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Chantecaille Holiday Precious Metal Collection 2023

October 23, 2023

Chantecaille Holiday Precious Metal Collection 2023

Holiday beauty is here in full swing and today I have a look at the Chantecaille Precious Metal Collection for Holiday 2023. I picked up four of the items from the collection and have a review + swatches today. I believe everything is in limited-edition packaging although you can find the gloss shade in the regular standard packaging. I haven’t paid much attention to previous holiday collections so I’m not entirely sure if any of these are repromotes but they’re all new to me.

Chantecaille Holiday Precious Metal Collection 2023 swatches

Precious Gold Illuminating Powder

Chantecaille launched a beautiful gold highlighter this season called the Precious Gold Illuminating Powder ($102). It has a super fine shimmer with a soft gold champagne glow. I think it’s just absolutely stunning – it blends beautifully on the skin for a flattering radiant look. Pigment is easy to layer and blend. The finish is very smooth and doesn’t emphasize pores. The color itself looks like it can be easily duped but I love the undertone and finish. I’m not in love with the price, even with the special limited-edition packaging. I do think it’s one I can see myself wearing a lot.

Chantecaille Precious Gold Illuminating Powder

Chantecaille Precious Gold Illuminating Powder

Above wearing:

Radiant Gold Eye Shimmer in Gold Leaf

Chantecaille Radiant Gold Eye Shimmer in Gold Leaf

The one product that seems to have the most buzz is the Radiant Gold Eye Shimmer in Gold Leaf ($68). In the compact it has a stripe pattern with a pink and gold shimmer. The pink is an overspray and underneath you have a duo-chrome pink, gold, orange kind of shimmer. It has a stunning pink gold shimmer perfect for a party look.

I love a good sparkle topper shadow and have quite a few favorites that are even more glitzy than this one. For some reason I find this one a little too sparkly and glittery for my taste. It photographs beautifully and on camera it looks absolutely stunning. In real life it’s too glitzy for me, but I may be the only person who thinks this. Every review I’ve seen and read is glowing – so if you love a good sparkly pink gold eye look, definitely check it out at your local counter if you can.

Swatches below to some other Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shades and also a couple similar options in cream format to the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eyeshadow in Incandescent and Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Sunlit Gold.

Chantecaille eyeshadow swatch comparisons

Lip Cristal in Rose Quartz

The Lip Cristal in Rose Quartz ($52) also has so much buzz it’s pretty much sold out everywhere. This one is a beautiful frosted mauve shimmer with a sparkling overspray on the exterior. It’s beautiful for sure and the color is pigmented and eye catching with the frost. I found this one too frosty for my taste and I’m can’t really pinpoint the exact reason why I’m not a fan of this on me. I think the metallic finish is a bit too sharp and harsh on my skin and lip tone. It reminds me of a cooler-toned version of MAC “O” Frost Lipstick. You can definitely soften the frost by adding a bit of gloss on top.

Chantecaille Lip Cristal in Rose Quartz

Chantecaille Lip Cristal in Rose Quartz

Brilliant Lip Gloss in Blithe

Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss in Blithe

Last we have a look at the Brilliant Lip Gloss in Blithe ($40). This is available in the regular standard packaging for their gloss. It’s a very sheer milky pink with golden shimmer. It offers high shine with a smooth texture. Pigment is barely there but you can get a subtle milky pink glow with this.

Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss in Blithe

Chantecaille Holiday Precious Metal Collection 2023

Overall I think the collection offers a beautiful cohesive look for holiday. The stand out for me is the Precious Gold Illuminating Powder even if it’s not super unique and incredibly expensive. I think it’s very flattering in the undertone and shimmer.

The other items are beautiful, especially for any upcoming holiday parties or if you want to add some extra glam and sparkle to your life. For me the gloss pulls too sheer to justify the splurge. The lipstick is a pass for me. The eyeshadow is something I feel I can save for special dressy occasions but not a must for me.

Have you checked out the Chantecaille Holiday collection? What did you think? I’m curious to hear what you thought about the shimmers in this launch!

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I bought mine from Nordstrom. Also available at Chantecaille, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Chantecaille Wild Meadows Collection for Spring 2023

February 18, 2023

Chantecaille Wild Meadows for Spring 2023

Chantecaille recently launched their new limited-edition Wild Meadows Collection for spring. This year they celebrate their 25th Anniversary! The collection has a floral-inspired theme with fresh pinks, pastel tones and some pretty coral shades. The pieces are limited-edition and available now at Chantecaille and Neiman Marcus.

In this collection:

Every item is just stunning from the beautiful packaging to the high-quality textures and beautiful pigments. Colors are fresh and bright. I think this is a collection well worth checking out!

Wild Meadows Eye Quad

The Wild Meadows Eye Quad has four shades including a shimmering pale gold, a baby pink shimmer, metallic warm taupe sparkle and the most beautiful soft matte brown. The only downside to this one is that the pans are extremely small, especially for the price, but the texture and pigment is exceptionally stunning.

Chantecaille Wild Meadows Eye Quad swatches

Wild Meadows Blush

There are two shades of Wild Meadows Blush in this collection. They have a very smooth texture and apply flawlessly. Apple Blossom is a warm pink and Anemone is a raspberry with a tiny bit of shimmer. Both are beautiful on the complexion and are easy to build. They give the complexion life without looking overdone.

Chantecaille Wild Meadows Blush

Chantecaille Wild Meadows Blush

Lip Chic

Chantecaille Lip Chic

The Lip Chics are the most beautiful pieces in the collection (in my opinion). If you’re a fan of Chantecaille lipsticks you know the Lip Chic has a really pretty creamy texture, hydrating feel, comfortable finish and buildable pigment. You girls know I gravitate towards neutrals so of course I love Meadow a soft peachy nude. The other two are bright but still wearable. Carpathia is a bright apricot. Crocus is a vibrant raspberry pink – not really a shade I would wear but still pretty.

Chantecaille Wild Meadows Lip Chic

Looks below wearing:

Meadow Lipstick

Chantecaille Lip Chic Meadow

Chantecaille Lip Chic Meadow


Carpathia Lipstick

Chantecaille Lip Chic Carpathia

Chantecaille Lip Chic Carpathia


Crocus Lipstick

Chantecaille Lip Chic Crocus

Chantecaille Lip Chic Crocus

Chantecaille Wild Meadows for Spring 2023

Overall a beautiful collection with fresh wearable colors for spring. I love that Chantecaille launches new colors that remain true to brand and very different from what other lines launch. The pieces are on the expensive side but the quality of each piece is exceptional. If it’s in your budget to splurge I think you will absolutely love the spring collection.

Available now at Chantecaille and Neiman Marcus. Have you checked out anything from the collection? What are your favorites from Chantecaille?

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Wild Meadows collection provided for review.


Chantecaille Sunbeam Collection Summer 2022

June 10, 2022

Chantecaille Sunbeam Collection Summer 2022

above: Makeup Bag + Sunnies

I purchased all three summer pieces from the Chantecaille Sunbeam Collection and love every single item. They’re quite pricey but the colors are beautiful and easy to wear. I love the lip tints for an effortless wash of color and the highlighter is a stunner. The neon green/yellow packaging is fun for summer too. I ordered mine from Chantecaille.

Lip Tint Hydrating Balms

Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balms

There are two Lip Tint Hydrating Balms ($35 each for 1 g/0.03 oz) which are super petite and small. They’re incredibly expensive given the amount of product you get. If you’re willing to splurge I think the colors and formula are excellent.

Marigold is a perfect neutral everyday pink rose. Sunflower is a soft mocha. Colors are medium in coverage. Texture is smooth. Formula is hydrating. No detectable scent. Lasting power is medium since they’re a balm with a glossy formula.

They have about the same coverage and shine as the ones packaged in the blue tubes from the Vibrant Oceans collection a couple years ago.

Swatches in indirect light:

Chantecaille Sunbeam Collection Swatches


Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm Marigold

Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm Sunflower

Sunbeam Cheek and Eye Shade

Chantecaille Sunbeam Cheek and Eye Shade

The Sunbeam Cheek and Eye Shade ($82) is a stunning highlighter in a multi dimensional color. It has a beautiful champagne, bronze, pink glow – so hard to describe and photos don’t do it justice. It’s definitely a unique one in my book. It has that smooth gel/powder formula and can be used on eyes and cheeks.

Chantecaille Sunbeam Cheek and Eye Shade

Swatches in sunlight:

Chantecaille Sunbeam Collection Swatches

Sharing a look at a few other favorites I’m wearing including the Future Skin Cushion Foundation in Nude, Perfect Blur Finishing Powder in Light/Medium, Real Bronze Bronzer in Sirena, Luminescent Eye Shades in Cheetah and Giraffe (also swatched Lion). I think the items are 100% worth the splurge as I purchased all of these and have repurchased the cushion and powder. I do think they’re overpriced but I really love the quality, texture, colors and wear them often.

Chantecaille Favorites Sabrina

Chantecaille Favorites Sabrina swatches

Chantecaille Sunbeam Collection Summer 2022

If you’ve been wondering whether the new summer collection items are worth the splurge, I think they are. You can find the summer items available at Chantecaille and Neiman Marcus. Nordstrom still has the lip balms. Colors are limited-edition so if you have your eye on them I’d recommend purchasing soon.

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Did you check out the new colors? What did you think?

Highlighters Lips

Chantecaille Vibrant Oceans Collection – Summer 2020

June 15, 2020

Chantecaille Vibrant Oceans Summer 2020

I’m so excited to share a look at the Chantecaille Vibrant Oceans Collection for Summer 2020. The limited-edition highlighters were created to support WildAid to help protect endangered species. You can read more about their journey and partnership on their Saving The Ocean’s Gentle Giants story.

There are two color options for the Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duos ($84 each) and four shades of their Lip Tint Hydrating Balms ($34 each). The Chantecaille team was kind enough to send the whole collection for review so I have swatches for you today.

Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duos

Chantecaille Vibrant Oceans Radiance Chic Blush Highlighter Duo

The Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duos each have a smooth almost cream to powder highlighter and a soft satiny blush. The texture has a similar to feel to Tom Ford Sheer Cheek Duos where they are smooth hydrating powders that have a unique finish. Both have a beautiful wave pattern embossed on the surface.

Chantecaille Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duos

Chantecaille Coral Radiance is the brighter/peachy version with a smooth metallic peachy champagne highlight and a coral blush. On the nails is OPI Lisbon Wants Moor Opi.

 Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duo Coral Radiance


Rose Radiance has a lighter yellow/white gold highlight and a soft light rose pink blush.

 Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duo Rose Radiance

You can wear these layered on top of each other or swirl a brush and mix the shades together. Pigment is medium and soft but buildable and easy to blend. They adhere to the skin and feel weightless once blended. I want to say that Coral Radiance has a similar vibe to Tom Ford’s Paradise Lust but I’ve searched my stash and can’t find it to compare.

Chantecaille Vibrant Oceans Radiance Chic Blush Highlighter Duo swatches

Right now I’m medium-tan and both show up well on my skin tone. I think even as I get darker with the summer sun both will still be visible on my cheeks. Lasting power is pretty good. They stayed put all day without fading or sliding around as they have a powder finish. I’m partial to the coral shade although the pink one is lovely too.

Lip Tint Hydrating Balms

Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm Summer 2020

Beauty Look Book readers know I’m a sucker for a good tinted balm, especially in the summer. I think this is the first time I’ve tried a tinted balm from Chantecaille (I used to own a number of their Lip Chics and Lipsticks but haven’t tried the balms). These are lovely! They are on the tiny side and expensive for the amount of product similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips (reviewed here). The Chantecaille Lip Tints are sheer but bright in color so there is a nice wash of pigment on the lips. Even the lightest one still showed up on me!

These are nicely hydrating, smooth and creamy. They have a hint of shimmer in them and come in four pretty shades perfect for the upcoming season. Left to right: Beach Rose, Calendula, Madeira and Verbena.

Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm Summer 2020

Beach Rose is a light soft petal pink, Calendula is a bright but sheer orange, Madeira is a soft rose-red and Verbena is a soft plum with shimmer.

Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm swatches

All four lips and both cheek duos worn below. Other makeup details:

Look 1: Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm in Beach Rose + Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duo in Rose Radiance

Chantecaille Rose Radiance + Beach Rose


Look 2: Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm in Verbena + Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duo in Rose Radiance

Chantecaille Rose Radiance + Verbena Balm


Look 3: Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm in x Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duo in Coral Radiance

Chantecaille Coral Radiance + Madeira Lip Tint


Look 4: Chantecaille Lip Tint Hydrating Balm in x Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duo in Coral Radiance

Chantecaille Coral Radiance + Calendula Lip Tint


Chantecaille Vibrant Oceans Summer 2020

Overall a beautiful launch to with some easy to wear colors for a soft wash of color. I like the effortless vibe it gives and think the lip balms are perfect to brighten the face. You can find the Chantecaille Vibrant Oceans Collection available now at Chantecaille. I’ve seen some products start to pop up online at Blue Mercury, OliveLA and Space NK US.

Do you have any Chantecaille favorites? What are some of the things you’ve tried and what did you think?


Chantecaille summer collection provided for review. Other items featured purchased by me.


Monthly Favorites

Monthly Beauty and Skincare Hits and Misses

January 31, 2017

January Hits and Misses for Beauty | The Beauty Look Book

I cannot believe the first month of 2017 has come and gone – I feel like the last few weeks have been a blur! I hope each of you have had a great start to the new year. In the beauty world I feel like things have been all about lips and highlighters. It appears the liquid lipstick trend is here to stay for quite some time. I still have my battle of the liquid lipstick post coming soon – with new launches almost weekly it seems like there’s more to test and try out. I’ve put a cut-off for testing though – I have two more detailed reviews to post before the official roundup. Today I have a roundup of the best and worst in beauty testing for January even though many of these have been put to the test for more than a month. Sometimes with products you know by the second or third use that a particular item just won’t work. Other items take a bit more testing to decide. By popular request here is my first Hits and Misses post of the year. We’ll start off with the hits.

January Favorites – Makeup

Monthly Beauty Favorites - MAC, Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs | The Beauty Look Book

This month’s favorite items and discoveries include:

  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus is something I finally tried and can’t believe it took me so long, it gives the skin a nice soft diffused look, it removes shine without looking heavy or overly matte and the best thing about this one is the color selection which I think is pretty good (shown on the skin here and also worn here)
  • Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder in 002 Freshlight (shown on the face here) has been my go-to soft bronzer shade for the past few months, it has the perfect amount of warmth and has a sheer but buildable finish that works for my winter skintone color right now
  • Chanel Joues Contraste in Elegance (review here) is my perfect everyday beige blush, it goes with everything and adds life to the face without looking too dark or orange
  • Chantecaille Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara is one that took me years to try because I tried a mini and thought it literally was the worst thing ever. Based on raves of a few friends who swore it was THE best thing in mascara I decided to order one and was blown away. They assured me the full size was better than the minis and they were right. I don’t know that I’ll repurchase this because even I have limits when it comes to expensive items. At a whopping $72 I don’t know that I can say it’s worth it but this mascara is really good. It lengthens, volumizes, holds curl, doesn’t smudge and doesn’t look crunchy. It’s supposed to have lash-growth ingredients but I haven’t used it long enough to see results.
  • Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo (c/o, swatches here) are great in terms of formula, color payoff and color selection
  • Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur (c/o, all shades swatched here) are my favorite lip launch of the year so far, I love a good glossy lip and these have a feel and look like the Rouge Coco Shines but with a lot more pigment
  • Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme in Truth or Bare (c/o, all shades reviewed here) is my favorite rose pink liquid lipstick
  • Dior Addict Lip Glow is something that is almost always in my purse these days (review of all shades here), my most-worn shade is either Lilac or Coral, the new Berry color (c/o) is a really pretty one too
  • Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Douglas (c/o, review here) is my go-to these days for a soft cool-toned pink shimmer

January Favorites – Skincare

Monthly Skincare Favorites | The Beauty Look Book

Skincare favorites include a mix of old and new:

  • I’ve found myself reaching a lot for the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for evenings, both feel just so amazing on the skin giving it just the right amount of hydration, it’s brightened the skin and makes it feel healthier and smoother, if you don’t want to splurge on the full sizes you may want to consider the Day to Night Set which has miniatures of six items at a value price, alternatively if you visit you local Kiehl’s store they usually have samples so ask if they have these available (making a purchase will usually make it easier to get a couple samples)
  • Bioderma Sensibio was mentioned in my 2016 favorites, I use this as a toner and it’s just perfect for my sensitive skin, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean, it has helped calm and comfort the skin, especially since I’m prone to flare ups or sensitivity, I have both the 250 and 100 ml versions (one I took with me on travel), can’t rave about this enough
  • Chanel La Solution 10 de Chanel (c/o) is another good gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin, I’ve been reaching for this a lot, it hydrates without feeling greasy and gives relief for dry skin without being heavy, I will definitely repurchase once this is used up
  • Tatcha The Essence (c/o) is something I got a mini of with an order (I had a promo code) and fell in love with it immediately, I discussed essence a few posts back and many of you gave me some really good feedback on what to try! I’m currently testing three, this one from Tatcha and the SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence and Genoptics Spot Essence (c/o). It’s going to take me several weeks to see which one is truly the best, but I noticed results immediately from the Tatcha Essence. It softens the skin without feeling heavy or leaving a film on the skin like some other essence or serums do. It’s watery but not too runny so it’s easy to apply. It does make my moisturizer absorb into the skin better. As one who doesn’t like things that feel heavy on the skin I absolutely love this one.
  • Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Cleanser is something I ordered the day it launched online at Sephora. By the time this post is going live I’ve already used up one full tube 85% of the way and the one shown is a backup. I don’t have acne but I do experience breakouts and earlier this month I started breaking out around the chin and cheeks from a combination of getting really sick and experiencing a high level of stress. Using this helped clear up the skin without drying it out. It has sulfur which targets acne and blemishes. Based on the formula I don’t think it’s going to be for everyone, but I’ve tried every single one of Kate Somerville’s cleansers and her line is the one I keep replenishing for cleansers. I can use this daily without it drying out my skin and love it. That being said I still love her Gentle Daily Wash for times when I don’t have skin issues.

January Misses

January Beauty Misses | The Beauty Look Book

Four items that did not work for me include:

  • Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet (review here) did not work for me because the color selection just wasn’t flattering for my olive skin tone, even the neutrals did not work. Shades were either too light or too dark, colors lacked life and washed out my complexion. Formula-wise they were ok, but none of the colors worked for me leading me to call these a miss.
  • Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation is something I bought months ago back in early fall. I had high hopes as it looked amazing on a few of my fellow blogger friends. I mixed two shades in Y315 and Y405 to get a good match although the product is so sheer an exact color match isn’t really necessary. This was a miss for me because it caused my skin to become irritated which I suspect is from the fragrance. Tiny bumps surfaced all over my cheeks and since I test a lot of skincare and foundations, this took months of testing to make sure this was the culprit and not something else. Formula also felt sticky because of the gel-like texture. Coverage was not enough for me. This was a huge let-down since I consider the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick and Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation to be in my top picks for foundation.
  • Glamglow PLUMPRAGEOUS Nudes got me based on their social media marketing. As a nude lip lover I just couldn’t resist and ordered 4 online sight unseen. The colors looked SO perfect! These come with a plastic spatula applicator which I found did not apply product evenly or easily. Second these are THE most painful lip plumping products I’ve ever tested – they burned my lips and if a tiny bit touched my tongue, a spicy tingle sensation went shooting to the back of my mouth. I tested two on separate occasions and the most I could tolerate was 45 minutes on the lips before I had to wipe it off and give the lips a thorough cleanse. I returned 3 of the 4. The one shown is going to a friend who is curious about this and doesn’t mind a tingle.
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara was an impulse buy. The packaging has written on it a few statements like 1,944% more volume, 97% saw intense volume and length, 94% said this mascara stays put all day. There is an asterisk that says based on consumer study results. I did not research how many people tested this or were part of it, but at $23 it seemed worth a try. I know some mascaras take a few pumps or uses to get going so I gave this one 6 tries on 6 separate occasions. It does add volume and length and the color is a rich deep black. However the clumps were seriously horrible with this one. Layering was an absolute no for me. It made my lashes look super spidery and when I tried to separate or comb them out the mascara just looked even more clumpy and made the lashes stick together. It’s also extremely difficult to remove.

That’s wraps it up for January’s beauty hits and misses! I’d love to hear about yours as well – so please feel free to share them in the comments. If you have any feedback about the items I tried let me know.

P.S. A number of you have sent me e-mails saying you weren’t getting the email newsletters anymore. I’ve re-added the subscribe feature on the sidebar at the top of the page (if you’re on a desktop computer). Let me know if you have any issues – if you enter your email address you’ll be sent a verification link and should be good to go!

Press samples indicated with c/o.






Chantecaille The Glacier Eye Shade Trio and Arctic Rose Hydra Chic Lipstick / Spring 2015

February 17, 2015

For spring Chantecaille has launched a palette called The Glacier Eye Shade Trio ($70 for 7 g/0.25 oz, made in USA). I picked this up at my local  Chantecaille counter and saw a few lip items featured on the new display. There are two Galactic Lip Shine Lip Glosses ($34 each) in Aurora (sheer pink) and Polaris (sparkling white) and two Hydra Chic Lipsticks ($36 each) in Arctic Rose and Saxifrage. I haven’t been up to speed with Chantecaille for a while so I’m not entirely sure if the colors are new or repromoted colors. I picked up the Glacier Eye Shade Trio and Arctic Rose Hydra Chic Lipstick. Thoughts, review and swatches below.

First, here is the palette and lipstick swatches side by side:

Chantecaille eyeshadow palettes are usually beautifully designed with natural-looking eye shadows. In my experience the trios I’ve bought and tested have sheer to medium pigment for a super natural look. My one rant is that they often come with an overspray which is easily removed, but it makes it difficult to see what the true color is if you order sight unseen. The Glacier Eye Shade Trio is a super soft palette of neutrals. The colors include, from left to right, a sheer to medium matte flesh/tan, an iridescent ivory that flashes gold and some champagne, a shimmering medium brown-grey. The colors when used together will create a softly defined eye that is perfect for an everyday look if you want an ultra conservative no-makeup look. I personally prefer something with richer pigment and coverage. The shades are layerable but are still ultra soft leaning more towards the sheer side. If you’re a fan of Chantecaille eyeshadows, I think you will really like this. If you’re like me and need more color, you will find pigment and coverage lacking.

With patches of overspray removed:

Swatch comparisons below to a couple other neutral palettes. Shown below next to Chanel Tisse Mademoiselle (reviewed here) and Hourglass Infinity Palette (reviewed here). I personally prefer the Chanel for something similar and with more coverage and I found the Chanel extremely natural on the eyes.

For the lips, I picked up Arctic Rose Hydra Chic Lipstick. This is an ultra moisturizing lip color with a glossy finish. I have mixed feelings about Arctic Rose in terms of formula. It has a beautiful color, naturally glossy sheen and feels amazing on the lips but the pigment is lacking. This one requires a lot of layering for me to get even and full coverage. I didn’t find it to be a good swipe and go kind of lipstick and there was missing pigment and color around the edges of my lips when I applied straight from the tube. I am a huge fan of sheer lip colors like MAC Lustres, Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, YSL Volupte Shines and even the Rouge Baume Diors – but I find they are easier to apply and give even coverage while the Chantecaille did not. That being said I do think it will wear very well over a lipliner or if you apply with a lip brush.

Here it is packed on the lips quite heavily. I’m not sure if you can tell in the photo, but around the edges, especially on the upper lip it did not apply evenly.

The Chantecaille spring collection offers nice natural colors. If you’re a fan of the super natural look, I think you will find these are perfect for you. Long-time readers know I’m one who gravitates towards natural looking colors, but I found the formulas of the Chantecaille spring line too sheer for my taste. I do think they are worth checking out though – many have commented on the lack of natural satiny or non-shimmer shadows on the market. If you’re forever searching for eyeshadow palettes that have a more natural looking finish, the Glacier Eye Trio is definitely worth looking into. My quick take, I should have probably passed on both, but somethings pretty packaging gets the best of me.

I bought my Chantecaille items from Neiman Marcus. Note there are a number of beauty events going on right now, so if you have a wish list or shopping list that is growing, be sure to check out the gift with purchases offered now. Some promos to consider:
  • Neiman Marcus beauty week, Eddie Borgo designed tote with samples, with $125+ purchase, Chantecaille gift with a $200+ purchase, details here (available thru March 1 or while supplies last)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue beauty week gift with $125 purchase includes tote + samples use code BEAUTYW2, Chantecaille gift with a $200+ purchase using code CHANTE62, details on gift here (available thru March 1 or while supplies last)
  • Space NK beauty event gift bag for 1 day, February 18th (details to come later today)

Chantecaille is also available at Nordstrom, Barneys New York, Bloomingdales,
On My Radar

On My Radar / New in Beauty

February 13, 2015
Happy Friday everyone! I’m relieved it’s almost the weekend. We have 80+ degree weather in Southern California right now, it’s like winter never came and we are in a non-stop state of summer (I’m not complaining, although I do feel like I should have a tan right now). A few things I’ve spotted new in the beauty world:

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8
  1. Christian Louboutin Beaute has a new Python Vulcano Limited Edition Nail Colour Coffret ($90, limited-edition) for spring. The three shades include Salonu, True Blue, and Hot Chick. I want to see this one in person as it looks stunning although I only own 1 yellow nail polish (Chanel Mimosa) and rarely wear it.
  2. Glamglow released their new cleansers ($39 each for 5 oz) in Supercleanse (Daily Clearing Cleanser), Thirstycleanse (Daily Treatment Cleanser) and Youthcleanse (Daily Exfoliating Cleanser). I have the white and blue ones that I bought a few weeks ago and am completely obsessed with both. Detailed review next week.
  3. Bobbi Brown has a new Sunkissed Nude Collection Set ($120, limited-edition) at Neiman Marcus. If you’ve been eyeing things at Neimans, save your shopping for next week when their Beauty Week Event starts on the 18th.
  4. Chanel has released some new items this month. The Collection La Perle de Chanel has a new Harmonie Levres Lip Palette, Joues Contraste in Crescendo, Illusion D’Ombre in Mysterio, Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Perle de Lune along with more items for lips and eyes. If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, the have complimentary overnight shipping with orders $125+ (until 5 PM EST). I ordered several items + a few of the new Rouge Cocos. I’ll be swatching and photographing this weekend.
  5. Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks ($45 each, 5 shades) have finally launched in the US. I have a few that I ordered, I’ll be swatting and have a review in the next week (fingers crossed).
  6. Giorgio Armani has two Limited-Edition Runway pieces, a Runway Palette ($120 for highlighter + 3 shadows) cased in an embroidered silk pouch and a new Rouge Sheer Runway Lipstick ($40). The palette looks incredibly beautiful but I’m not sure about the price point.
  7. Dior Beauty has 12 shades of Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour ($35 each). There are several nudes I have on my wish list although I have yet to see or swatch these in person.
  8. Chantecaille has a small edited collection for spring. There is a new Glacier Eyeshadow Trio ($70), Arctic Rose Lip Chic ($36), and two Galactic Lip Shines ($34 each) in Aurora and Polaris. (I bought the palette and one lip chic, review next week.)
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! My husband and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day early with a date night dinner tonight. What’s on your beauty radar this weekend?