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New Tom Ford Eye Color Quads

February 17, 2020

Tom Ford beauty new eyeshadow quads

I’m back with a Tom Ford Beauty post! By popular request I have a review and swatches of all five new Tom Ford Eye Color Quads in Arabesque, De La Creme, Mink Mirage, Sous Le Sable and Noir Fume ($88 each for .31/9 g). As a long-time Tom Ford Beauty lover I could not have been more excited about new palettes, especially since most of the new ones are neutrals! Unfortunately most of these are strong misses for me and not as stellar as the other quads in terms of pigment and color payoff. Still I think there are some nice wearable options good for everyday wear.

Top Row: De La Creme, Arabesque, Noir Fume
Bottom Row: Sous le Sable, Mink Mirage

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quads De La Creme, Arabesque, Noir Fume, Sous le Sable, Mink Mirage

More thoughts on each palette below, ranked from best to worst based on my testing experience.

Mink Mirage

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Mink Mirage review

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Mink Mirage swatches

Mink Mirage is the best palette pigment-wise and it has all matte colors. I believe it’s replacing Cocoa Mirage which had some of the most boring colors ever but had amazing pigment and actually looked a lot better on the eyes than in the pan. Mink Mirage has a matte cream, a soft matte brown, a medium brown and smokey black. The powders in this one are easy to blend and perform flawlessly for a nice smokey neutral eye. It’s easy to wear for any occasion and quite versatile to take from day to night.

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad MinK Mirage


  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
  • Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Wand in Peachgasm
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Collagen in Rosy Plump
  • Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Mink Mirage


Noir Fume

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Noir Fume

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Noir Fume Swatches

Noir Fume is the next best one for a soft smokey taupe eye look. It doesn’t swatch the best on the arm but on the eyes it layers beautifully for an effortless smokey eye. There’s a soft sheer ivory which smooth and evens out the lids. Other colors include a sheer golden brown that almost has slight olive tones, a shimmery taupe and a cool deep taupe grey brown matte.


De La Creme

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad De La Creme

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad De La Creme swatches

De La Creme has the prettiest color scheme out of all the new palettes in my opinion but colors don’t show up on my medium tan skin as well as I had hoped. If you’re light or fair I think it will show up better. It has a perfect warm champagne peach shimmer, a warm copper, a warm soft matte brown and a medium warm matte brown. If I layer heavily on top of a creamy emollient cream base color adheres better on my skin – but I have to pack/pat it on. Any blending causes the colors to sheer out and almost disappear onto the same soft brown wash. I wish this had the same texture as the Nude Dip/Honeymoon quads because I think the color would show up better on the skin.


Sous le Sable

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Sous Le Sable

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Sous Le Sable swatches

Sous le Sable also has such a gorgeous color palette and it swatches beautifully on my arm, but on my eyes, it disappears into my skin and pigment is barely noticeable. I have to pack on the colors with a heavy hand to see any distinction between the bottom mattes. The shimmery rose is so SO pretty but doesn’t show up on my medium skin. The pale matte rose has decent pigment but the other three didn’t perform as I had hoped. This made my heart sink – the colors are what I had hoped Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk would look like (which gives me a horrible pink eye look). Tom Ford’s Sous le Sable has more brown undertones making the color scheme better – I just wish the colors would actually show up on my lids.



Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Arabesque

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Arabesque swatches

Arabesque is the worst of the five. I’m a huge fan of the glitter palettes because I think they make great toppers. I applied these in a patting motion on the lids and there is barely any color. Just sparkle in which case I feel the Golden Peach Cream Eye Duo or even the Golden Mink Quad are much better.


Tom Ford Eye Color Quads, New Colors Review

Out of all five the only two I truly feel are worth the splurge are Mink Mirage and Noir Fume. The other three are definitely not worth the $88 price tag and are huge disappointments compared to other Tom Ford Quads I’ve tried.

I personally think the color scheme of the new launches are truly beautiful, but that’s where it ends for me. Pigment and color payoff are simply not there which is surprising and disappointing to me considering Tom Ford usually launches high quality products.

Have you tried any of the new quads? What did you think? Did they end up working for you or did you find them patchy/sheer? I bought mine from Nordstrom and Sephora. They’re also available at all Tom Ford Beauty counters now.


Eye Makeup Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Mothership VI Midnight Sun Eyeshadow Palette

October 1, 2019

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun

Pat McGrath Labs launched a eyeshadow palette called Mothership VI Midnight Sun ($125 for 10 shades, 1.32 g each eyeshadow) and it’s glorious! True to Pat McGrath’s style this palette has a mix of bold and edgy colors with a unique combination of colors. The format and textures are the same as her other Mothership palettes where she has mattes, smooth metallic shimmers and glittery sparkles. For me this is way outside of my comfort zone but I still had fun playing with it. Quality and pigment-wise all the colors are phenomenal. The mattes blend and layer beautifully. As boring as the soft tan brown Taboo looks I found it really nice and flattering! The shimmers are almost creamy to the touch and blend smoothly. The glitters give this multi-dimensional iridescent sheen that is quite amazing – there is some fallout with the glitters as expected but it’s easy to clean up. I recommend applying the sparkles with a damp brush, over a creamy base to help it stick, or fingers in a patting motion.

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches and close ups of Midnight Sun which includes all new shades:

  • Skinshow Moon Glow is a smooth metallic champagne
  • Bronze Eclipse is a warm shimmery bronze taupe
  • Vermillion Venom is matte cranberry
  • Blood Moon 005 is a glittery copper rose metallic
  • Jubilee is a glittery warm yellow gold
  • Xtreme Dusk is a deep brown matte
  • Taboo is a matte medium brown
  • Wicked Envy is a shimmery olive
  • Blitz Violet Orchid is an ultra smooth almost creamy blue violet shimmer
  • Astral Solstice is a glittering platinum sparkle

Pat McGrath Labs Midnight Sun

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun swatches

Close ups of the pans and closer/larger swatches:

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun palette

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun top row

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun bottom row

Look wearing a few of the colors from Midnight Sun which includes Bronzed Eclipse, Taboo, Blood Moon 005 and Astral Solstice mixed, also wearing Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Foundation in Medium 15, Powder in Light Medium 2, LUST Gloss in Carnal Desire, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat.

Midnight Sun and Carnal Desire

Midnight Sun Eyeshadow Palette

The palette is stunning for sure! But I didn’t love all of the colors. Quality and performance-wise it’s excellent, however I cannot wear yellow golds or violet purples – they clash with my skin tone no matter how pretty they are or how hard I try to blend. For her palettes I prefer the color scheme of her previous launch Mothership V Bronze Seduction or any of her 6-pan palettes which I find easier to wear for someone like me who tends to be more conservative on the sparkle for eyes. I do think it is different/unique enough to justify owning if you like all the colors. For me I most likely would not have bought this one as I really try to stick with my rule of buying palettes if I think I will like all the colors. I’m still going to try to make the purple work for me but it’s never really been a color I gravitate towards.

The Mothership VI Midnight Sun is available now at Pat McGrath Labs. Have you tried any of her eyeshadow palettes before? What did you think?

Midnight Sun provided courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs for review.

Eye Makeup Lips NARS

NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tints (New Shades) + Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette

July 2, 2019

NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tints Primal Instinct, High Security, Disco Infernal and Mini Wanted

NARS launched a few new products at Sephora with new shades of the Oil-Infused Lip Tints ($26 each 0.17 oz/5.7 ml) and a pocket-sized eyeshadow palette called the Wanted Mini Eyeshadow Palette ($25 for 6 colors 0.02 oz/.7 g x 6). I have swatches plus thoughts on all the new launches. Per the NARS team everything is limited-edition.


Oil-Infused Lip Tints

NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tints Primal Instinct, High Security, Disco Infernal review

I’ve been a huge fan of the Orgasm Oil-Infused Lip Tint and Orgasm Afterglow Balm so I was excited to try the new lip oil shades. There are three colors and they have the same emollient feel and packaging as the Orgasm oil: hydrating, smooth, not sticky, comforting and offer just a slight hint of color. On me pigment is barely there and sheer. I don’t get a shift on the lips in color like I did with the Orgasm color (review here). They are formulated with raspberry seed oil and pomegranate extracts to hydrate and protect.

  • Primal Instinct is a sheer beige
  • High Security is a fuchsia
  • Disco Infernal is a purple berry

For me I think Orgasm is the best color as it transforms to a healthy soft pink on me. The new ones are nice if you can’t do the color-shifting lip products. I know some of you find they turn into a super unflattering bright pink – these look different on everyone. The new ones are so sheer and have a similar vibe on me, I’d recommend opting for just one if you want to try them. Even though they look practically the same on me, I’ve still been loving the formula for the beach or warm weather days. I wore the beige one out kayaking with my niece and nephew who were visiting in town last week. It stayed put for 5 hours straight without budging or sliding. Lips felt good the entire time.

NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tints Primal Instinct, High Security, Disco Infernal swatches

Swatches are done on bare lips:

NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tints Primal Instinct, High Security, Disco Infernal swatches


Mini Wanted

NARS Mini Wanted Eyeshadow Palette

NARS launched a pocket size version of one of their best selling palettes Wanted in a super mini version called the Wanted Eyeshadow Mini Palette (originally reviewed here). The mini has 6 shades while the full size has 12. I think the full-size is the better buy and you get more color options for a complete eye look. The mini is one of the smallest palettes I think I’ve ever seen. Quality of the mini is the same as the full large option you can still find at Ulta or Macy’s. Colors applied smoothly without any issue and layer beautifully. The customer reviews online are pretty bad but to me it seems it’s all based on the size and price. I think it’s all based on the packaging presentation – one look at this in person and it’s fairly unimpressive just based on the size. The Natasha Denona Mini Eye Palettes are the same price $25 and are also similar in weight per pan for the shadows but seems to have more positive reviews even though it’s tiny too. Also by comparison the NARS Voyageur Eyeshadow Palettes have 6 shades just like the Mini Wanted, is priced higher at $32 yet has less product (pans are .6 g each). The packaging and presentation looks so much better even though these are small pans as well.

I think the Mini Wanted might be nice if you want to gift something at that $25 or under price point and still have it be from a luxury brand. I do think there are better options out there, but a quick price filter just on Sephora alone shows that most of them will be over the $25 mark.

NARS Mini Wanted Eyeshadow Palette review via the beauty look book

NARS Mini Wanted Eyeshadow Palette swatches


NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tints Primal Instinct, High Security, Disco Infernal and Mini Wanted review and swatchesQuality-wise everything performs well. The eyeshadows are smooth, nicely pigmented, layer beautifully for a soft rosy eye look. They stay put and don’t have a lot of fall out and blend well. The palette is too small for my taste even though I do love a good mini. I think the full size is a lot better  for the price and more versatile.

The Oil-Infused Lip Tints are lovely for that smooth hydrating feel and soft wash of color to tint the lips. They do make the lips look lush and glossy in a really pretty way, but I’m still partial to the first one they launched in Orgasm.

You can find these new launches available now at Sephora.



Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

NARS items featured provided courtesy of NARS for review.

Chanel Eye Makeup

Chanel New Eye Collection Review + Swatches

June 3, 2019

Chanel Beauty The New Eye Collection Review and Swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Chanel recently launched The New Eye Collection with four color themes for eyeshadows, liners and tinted mascaras. The texture and pigment of the four Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadows are really quite phenomenal. For those who feel like they want a non-neutral eye color but don’t want something with high shimmer or super warm tones, this collection offers some nice alternatives. I also just saw they released a new Eyelash Curler so I picked that up to round out the collection review.

I have all four quads, five eyeliners, four mascaras plus the curler reviewed. There may be some additional liners in the collection (new and repromotes) as well. In today’s post:

Some quick notes on the formulas before I go into the color themes. Formulas across the board are consistent in pigment, color payoff, lasting power and blendability. The Les 4 Ombres seem to be a significant improvement over previous years’ quads. The mattes are almost creamy to the touch, they’re super soft and easy to blend for a soft smokey look. The shimmers also have a very soft feel to them and adhere well to the skin. Lasting power is very good with better pigment compared to older quads. The Stylo Yeux Wateproof Eyeliners are all smooth in texture (these are twist up liners with a removeable sharpener at the base). In the past this formula has been hit or miss, some have had tugging issues for me. This launch every color is smooth, easy to blend and layer in a feathering motion and there was no tugging. The Le Volume Revolution de Chanel Mascaras offer nice volume without any clumping or smudging. The color is subtle on me once it dries down. Color darkens once it dries on my black lashes, but it is a nice change from the traditional black or brown.

Chanel Beauty The New Eye Collection Review and Swatches | The Beauty Look Book


Blurry Mauve

Chanel New Eye Collection Blurry Mauve | The Beauty Look Book

I’m starting with my favorite color theme of the four with the Blurry Mauve theme. This color theme reminds me a little of the Rouge Noir liners they’ve launched in the past but the red is more muted and color theme has a blurred greyed kind of mix for a more neutral tone. The overall look is a beautiful smokey mauve plum which I think is the easiest for me to wear:

  • Les 4 Ombres in Blurry Mauve has a satiny matte mauve plum, a shimmering taupe plum, a matte deep wine and a soft mauve matte
  • Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Brun Agape is the perfect shimmery plum-red shimmer liner
  • Le Volume Revolution in Deep Eros is a deep wine colored mascara
  • Note the website lists 928 Eros as another liner for the color theme, I have not seen it or tried it yet though.

Chanel New Eye Collection Blurry Mauve | The Beauty Look Book

Below wearing Blurry Mauve (all 4 shades), Brun Agape and Deep Eros, also wearing:

Chanel New Eye Collection Blurry Mauve look | The Beauty Look Book

Chanel Blurry Mauve Makeup look


Blurry Green

Chanel Blurry Green Eye Collection Review | The Beauty Look Book

My second favorite is the Blurry Green collection which is huge for me as I’m not a green fan. This palette has two olive/green tones with a mix of golden sandy brown shimmers to neutralize the color. I think I can wear this color palette year round but it seems like it’s going to be the perfect fall palette. Lasting power was excellent – it stayed put all day over the weekend from morning to evening, lasted through the heat!

  • Les 4 Ombres in Blurry Green has a metallic golden sand, a shimmery olive, a shimmery sage green and a shimmery deeper soft brown, this is the most shimmery of the four but isn’t overly frosted. Colors layer beautifully together for a soft smokey olive eye.
  • Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Jungle Green is the prettiest forest green shimmer eyeliner I’ve seen in a long time. It has a really pretty deep finish on the eyes (swatches better on the eye than my arm).
  • Le Volume Revolution de Chanel in in Jungle Green is a dark forest green mascara. It almost has a metallic sheen to it but once it dries down looks like a deep blackened green.

Chanel Blurry Green and Jungle Green swatches | The Beauty Look Book


Blurry Grey

Chanel Blurry Grey, Noir Engimatique, Black Wood and Volcan Review

The Blurry Grey theme has an interesting twist on the traditional black/white/grey smokey eye palette. The colors pull warmer on the skin compared to what you see in the palette. Overall look on my olive/medium/golden skin is still neutral cool which makes it easier to wear than most smokey eye palettes. Colors are soft and blurred for a nice date-night eye:

  • Les 4 Ombres in Blurry Grey has a soft blue-grey matte, a soft blurred deep charcoal, a neutral warm almost plum smokey, a shimmery soft silvery
  • Stylo Yeux Wateproof in in Noir Engimatique is a shimmery cool black and Black Wood is a more neutral soft washed black liner
  • Le Volume Revolution de Chanel in Volcan is described as a grey, but it’s pretty much a soft black on the lashes

Chanel Blurry Grey, Noir Engimatique, Black Wood and Volcan Review Swatches


Blurry Blue

Chanel Blurry Blue, Intense Teal Review and Swatches

Last is the Blurry Blue themed collection which I think has a more wearable color palette for blues compared to the more trendy blue and teal colors out there. I cannot pull off teals or blue shades on my eyes, at best I can wear navy. Still the quality is excellent and I think the teal mascara is fun (still subtle but fun). This gives a really pretty blurred out grey-blue eye look, I just didn’t like the blue tones on my skin from the shadow, the liner and mascara are really fun though!

  • Les 4 Ombres in Blurry Blue has some blue grey tones with a matte grey, a cool gunmetal grey satin, a deep teal and a soft dove grey matte, colors are smooth and easy to blend.
  • Stylo Yeux in Intense Teal is a bold teal shimmer, once on the eyes it looks deeper/darker and not as bright.
  • Le Volume Revolution de Chanel in Intense Teal is a deep teal with a subtle effect on the lashes.

Chanel Blurry Blue, Intense Teal Review and Swatches


Lash Curler


Last but not least is the new Chanel Lash Curler. They discontinued the black lacquered one many years ago. As soon as I found out it was being pulled I stocked up and have been relying on my backups. This new one is silver and made in Japan. It comes with two extra refill pads. A number of you asked how this compares to Shiseido and Shu Uemura. It’s been a long time since I’ve used either so I can’t compare, these days my top go-to’s have been the older Chanel curler, MAC’s Eyelash Curler and Charlotte Tilbury’s. This new one from Chanel performed well, it looks almost identical in shape and size to the older version, just silver. The curler does seem to be slightly more flattened. Overall performance is excellent and I’m really happy with it.

That wraps up the review + swatches of the New Eye Collection. I think it has excellent formulas for those who want an alternative to the black/silver/grey smokey eye. My favorite is Blurry Mauve, for fall I think I’ll be reaching for Blurry Green more. Quality and pigment is really nice and easy to wear. If you want something simple and easy to wear (versus the palettes that have 10+ colors) these quads are perfect.

You can find the Chanel New Eye Collection at now. Their website and boutique had the early exclusive for the launch, but they will also available at all Chanel counters and retailers.

Have you checked out these launches yet? If yes what did you think?

Chanel Eye Collection provided courtesy of Chanel Beauty for review. Eyelash curler purchased by me.

Eye Makeup Tom Ford Beauty

New Tom Ford Eye Color Quads Body Heat, Double Indemnity, Suspicion + Emotionproof Picks

May 21, 2019

Tom Ford Eye Color Quads Body Heat, Suspicion, Double Indemnity | The Beauty Look Book

Tom Ford Beauty launched new eye makeup with three new Eye Color Quads and a long-wear collection called Emotionproof. I have a look at the three new quads, two of the cream shadows and the new mascara.

New Eye Color Quads

Tom Ford launched three new Eye Color Quads in Body Heat*, Double Indemnity and Suspicion. I was surprised three new ones popped up since he launched seven late last year. In case you missed it you can see the seven here. For those not familiar to Tom Ford Beauty, there are several different formulas of his shadows. The three new ones have that metallic stiff texture similar to Nude Dip, Honeymoon, Virgin Orchid and Daydream. They’re still powders but have an almost foiled sheen to them.

The three new palettes are a lot more wearable for my medium-tan warm olive complexion. I’m really loving both Body Heat and Suspicion for something a little more fun than your standard everyday neutral.

Body Heat

Body Heat has a shimmering pale rose, shimmering soft reddish rose, medium shimmery coffee brown, shimmery deeper brown. The two browns are very close to my eye, the deepest one does work to intensify the look and is slightly cooler toned. I think this palette goes well with a soft rose or pink lip. Application is smooth, pigment blends and layers beautifully, lasting power is excellent.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Body Heat Review | The Beauty Look Book

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Body Heat swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity is one of the best smokey eye palettes I’ve seen. Most traditional smokey palettes are too cool-toned with silvers and greys. This has a unique mix which makes it more wearable for my olive skin. It has a pale shimmering icy white, a shimmering silver with a hint of sage, shimmery smokey cool brown and a black with silver flecks.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Double Indemnity Review | The Beauty Look Book

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Double Indemnity swatches | The Beauty Look Book


Suspicion has the golden tones that I pretty much live for. It does pull a little yellow and the orangey-gold is pretty vivid. When you layer all the colors together it neutralizes the yellow a little for a more neutral warm gold sheen. This one is the most metallic of the three. If you can’t wear ultra metallic shades you might want to pass on this one and I’d recommend you opt for either Chanel Lueurs Ambrees (so pretty) or the Pat McGrath Sublime Bronze Ambition (for more variety in colors at a better price point)

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Suspicion Review | The Beauty Look Book

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Suspicion swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Comparison swatches to other Tom Ford quads:

Tom Ford Nude Dip, Body Heat, Honeymoon
Titanium Smoke, Double Indemnity, Supernouveau
Golden Mink, Suspicion, Leopard Sun

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Looks with each of the three palettes, for skintone reference I wear the Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation in Natural (usually around MAC NC35):

  • Look 1: Tom Ford Body Heat, wearing Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk with Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fussy
  • Look 2: Double Indemnity, wearing Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow
  • Look 3: Suspicion, wearing Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Sexy Sienna with Lip Lustre in Blondie on top


Three Beauty Looks

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Makeup Looks with Body Heat, Double Indemnity and Suspicion

Emotionproof Mascara

Tom Ford Emotionproof Mascara Review | Sabrina The Beauty Look Book

There’s a new Emotionproof Mascara which seems to have replaced my holy grail Waterproof Extreme. To me they perform the same – it adds volume, holds the curl, does not smudge. The only difference is Emotionproof tends to clump on the brush very quickly after a couple uses. I’m used to some level of clumping with mascara on the brush as it picks up product. I wish the interior had some kind of design to wipe off product a little better. Still anything that won’t smudge and that holds the curl is a winner in my book. I can just clean off the wand every 4 uses or so.

Emotionproof Eye Colors

Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Colors Brut Rose and Casino | The Beauty Look Book

Last I bought two of the Emotionproof Eye Colors in Brut Rose and Casino. I’ll start with the pros: both shades I bought are really pretty and easy to wear. They set pretty quickly and once they do set they don’t budge. Cons: everyone seems to say these are like overpriced MAC Paint Pots and I pretty much agree. I think they’re nice if you want a long lasting budge-proof cream shadow. However since they dry so fast you have to blend and apply quickly – once they set, layering more cream on tends to make it look streaky and dry. I don’t think they’re horrible like some reviews have said, but I definitely don’t think they’re anything special or splurge-worthy unless you absolutely love the colors. I think Brut Rose is really pretty but it seems pretty dupeable.

Swatch comparisons to Laura Mercier Caviar Chrome Eye Stick in Magnetic Pink, By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz, Laura Mericer Caviar Eye Stick in Burnished Bronze and Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Mona Lisa

Tom Ford Emotionproof Swatch comparisons


Tom Ford Eye Color Quads Body Heat, Suspicion, Double Indemnity | The Beauty Look Book

Overall loving the new quads the most. Based on what I’ve seen from other Tom Ford quads you can find some similar options among different palettes. I really like the look of Body Heat the best. If you want more variety and color range within a single palette but still like shimmer finishes I think you’ll find more of a diverse options within a compact by trying out the Pat McGrath palettes. I think the new Emotionproof Mascara is good, but part of me thinks it’s just Waterproof Extreme with a slightly different tube (because of the clumping issue) and different name.

You can find the new Tom Ford Eye Products out now. I bought mine from Sephora and Nordstrom. Also available at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Beautylish and Saks Fifth Avenue.



Body Heat sent as a press sample. Other items purchased by me.


Eye Makeup Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs EYEdols Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

March 29, 2019

Pat McGrath EYEdols Eyeshadow Singles Review

Pat McGrath Labs launched eyeshadow singles called EYEdols Eye Shadow ($25 each for 1.1 g/ 0.04 oz, made in USA). There are 17 shades total, 11 are repromotes from previously launched palettes and 6 are brand new shades. For those who prefer to pick individual colors I think this is the perfect way to try a few before committing to a full size palette. In my experience all of her eyeshadow palettes are among the best out there. I tend to be more conservative with my eyeshadow but since playing with her bold options have found myself experimenting more with different textures and colors, and I love it!

Pat McGrath EYEdols Eyeshadow Singles Review

I was lucky to get an early preview of the eye shadows and have been playing with them for days now. In the interest of time I wasn’t able to get any makeup looks photographed for you but can if you’re interested. I swatched all the colors but have only been able to fully test 10 of them on the eyes so far. Everything is excellent in quality, color payoff and pigment. There are varying textures/finishes: mattes, shimmers, sparkles and metallics. Lasting power is really good, there were only some fall out issues with a couple of the sparkles (application-wise) which I’ll note below.

The EYEdols come in a clear plastic case and the pans are not removable. Size-wise they look to be the same in circumference as the palettes but they have less product than the MTHRSHP Palettes which have 12 g/ 0.42 oz for 6 shades which breaks down to 2 g / 0.07 oz each. The 6-pan palettes run at $55 each which make for a better buy. But sometimes it’s nice to just pick the colors you want individually.

First a look at all the colors and as many swatches as I could fit on one arm, then a closer look at all the colors plus descriptions and thoughts.

Pat McGrath EYEdols Eyeshadow Singles Review

Pat McGrath EYEdols eyeshadow swatches

Pat McGrath EYEdols eyeshadow swatches


Up first are the neutral shades, for reference I’ve linked the previous palette reviews:

Pat McGrath EYEdols Celestial, Telepathic Taupe, Statuesque and Sextrovert review

Pat McGrath EYEdols Celestial, Telepathic Taupe, Statuesque and Sextrovert swatches


Next are the warm golden colors:

  • Gold Standard (from MTHRSHP Subversive Metalmorphosis) is a bright yellow sparkle gold, this had some fall out with the chunky sparkles with application, once applied and on the skin fallout is minimal
  • Enraptured (from MTHRSHP Subliminal Dark Star) is a more neutral brassy gold shimmer
  • Corrupt Copper (new) is a warm metallic copper orange gold

Pat McGrath EYEdols Gold Standard, Enraptured, Corrupt Copper Review

Pat McGrath EYEdols Gold Standard, Enraptured, Corrupt Copper Review + Swatches


Next are the rosy warm tones:

  • Rose Venus (new) is one of the prettiest sparking rose pink shimmers with a metallic sheen
  • Pale Fire (from MTHRSHP La Vie En Rose) is a satiny shimmering soft baby warm pink
  • Burnished Honey (new)
  • Crimson Fire (new) is a shimmering warm red
  • Deep Velvet (from MTHRSHP Platinum Bronze) is a deep cool matte brown

Pat McGrath EYEdols Rose Venus, Pale Fire, Burnished Honey, Crimson Fire and Deep Velvet review

Pat McGrath EYEdols Rose Venus, Pale Fire, Burnished Honey, Crimson Fire and Deep Velvet review


Last are the set of bolds and deep colors:

  • Synthetica (new) is a sparkling bright purple violet with chunky sparkles
  • Purple Reign (from MTHRSHP La Vie En Rose) is a satiny deep bright bold purple
  • Dark Matter (from MTHRSHP Subliminal Dark Star) is a black satin
  • Divine Mink (from Mothership IV Decadence) is a metallic silvery greyed brown
  • Lapis Luxury (from Mothership IV Decadence) is a metallic teal sparkle

Pat McGrath EYEdols Synthetica, Purple Reign, Dark Matter, Divine Mink and Lapis LuxuryPat McGrath EYEdols Synthetica, Purple Reign, Dark Matter, Divine Mink and Lapis Luxury swatches


My favorites are actually the ones that are already in the previously launched palettes which include: Telepathic Taupe, Sextrovert, Deep Velvet, Dark Matter and Divine Mink. I also did really like the matte neutral in Statuesque for a soft brown crease color. Rose Venus which is new is also a really stunning warm pink color.

Overall excellent quality and color payoff. I like that the packaging is simple and no-fuss. The fact that it comes in a clear case makes it easy to see the color inside. For me I still prefer her palettes but singles are a nice way to try one or a few shades you really want rather than having to purchase colors you may never (or rarely use). Price-wise I do think these are on spendy but they seem to be similar to what other luxury beauty eyeshadows other singles are priced at. I feel like palettes are always going to be priced better for price per oz versus individual shades.

You can find the Pat McGrath Labs EYEdols on her website She also has a few kit bundle options that come with a price break.

Have you checked these out yet? Or any of her palettes? What did you think?

Pat McGrath EYEdols provided courtesy of the Pat McGrath Labs team for review.


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New Mascara + Primer Testing: Pat McGrath, Marc Jacobs, Sisley + More

February 28, 2019

Mascara Testing Pat McGrath, Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer, Lancome Monsieur Big, YSL Curler, Sisley So Volume Review

I have another mascara + primer roundup today! As much as I love and swear by waterproof formulas like Chanel Le Volume Waterproof, L’Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof and Tom Ford Waterproof Extreme (sold out everywhere!), so many of you prefer regular formulas because they’re easier to take off. I have straight lashes and live in a city that has high humidity so I really prefer waterproof most of the time so it’s beach-proof and sweat-proof. For me it’s worth the extra time and effort to remove every evening. Still I understand it’s a total pain to remove which makes it not worth it for everyone (I swear by these Almay pads to remove the most stubborn of waterproof makeup, make sure you pick the waterproof remover version). The good news is there are a lot of new formulas that launched I think you might want to check out. A couple of these aren’t entirely brand new but new to me.

Home decor / style note details at the bottom of the post, but for all those asking my nail polish is OPI Another Ramen-tic Evening.

Mascara Testing Pat McGrath, Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer, Lancome Monsieur Big, YSL Curler, Sisley So Volume Review


Pat McGrath cannot do wrong in my eyes and she launched the new FetishEyes Mascara earlier this month. I received an early sneak peek and have been testing it for a couple months now. It’s a great non-clumping, defining mascara. It adds length and doesn’t smudge. For me it doesn’t quite add as much volume or drama as other formulas do but it’s a solid one and I truly appreciate that there is zero clumping. Curl holding is not the best, but also not the worst. If you don’t have issues with straight lashes I think you will have no problem with this formula. If you haven’t tried anything from her FetishEyes Collection I highly recommend her Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner (the two available in the Xtreme Duo bundle on her website).

Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara Review


Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara has been raved about my SO many of you. You’ve told me it’s your HOLY GRAIL. I bought the pink packaging one at Sephora and really love it. The regular formula does not smudge but we have had a cold winter here (it has been down to 40s/50s) and even though it’s warming up the humidity isn’t what it normally is. I am worried it will smudge with the humidity so I’m going to investigate in the waterproof version soon. This one adds the most volume that I’ve tried for a non-waterproof formula. It will hold the curl too.

Lancome Monsier Big Mascara Review


Marc Jacobs launched a Velvet Primer to go with their Velvet Noir Mascara. I feel like most primers have done little for my lashes except the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Primer which is great, but not necessary. Even most high-end ones just didn’t do enough to wow me so I had low expectations for this Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer. It exceeded every expectation I had. Paired with the Velvet Noir Mascara it helps the mascara adhere SO much better and makes the mascara look much better. I haven’t tried it with other formulas but am going to. For now I’m thoroughly impressed. I think it’s worth checking out.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer Review


The YSL Faux Cils Volume Effect in The Curler just came on my radar. I don’t know how new it is (or if it’s really is new). It’s described as a “curling mascara featuring a unique hybrid brush that dramatically curls and defines lashes for an unparalleled full fan effect.” The description alone plus all near 5-star reviews sold me. It didn’t work for me or knock my socks off. It doesn’t hold the curl or curl my lashes. I really do love the brush and how it’s curved and has rubber bristles. It just didn’t live up to the description for me. I like that there’s no clumping, it defines nicely and doesn’t smudge. I just don’t see enough volume and for me there is no curling effect or hold.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils - The Curler


Last but not least is the Sisley So Volume Mascara. For some reason I did not think this was new but the press email I received says it is. I’ve tried a few other formulas from Sisley and they’re all ridiculously expensive. This one has a thick chubby wand with bristles and does indeed add serious volume. It has ingredients to soften the lashes which is nice. Once applied it doesn’t have that crunchy feel most mascaras have but it stays put. I haven’t used it long enough to see if it is indeed strengthening but I don’t know that I would be able to tell with any formula. I like this because it adds volume with one stroke. It doesn’t hold the curl as well as waterproof formulas but doesn’t make mine go straight immediately. It’s also included in the Rachel Goodwin x Les Stars Collection bundle.

Sisley So Volume Mascara


I hope you found this roundup helpful! I think mascara is always tricky for me to write about because even with reviews it’s hard to tell how one may or may not work for you. We all have different lash lengths, density and eye shapes. I’ve tried so many that worked for others that didn’t for me so I know it can be the case for you as well. I still really prefer waterproof formulas so they’ll hold the curl for me. I end up with raccoon eyes most of the time so I’m surprised I found some non-waterproof formulas that didn’t smudge this round.

A few notes on other items featured in the post. On the nails is OPI Another Ramen-tic Evening, Mirrored Trays here, Coffee table here, my favorite eyelash curler is from MAC. Flat zip pouches in the Marc Jacobs photo are from The Daily Edited.

What’s your favorite non-waterproof mascara formula? Always love reading about your recommendations!



Press samples from Sisley, Marc Jacobs and Pat McGrath.


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