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Chanel Collection Méditerannée Summer 2015 Le Vernis: Terrana, Lavanda, Coquelicot, Méditerannée

May 14, 2015

For the summer Collection Méditerannée Chanel has released four limited-edition Le Vernis Nail Colours in vibrant summery shades ($27 each for 13 ml/0.4 fl oz). The four colors include:
  • Terrana 697 is a cool-toned bronzey plum metallic which smooth shimmer
  • Méditerannée 707 is a bright cream sea blue
  • Coquelicot 717 is a vibrant warm jelly red
  • Lavanda 721 is a bright jelly purple cream
Based on what they look like in the bottle my first impressions were that three of them looked like standard brights while Terrana appeared to be a murky bronze. Of course once you swatch them on the nails, they look quite stunning. Chanel always manages to mix up the most beautiful nail polish colors that have a unique twist making them extremely flattering against the skin.

Terrana is a cool-toned bronze. It’s a metallic color but the shimmer is pretty smooth with minimal brush strokes showing through. You do need two coats. It has a slight jelly finish making it look lush and ultra glossy on the nails.

Some comparisons swatched below:

Mediterranee is a beautiful bright blue. It has a tiny bit of teal but still pulls more towards a cooler-toned blue. I don’t usually like to wear bright blues on the nails but this one has enough cool undertone and depth to prevent it from looking over the top bright. This one is my favorite in the collection.

Coquelicot is jelly red perfection in a bottle. Every time Chanel releases a new red, I swear it is the best red they’ve made. It is very similar to Enthusiast and some other warm reds but I can’t ever resist a red from Chanel. This one has a bit of warmth. The texture is a bit thin but applies like magic with one coat. I like two for richer coverage but this one is really good even with one.

Lavanda is the one my local Chanel reps were most excited about at the counter. It’s a stunning purple cream. Mine seemed to apply a bit thick but there weren’t any application issues and with two coats I was able to achieve full coverage. This one still has a semi-jelly finish so if you’re rushed you may still see some of the nail show through. For Lavanda, I think you need to wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.

Bottom line all four = pure love for me. I’m a die hard Chanel Le Vernis fan at heart and these four are exceptionally beautiful. In my book they area all must haves but if I had to skip one color it would be the red Coquelicot mainly because I have so many other reds from Dior and Chanel that are similar. Out of all four my favorite is the blue one Mediterranee – it’s such a pretty deep but bright blue. I think it’s backup-worthy.
You can find the Chanel Summer Collection now at all counters and boutiques. I bought mine from Nordstrom. Also online at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales and
Have you checked out Chanel Summer yet? What did you pick up?


Christopher Kane for NARS: Quantum and Violet Atom Multiples + Silent Nude and Starscape Blushes

May 12, 2015

There are four limited-edition cheek products in the NARS x Christopher Kane Collection for summer. There are two Powder Blushes ($30 each) and two Illuminating Multiples ($39 each). I’m in love with all four items although I will say upfront the blushes can probably duped while the multiples are the colors that are more unique. The four shades in this collection:
  • Silent Nude Blush is a warm-neutral beige nude with a matte finish (no shimmer)
  • Starscape Blush is a neon warm pink that comes in a satiny matte finish
  • Violet Atom Multiple is a pale iridescent lilac that flashes opal and green
  • Quantum is a violet pink with a satiny sheen (this is exclusive to NARS Boutiques and NARS online)
Swatches of all four Christopher Kane + NARS cheek items:

Both powder blushes are classic shades which makes them pretty standard. If you’re looking for something super unique you may want to skip these and shop your stash for something similar. That being said, I really like both of these. They work well for my skin tone and they have a rich velvety texture that blends nicely on the skin. They add a natural wash of color that is easy to layer and build. 

Swatch comparisons to: Burberry Hydrangea Pink, Tom Ford Narcissist, Tom Ford Wicked, NARS Desire, NARS Gaiety, NARS Zen, Chanel Les Beiges 40, Burberry Earthy, Marc Jacobs Dream Filter Contour Duo (right side)

I find true nude blushes hard to find for my particular skin tone. Many either turn grey, look more pink rather than nude, disappear on my skin or just look like bronzer. Burberry Earthy and Dolce & Gabbana Tan are my perfect nude blushes, but NARS Silent Nude comes in close third.

Starscape is a soft but bright neon pink. It’s easy to layer and on my medium skin it brightens the complexion. It adds just the right amount of pop of color to the face to give it some life. It’s a bright color but layers nicely so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. One swipe on each cheek is sufficient for me to get enough color. It’s very pigmented but still applies smoothly. 

The multiples are both very unique and the colors are flattering on medium-toned skin. The texture is a bit more gel-like rather than emollient like most of my other NARS multiples. You may have to swipe off the top layer on a paper towel to get the product going. Quantum gives the cheeks a really pretty berry stain. This one is exclusive to the NARS boutique and Violet Atom gives the prettiest sheen of shimmer. On the skin it almost disappears but it makes the skin glow with a very interesting greenish/silver/lilac shimmer. I like this one on the eyes as well. For both, I apply these straight on the cheek in a back and forth swiping motion and then blend with fingers.

Swatched comparisons to two other discontinued multiples:

All four items are winners in my book. I like that they are different from the traditional peach or bronze shades you think of when it comes to summer colors (although I’m one who can never have enough bronzer or peach blushes). They work to add color to the face in an easy effortless way and even though each is distinct in color, they are versatile enough to go with a number of different lip colors: pink, peach, nude or plum. I like layering the colors in this collection together. The combination possibilities are endless. Violet Atom Multiple is my favorite of the four items, it’s such a unique color that I wouldn’t have ever thought to pick out or even dream up, but it gives such a pretty sheen to the skin. I don’t think I have seen anything like it before.
The four Christopher Kane for NARS Cheek Products are limited-edition. The Quantum Multiple is exclusive to NARS Boutiques and NARS Online. The other three items are available at all NARS counters and online at NARS Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York and Selfridges.

The two Christopher Kane powder blushes were provided courtesy of NARS for review consideration. Multiples purchased by me.


Christopher Kane for NARS Eyeshadows: Parallel Universe and Outer Limits

May 11, 2015
There are two limited-edition eyeshadows in the Christopher Kane for NARS summer beauty collection: Parallel Universe Eyeshadow Duo ($35) and Outer Limits Single Eyeshadow ($25). I bought both of these from the NARS boutique on Melrose sometime last month – the artists on site were all wearing Outer Limits on their eyes and it looked so beautiful on each of them even though they all had different eye colors and skin tones. I played with both in store and even though they are both very different from what I usually gravitate towards I bought them.

Parallel Universe is a unique shimmer duo. The texture is almost creamy with a very soft shimmer. The texture of the shimmer is ultra fine and almost duo-chrome. There are beautiful flecks of multi-colored shimmer in each color. The left side is a grayish pink opal color, the right is a violet color. The colors in the duo are a bit too light for me to wear alone. I need a darker black or plum shadow/liner to define the eyes but both give a really pretty wash of iridescent shimmer. Online reviews seem mixed on this one but I’m completely in love with the shimmers, texture and the way it blends on the lids. I give this one a thumbs up. Lasting power is very good on this one, similar to other NARS duos and lasts from early morning until late afternoon without fading or budging.

Some swatch comparisons:

MAC Lovely Lily Pigment (discontinued) 
Chanel Utopia Illusion D’Ombre (discontinued, review)
MAC Quick Frost Pigment (discontinued) 

Outer Limits is a glittery peachy yellow eyeshadow. This one looked so beautiful on the girls at the NARS boutique. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a glitter eyeshadow from NARS, but based on how it looked on the artists at the store, I convinced myself to try something new and different and give this one a go. I’ve tried this one several times and each time it’s been a complete fail. The glitter particles are too large and chunky and it’s not something that melds with the lids. I can wear a number of Bobbi Brown, MAC and Tom Ford glittery shadows (for special occasions), so I was hoping the NARS Outer Limits would also be a wearable glitter for me. It looks so pretty in the pan. On the lids (wet or dry) it’s uneven and patchy with tons of glitter fallout. I couldn’t wear this for more than 10 minutes without taking it off – glitter fell all over my lashes.

Swatch comparisons:

Tom Ford Cream Shadow in Escapade (discontinued, review)
MAC Jardin Aires Pigment (discontinued) 

I give Parallel Universe a thumbs up. It gives the lids the prettiest wash of color that’s so different from your regular neutral champagne or bronze for summer (which I adore, but sometimes it’s nice to try something different). I really wanted to love Outer Limits. It’s so pretty in the pan and it swatches really pretty on the arms/hands with the peachy yellow gold mix. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I would recommend trying before you buy if you can get to a NARS counter or store to see it in person if you’re unsure.

Both Parallel Universe and Outer Limits are limited-edition colors for summer. You can find them now at counters and stores. Online at NARS Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Saks and Sephora.

Have you checked out the Christopher Kane for NARS Collection yet? What did you think?


Christopher Kane for NARS Lip Glosses: Nucleus, Glow Pink, Mezmer and Nebulous

May 7, 2015

For summer 2015, NARS and Christopher Kane have partnered to launch a limited-edition collection of neons and neutrals to showcase Christopher Kane’s edgy design aesthetic with NARS’ iconic and bold beauty philosophy. I’ve been playing with the collection for a few weeks now and first up are the Christopher Kane for NARS Lip Glosses ($26 each for 0.18 oz/6 ml). There are four shades of lip gloss in the collection that come with the special fuchsia NARS Print and white Christopher Kane name embossed on the caps. The rest of the packaging is similar to that of the regular lip glosses with the sponge-tip applicator. The colors have a high-shine finish with a transparent quality. They appear to be sheer but the brighter colors have a bright base that add color once you let them sit. They leave a stain on the lips once the gloss is gone.

The four shades are all creams/jellies (no shimmer):

  • Nucleus is a sheer pale milky pink 
  • Glow Pink is a sheer violet purple that looks like a soft pink tint
  • Mezmer is a warm watermelon pink that goes on bright
  • Nebulous is a sheer coral orange peach
Swatches of each color show the transparent quality. Glow Pink looks violet in the tube but sheers out. Mezmer is the brightest and most pigmented of the four colors. Nebulous looks super bright in the tube but sheers out to give the lips a light tint of color. Nucleus is the creamiest.

Close ups and swatches on the lips. As always, lip swatches only show the color reviewed. Some readers have been asking about the lipliners I’ve been wearing on lip swatches. I have pigmented lips which means my natural lip color sometimes shows through the lipstick, especially around the edges. It can give the appearance of lipliner, but it’s just my natural lip that is showing through. Lipliner is included only when specified in each post.

Nucleus is a sheer pale pink. The lightness contrasts with my natural lip tone and settles into the fine lines if I wear this alone. It looks best when layered over a lipstick or filled in lipliner. I like this over NARS Raquel Lipstick or Chanel Natural Lipliner. Below swatched alone on bare lips where you can see that Nucleus is a transparent-ish color.

striped boatneck by J.Crew, current season’s style here

Glow Pink is a violet pink. It’s a sheer jelly which gives the lips a tint of color. On my lips it brings out the pink tones of my natural lip. On my lips it looks warmer than it does when swatched on the hand or in the tube.


Mezmer is a warm watermelon pink in the tube but on my lips it turns into a bright cool fuchsia. I swatched this multiple times on different days to make sure there wasn’t any remnants of stain from other colors on my lips. Each time it looked exactly like this as shown below. Your mileage may vary with this color as it melds with your specific natural lip tone. Out of the four Christopher Kane for NARS Lip Glosses I found this one to be the most pigmented but it still has a jelly finish.

striped boatneck by J.Crew, current season’s style here

Nebulous is a hot orange in the tube. On the lips it sheers out to a coral peachy glow. This is my favorite in the bunch because of the way it transforms on the lips. I like it alone but it’s also pretty layered over Barbarella Lipstick or Barbara Lipstick from NARS. Here it is swatched alone on bare lips. 


Some swatched comparisons for reference:

If you like sheer jelly brights then I think you’ll find something to love in the Christopher Kane for NARS collection. I found the glosses have a similar vibe to some other sheer jelly lip glosses but I do like the fact that the NARS ones have a stain factor making them more pigmented and colorful compared to the traditional jelly gloss. My personal favorites are Nebulous and Glow Pink because they give the lips a healthy tint of color that looks bright but still natural. Mezmer is so gorgeous in the tube but on me it turns into a cool fuchsia which is fun, but I don’t usually gravitate towards bright cool pinks because they turn blue on my olive skin. Nucleus is a fail when worn alone, but it’s a good one when layered over lipstick/liner or when mixed with other lip glosses. This is mainly because of my super pigmented lips that contrast with the pale undertone.
A quick peek at the Christopher Kane for NARS Collection from the Melrose Boutique:

Have you checked out the NARS Christopher Kane collection yet? What did you think? You can find the lip glosses now at all NARS counters and Boutiques. Online at Nordstrom, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and

Nucleus was provided as a press sample for review consideration. All other colors purchased by me.

Boutique California Diptyque Travel

Diptyque Beverly Hills Candle

May 1, 2015

To celebrate the opening of the new boutique in Beverly Hills, Diptyque has created a special limited-edition candle inspired by the iconic city. The Diptyque Beverly Hills Candle retails for $70 and is exclusive to the Beverly Hills store in Los Angeles. comes packaged in a stunning bright turquoise glass jar with contrasting yellow palm prints. It’s a floral citrus that gives a fresh summer beachy vibe that I am completely head over heels in love with. The throw is quite good on this one and the scent fills up our living room within 10-15 minutes of burning. The notes in this one include: lemon essential oil, mint essential oil, orchid accord and freesia. The notes according to Diptyque:

Beverly Hills Candle next to a small full-twist photophore (boutique exclusive) and a small Baies

Diptyque Beverly Hills has a similar refreshing vibe to that of the Tomas Maier + Diptyque Palm Beach. The Tomas Maier candle is more citrusy while the Beverly Hills candle has more of a sweet more rounded tone to it. I’ve already burned through my first one in the course of two weeks (which is a record time for me, it takes me forever to burn through candles). Since it is limited-edition I stocked up on multiples when I ordered it and I’m glad I did because it’s all I want my home to smell like right now.

Tom Ford Skinny Dip, Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunnies, Harper’s Baazar, Moleskin Notebook

The Diptyque Beverly Hills candle is a limited-edition scent, exclusive to the Beverly Hills Boutique on North Beverly Boulevard. You can call the store at (310) 385-5941 to purchase over the phone or buy in store too. I highly recommend this one. The scent is refreshingly bright and summery and the turquoise and yellow packaging design makes for a fun colorful accent to your desk or shelf.

P.S. In case you are new to luxury candles, make sure to visit my Candle Care Tips post on how to burn them properly.

Have you checked out the Beverly Hills Diptyque candle or the store? 

Lips Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color Sheers Skinnydip and Rose Soleil for Summer 2015

April 30, 2015

There are four featured Lip Color Sheers ($50 each for .1 oz/3g) for the Tom Ford Summer Beauty Collection. The two new shades are Skinnydip and Rose Soleil which come alongside Sweet Spot and Paradisio which are repromoted colors from 2014 (previously swatched here). I picked up the two new shades last weekend from Neiman Marcus Northpark in Dallas with Beauty Professor (we took a quick break from the rewardStyle conference to do some beauty shopping). Both of the new colors are to-die-for gorgeous. In my testing experience with Tom Ford Beauty, I find his lipsticks to be the best beauty product in his line and the new Lip Color Sheers are perfect for summer.

Both colors are shimmers, but they are not frosty. If you’re familiar with the Lip Color Sheer formula from last year, you know some of the colors are sheer and glossy while the brights are glossy but rich. The new shades for Summer 2015 have the perfect mix of pigment and gloss with medium coverage. Skinnydip is a light nude rose peach with some gold shimmer. Rose Soleil is complex deeper rose pink with gold flecks mixed in. Swatched on the arms or the back of the hand they may appear sheer, but on the lips they meld with your natural lip tone to give the prettiest wash of color. On my lips they are visible and show up.

There is a soft vanilla scent to these. Lasting power is medium, they will stay put better than most sheer or glossy lip colors (as in they won’t disappear or slide off within an hour). The sheer finish makes any fading more forgiving so you don’t end up with contrasted color around the edges. I find it won’t last through a meal or snacks, but I find that to be the case with most lipsticks or glosses (unless they are ultra long-wear or stains).   

Some more close ups and swatches:

Skinnydip on my lips along with comparisons swatches shown below. I pulled out last year’s Lip Color Sheers in Pink Dune and In the Buff along with the Lips and Boys in William. There is a similar vibe but to me, Skinnydip has more peach and gold compared to last year’s lip color sheers. Compared to William Lips & Boys, Skinnydip has less frost and is slightly more nude.

Indoor natural light:

In direct sun:

Comparison swatches:

Dior Rouge Dior Baume in Milly (reviewed here)
YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 22 Nude Indeed
Tom Ford 2014 Lip Color Sheers In the Buff/Pink Dune (reviewed here)
Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Peter and William (swatched here)

Rose Soleil seems more unique compared to the other lip colors I own. It has a deep rose pink base but has a brightness to it that prevents it from looking dark. The gold flecks add dimension to it. The complexity makes this one look different in the tube depending on the angle or lighting. Sometimes I see more plum and berry, other times I see a darker base with gold flecks. Swatches below.

Comparison swatches below show that Rose Soleil has a unique mix of plum, pink, berry and gold. I find it most similar to MAC Viva Glam VI lipstick but the Tom Ford has more gold, more berry and more shimmer.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #11 and 7 (swatched here)
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bel-Ami (arm swatched here)
Guerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream Lipstick in Fabulous Rose (lip swatched here)
MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam VI

Quick re-swatch of Sweet Spot and Paradisio for reference:

One last shot of the Summer 2015 Lip Color Sheers in Skinnydip and Rose Soleil:

I’ve been told at the counters that both shades are limited-edition but I haven’t confirmed it yet. Update: I just received confirmation from Tom Ford Beauty that the lip color sheers are permanent this round!! In my opinion both are quite beautiful, soft and fresh. They give the lips a healthy glow with just the right amount of color to show up but still look natural. For me I find both colors to be must-haves and I’ve purchased back ups.
Have you checked out the Tom Ford Soleil Collection for summer yet? In case you missed it:
Cream and Powder Eye Color Duos swatched/reviewed here
Cream and Powder Eye Color Duo comparison swatches here
Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand swatched/reviewed here

You can find the Lip Color Sheers at Tom Ford counters and stores now. Available online at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tom Ford.
Eye Makeup Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford Summer 2015 Cream & Powder Eye Color Swatch Comparisons

April 28, 2015

As promised I pulled some other cream shadows to compare to the Tom Ford Beauty Summer shadow duos. Many thanks to my savvy readers who already knew some of the creams were duplicates (or repeats) of prior limited-edition shades. There are a couple colors that keep selling out online but are available for back order. If you want all shades, you may have to shop around. My local counter had all of their Naked Bronze and Golden Peach reserved via pre-sales. I’ve compiled a list to help save you time from clicking around (note this is subject to change as items sell out):

Above shown Top Row, left to right:
Bottom Row, left to right:
My conclusion is that the new summer duos do indeed include repeats of previously released cream shadows from Tom Ford. If you already own Spice, Pink Haze and the Golden Mink Quad (I don’t own this but I swatched in store to compare), you can skip Golden Peach and Naked Bronze if you want to avoid dupes. The Spring 2015 Cream Shadow is really close to Midnight Sea but not an exact dupe when you look at it in person. The summer duo is slightly lighter in color while the spring shade is a bit deeper. I really like the concept of the new summer Cream & Powder pots because of the packaging and having two shades in one compact for convenience (plus the mirror to apply if you’re on the go or need to touch up before going out).

Hope this helps! Did you buy or test out any of the Tom Ford summer duos yet? If yes, which ones and what are your thoughts so far?

The Tom Ford Summer Duos were provided as press samples for review consideration. All other items purchased by me.