Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Collection

July 6, 2010

This post is for one of my readers Jo Ann, a fellow Chanel Nail Polish collector, she was kind enough to search for shades I did not have from Asia during her recent business travels. I apologize to her, but this has been a few months delayed. She hoped I would feature an updated post on my Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish collection in order to try and figure out which shades she was missing. Upon returning from her trip, I heard she brought back over 20 bottles (Chanel + Dior) ๐Ÿ™‚ Many were for her friends. One was for me. I was ecstatic (it was Magnolia Rose which I had missed out on years ago).

I never thought this would happen, but I’ve recently run out of space for my Chanel Nail Polishes in my nail polish rack. There are now four lone bottles without their own space. I need an intervention, but don’t really want one. Most of these shades were limited edition from past seasons. Chanel is the brand that set off my interest in nail polishes. The formulas weren’t always great quality (in my opinion). I can’t remember the exact year, perhaps it was the early 2000’s was the time Chanel revamped their formulas. My first two were Le Perle (see dupes here) and Vamp (see swatches here). Some of the shades are from Canada, Europe and Asia, so US girls might not recognize or remember all the shades being released here in the US. This is definitely not comprehensive of all the shades that have been released in the US.

* Blanc Petale & White Satin swatched here

* Django swatched here
* Jasmine & Inattendu swatched here

* Jade Rose swatched here
* Perle Rosee swatched here

* Tendresse swatched here
* Pink Satin swatched here

* Mistral swatched here
* Cry Baby swatched here

* Rose Paradise swatched here

* Violette & Lilac Sky swatched here
* Paradoxal swatched here
* Vendetta & Feu de Russie swatched here

* Diabolic, Forbidden, Rouge Noir & Vamp here

* Blue Satin & Nuit de Russie swatched here

* Antilope & Trapeze swatched here
* Particuliere swatched here

* Illusion D’Or, Gold Lame & Golden Sand swatched here

* Riviera & Nouvelle Vague swatched here
* Riviera dupes here
* Orange Blossom swatched here

* Dragon swatched here
* Coromandel swatched here

* Tokyo Happening Collection

I may have missed a few swatch links. Also, I haven’t always photographed every mani/pedi I’ve had in the past year. I’ll try to include more in the future. Do you have any favorite Chanel Nail Colors?

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  • What an aaaawesome collection!! I have maybe 13 chanels and sad to say I haven't used them all yet ๐Ÿ™ chanels are special in my book ๐Ÿ™‚

  • OMG…this is so lovely n organised! Even the CHANEL guys won't have it all…:)
    Beautiful collection….

  • I remember my first Chanel, and it's still on I like: it was the infamous Rouge Noir and I about 20 years old.

    This year I passed on Particuliรจre, because I have a lot of similar shades already, but I did get Inattendu and I like it a lot – even though I would usually pick very bright or very dark colors for my nails.

  • em

    woah! I'm not much of a polish girl, too unco! so I just do my toes. but your collection is just wow!

  • Drools all over keyboard…~~~ fantastic collection!!!

  • I have died and gone to heaven!! This is the most amazing collection of chanel nail polishes!!

    My favourite chanel is vendetta and rouge noir. Pink satin was my very first chanel nail polish…unfortunately for some reason, its no longer pink on my hands but have turned strange peach shade!

  • Anonymous

    Great. Wow. Ohh thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Greeting from Germany,

  • Wow! Your collection is gorgeous!

  • *drools* this is beautiful! It's so organized and pretty!

  • This is crazy, but I love it!

  • Wow, that is an impressive collection!
    My first Chanel was Particuliere, and that is the shade that made me felt in love with Chanel nailpolishes. I recently added Nouvelle vague (one of my favorites, with Rococo Stone Cold Karma), and Paradoxal.

  • plain crazy but so organized. love it! would be interesting to visit your place. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Thanks for sharing your awesome collection! I had a 1998 (or so) Chanel polish just like Paradoxal and I wish I remembered the name and number ๐Ÿ™

  • Thanks!!

  • Robyn

    This might be my favorite BLB post ever! And I LOVE your blog!

  • Ava

    Oh, I'm so jealous! What a beautiful collection. How do you find out when Chanel has released new Asia-only or Europe-only colors?

  • i think i've stopped breathing!

  • Anonymous

    "I need an intervention, but don't really want one."

    I adore you! Thanks for the pics, girl.

    Leslieal ๐Ÿ˜€

  • absolutely eye candy!

  • wow i just did a post on my chanel nail polish stash and i must say it can't even compare to yours. i didn't even know they came out with so many colors! beauuuutiful! omg, and you have jade too!!! ooh la laaaa!

  • baller! i don't own any yet, but… someday… ๐Ÿ˜€

    to best answer your question, if i were to have collected as you did i imagine my favorite could be riviera, though the last four look exciting, too. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • *picks up chin from floor* Lovely

  • OMG !! You have more than my local counter!!

  • Lisa

    Be still my heart!! OMG, you know I love your blog, but this maybe one of my favorite posts of all time.
    I do believe my first Chanel was the first version of Vamp- my first exposure to the frenzy of LE HTF cosmetics way back in 1994 in the height of the Pulp Fiction frenzy. I think I found that bottle the other day at my mother's house, along with the early version of Cosmic Violine.
    There are so many I regret either passing on (Kaleidoscope, Cobra) or throwing away (Night Sky!). I hate to say, now I just buy almost all of them, so I don't have to kick myself later. LOL
    About 15 years ago, I went through several bottles of the most perfect light sheer beige polish- I could have sworn it was called Beige de Chanel. I'd love to find it again!
    Thanks for such a great post- both for showing us those gorgeous polishes and for bringing back such great memories. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love the photo of your Chanel polish collection! Hmm.. the old packaging ain't so nice. The one where the cap is smaller than the bottle and has ridges.

  • OMG! MY EYES! The best Chanel np collection EVER!!!

  • What a beautiful collection!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! That's amazing!! Where did you get the display case?

  • Connie


    does the display sit on top of your ikea cabinets?

  • Lisa

    Oooooh, now THAT turned my head! I kept the image of the entire Chanel collection – not for any dishonourable reason – but simply too admire. Immaculate and desirable! Lisa

  • Anonymous

    Wow I love your blog and that is an amazing collection! Can you tell me what the white frosty color n/p is in the last pic? I used to have a chanel color exactly like this, threw out the bottle years ago when it was running out, and since forgot the name. I have been looking for it everywhere….can you tell me if you know the name? I love all those shimmery colors at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

  • wow you are amazing for doing this!!

  • Hi ladies, sorry for the delay in responding. I'll try to answer the questions, if I missed one please e-mail me.

    Resham + RMcandlelight – Chanels are special to me too. Don't know why exactly. But I love the colors they release.

    Musing on Beauty – Rouge Noir is pretty, but I don't know the whole story behind it being named #18 like Vamp. Granted I've had a few different variations of Vamp. I'm not sure if I have the original one though. I don't know why Particuliere was such a hot shade. Pretty but like you said, kinda ordinary.

    Jojoba – Yes I know it's crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ava – I usually find out about Asia/European colors after the fact. When I see swatches or posts about colors I never heard about in the US. Also, if you check chanel.com – the Asia/Japan/UK/Canada sections sometimes show which colors they have that the US doesn't get.

    Lisa – are there 2 different versions of Cosmic Violine? Hmmm … starts researching. I remember Beige de Chanel. Or Le Beige? I remember exactly which one you are talking about but can't remember the exact name. There was a pink version too. I wish they would bring back colors from past seasons. Like the classic/vintage shades. It would be AWESOME if they did.

    Milktea – the packaging has always been the same. The black cap comes off so you see the smaller ridged cap below.

    Anonymous – I don't remember where I got the display case. It was off one of the nail polish e-tailers. I'm sure if you log onto makeupalley's nail board and search for nail rack they will know more. There are lots of other options. I wish I had researched more first.

    Anonymous 2 – the frosty glittery nail polishes are from the Tokyo Happening collection. It was exclusive to Asia and online chanel.com. They sold out within a couple hours. Luckily I found them at the Chanel Studio at Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza. It's called Lune D'Argent but goes on a clear glitter. Check this post out for more details.


  • Wow! Great collection! I don't think I know anyone who has such huge Chanel nail polish collection! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Holy Cr*p…

    My eyes! My eyes!

    I bought my first Chanel polish when I was fourteen and became addicted.

    Everything from the innovative colours, formulations and deliciously chic packaging seduces me.

    It is impossible to choose a favourite but I have been wearing Particuliรจre, Nouvelle Vague, Riviera and Fire a great deal recently.

    Sarah x

    STYLE SOUK – Fashion and Beauty Blog

  • WOW! that is one impressive collection!

  • Thank you for this post! I'm a big fan of Chanel polishes too, my first one was Metal Argent 96, a present from my Mom when I was younger! Looking at your Chanel collection is INSPIRING! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • There was a recent Milani color group that came out with a dupe for Particular(sp), one for Jade and I THINK a dupe for Jade Rose. It's part of the group that had the Part. dupe… it's got the same shimmer as Jade Rose, but also not very good coverage after 2 coats.

  • I just found the link to this post up on Specktra and I have to say one thing about your collection: WOW!!!

    What an amazing amount of Chanel np's!

  • *plonk* i just fainted from nail polish envy! thanks for sharing