit deeper in color.

The nail polishes are not must-haves in my opinion, although I do love Riviera which I think will be cute on the toes. Of course I got them because I collect Chanel nail polishes. The formula of these 3 summer colors are incredible and applied like a dream. I didn’t really need 2 coats, but decided to do it anyways because my application was sloppy. At this time, I don’t have any idea how or when I will be pulling off the Nouvelle Vague. I still have yet to brave the Jade color on tips or toes. But at least they both look nice in my vanity.

Being the Chanel fan that I am, I was still able to find some items I liked. The collection as a whole just didn’t wow me as much as past seasons have. The sheer glosses were interesting – I already had a few Fluo Glosses from a previous collection and haven’t used those much because they were just so sheer. However, the new ones seemed to have more color due to their brightness.

If Neimans has a good Incircle GWP, I might consider picking the other glosses up. Saks’ Triple Points GWP was less than thrilling with a mini lifting cream, No 5 body cream mini and a mini mascara. Hardly worth the $150 minimum. Thankfully my SA threw in a few other goodies and extras that she could gather, but this time I had to actually ask.

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