Color Focus: Taupe Eyeshadows

July 20, 2009

Here is a series on some taupe eyeshadows. For me there are numerous shades that could qualify as “taupe”, these mostly range from neutral to cool-toned taupes. For most of the pictures, I’ve included MAC Satin Taupe to help you gauge the colors in comparison to one another. Also note there will be some repeats in some photos!

MAC, Becca & FACE Stockholm Eyeshadows:

MAC Pigments, Paul & Joe Pearl Powder, MAC Solar Bits:

Bobbi Brown Metallic, Bobbi Brown Shimmerwash, Laura Mercier, Scott Barnes Eyeshadows:

Bobbi Brown (some repeats to include Fawn Shimmerwash):

More Laura Mercier & Scott Barnes:

Chantecaille Eyeshadows:

YSL & Chanel Eyeshadows:

Christian Dior, Calvin Klein (original discontinued line), NARS Eyeshadows:

Urban Decay & Giorgio Armani Shadows:

Jouer, Le Metier de Beaute, Shu Uemura & Trish McEvoy:

Better view of Jouer Amaretto & Espresso:

Dior Jazz Club Palette:

Palettes from Lunasol & Dior:

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  • Lina thanks so much for this! I'm so glad to find someone else who owns YSL Mink Brown! It's one of my favorite taupes. Your comparison photos are really helping me reorganize my stash =)

  • ooh I have the Chanel Safari

  • This is awesome! I now have a few more taupes to add to my list! Thanks for the great pictures!!!

  • Great post, everyone loves taupes πŸ™‚ I may have to get Chantecaille's Sel and Meterorite now, great pictures x

  • i knew Elvira surely will visit this post! HAHAHAHA you two are really makeup buddies as far as I can see. very similar taste. πŸ™‚

    i love staring at your stash. everything is so beautiful.

  • by the way,now that i looked at the dior jazz pic, i wonder if i should get it instead of guerlain fall LE quad. your say?

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous taupe collection but where's Shu 945?

  • Jojoba – Thanks for the nice comments! Your question is a hard pick! I'm not really a Guerlain fan, I really prefer Dior. I feel like the Guerlain palette is more universally flattering, but I'm not crazy about the texture of the eyeshadows. If I had to pick one, it would be the Dior.

    For the anonymous comment – I never was able to talk myself into getting Shu 945 until it was discontinued! So I missed the band wagon on that! Wish I hadn't b/c there's nothing exactly like it.

  • Lovely taupe montage : ) Will need to keep this handy for when I'm shopping for taupe next…

  • WOW – that is an absolutely beautiful collection of taupes!

  • I love your taupe collection! especially Dior's Irisdescent Leather quad & those Laura Mercier shadow – love!

    Here is a taupe recommendation for you, seems like you are missing some good matte taupes!

    I highly recommend Benefit's matte eyeshadow in Moody: