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Tatcha Holiday 2018 Lip Sets Review + Swatches

November 15, 2018

Tatcha Holiday 2018 Lip Sets Review | The Beauty Look Book

Tatcha always has the prettiest Holiday Gift Sets and today I have a review of three lip sets. They have a number of skincare bundles which are always priced at a good value but the lip sets are the ones that caught my eye. Today 11/15 is the last day of their Friends and Family Event, you can get 20% off sitewide with code FRIENDS18 at checkout. I’m thrilled the lip sets have not yet sold out as every year they usually do. The three sets I hauled:

I’ve reviewed their lipsticks over the years including Kyoto Red, Sunrise: A Plum Blossom, and Twilight: A Cherry Blossom. The packaging, presentation and formula of every color is exquisite. The full size options are on the expensive side but they are truly special. Sometime last year they launched a purple berry color Beautyberry in a Trio Set with lipstick, liner and balm form which many of you asked me to review. I don’t typically wear blue-based colors and thought it would be too blue so I passed until now because it’s available in one of the mini sets!

Tatcha Japanese Blossoms and Kyoto Kisses Mini Silk Lipstick Trio review

There are two mini lipstick sets, they come in small bullets 1.3 g/0.04 oz each, made in Japan. The lipstick pigment and color appears to be the same as the full size options I tried and review, but to me the formula in the trios seem to be a tiny bit glossier in finish (except for the red). The difference is not too noticeable, could just be me. The Mini Silk Lipstick Trios come packaged in a beautiful box and there is a holder inside which I really appreciate. It holds them in place perfectly so when shipped there shouldn’t be any rolling around in the box. Both sets are beautiful. I can’t pick a favorite.

Japanese Blossoms Mini Silk Lipstick Trio has Sunrise: A Plum Blossom (medium rose pink), Twilight: A cherry blossom (pale soft pink) and Beautyberry (a cool plum berry). In the tube Beautyberry looks like it has the slightest hint of iridescent shimmer, on my lips I don’t see the shimmer as much. Given the fact that most blue-based lipsticks make me look sallow because of my skintone I was really pleasantly surprised to find Beautyberry wearable for my olive complexion. I don’t know that I love it enough to buy the full size options though.

Tatcha Japanese Blossoms Mini Silk Lipstick Trio review

Lip swatches on bare lips, foundation I’m wearing for skintone reference is the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 6.5:

Tatcha Sunrise A Plum Blossom Lipstick Swatch

Tatcha Twilight A Cherry Blossom Lipstick swatch

Tatcha Beautyberry Lipstick Swatch

Kyoto Kisses has Sunrise: A Plum Blossom (medium rose pink), a new shade Peony Blossom (sheer glossy pink coral), and Kyoto Red (bold bright matte red). I think the new Peony Blossom is their best shade yet, but I’m really partial to peachy pink coral shades. The peach and pink shades have sheer to medium coverage with one swipe, but you can layer for full coverage. Lip swatches below show they covered my entire lip well. Kyoto Red is one of the most intense bold reds I’ve ever tried. It’s a matte although in my swatches you might see a tiny bit of shine because of the flash I use.

Tatcha Kyoto Kisses Mini Silk Lipstick Trio review

Lip swatches on bare lips:

Tatcha Sunrise A Plum Blossom Lipstick Swatch

Tatcha Peony Blossom Lipstick swatch

Tatcha Kyoto Red Lipstick swatch

All swatched side by side:

Tatcha Japanese Blossoms and Kyoto Kisses Mini Silk Lipstick Trio review

I’ve saved my favorite for last which is the Blushing Lips Duo. It has a full size Kissu Lip Mask (9 g/ 0.32 oz, made in Japan) and a full size Peony Blossom Silk Lipstick (3.4 g/0.1 oz).

Tatcha Blushing Lips Duo, Peony Silk Blossom and Kissu Lip Mask

The Kissu Lip Mask was available individually but kept selling out and I never managed to check out in time to buy it. I’m really happy I got it in this set because it’s such a pretty smooth lip balm. I like it MUCH more than their regular Camellia Lip Balm and that is one I still consider to be very good. The Kissu Lip Mask has a soft cushiony feel, it’s hydrating and smooth. No sticky or tacky feel. It’s clear but the color has a slight pink tint in the pot. There’s a small gold applicator you can use to apply which is cute, but I wish the cap had a holder like the Water Cream or Silk Cream because I always lose applicators!

Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask Review

Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask Review and Swatch

Peony Silk Blossom Lipstick is such a pretty natural coral pink. It’s medium in coverage but you can layer for more. It has a soft sheen like the other silk lipsticks. Lasting power is average for a glossy lipstick but these fade nicely since there is some shine to it. If this came in a lip liner or balm I would totally jump to buy it as well. Scroll up to see the swatch of this on the lips (it’s also in the mini in the Kyoto Kisses Set).

Tatcha Peony Blossom Silk Lipstick

All the lips swatched side by side:

Because the sale event is happening and also because I haven’t written about Tatcha in a while, I wanted to highlight my top 5 picks of the moment. I’ve used them for many years since the brand’s early days (I just looked at my order history and it was back in 2013 when I first started using their skincare!). There hasn’t been a product I didn’t like. Their skincare is nice and I like that they have lots of options for either sensitive or dry skin. My top 5:

  • Kissu Lip Mask is now a favorite! I hope it’s permanent
  • Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is one of the nicest hydrating face mists, during the hot humid times of the year in Florida it’s a little too heavy for me, but right now we’re going into dry season and it’s perfect, when I lived in San Diego I used it a lot all year round
  • Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is a classic staple
  • The Silk Canvas Primer is one of my favorite primers when I wear a primer, review here
  • The Water Cream is my go-to light moisturizer, also reviewed here

LOVE love love that they carry travel sizes you can buy. They are perfect for travel or on-the-go. If you’re new to the brand I highly recommend you try one of their starter sets because it’s the best way to try the minis. I also really loved their Rice Enzyme Powders for cleansers and soft gentle exfoliation. This year they reformulated them though and I’m still working my way through the older ones and have not tried the new ones yet.

Sabrina's Tatcha Favorites

Tatcha Holiday Lip 2018 Sets Review | The Beauty Look Book

I think all three sets I hauled are excellent. If I had to pick one it would be the Blushing Lips Duo because I like the lip mask. I use it as a regular lip balm, but I did leave it on overnight last night and it left lips feeling soft and smooth. I do think I prefer the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask more but they’ve got a different texture and finish. Plus I can never have enough lip balms.

You can find these Tatcha holiday sets online at Tatcha. Their Friend and Family Sale Event ends today 11/15 with code FRIENDS18 at checkout for 20% off sitewide.

You can also find Tatcha products at other retailers like Sephora, Barney’s New York and QVC. Each retailer has their own gift set selection for the holidays as well in case you want to check out more options!

P.S. Side note – I’m going to be adding a few things to my blog sale page @stylednotes in case you’re interested in shopping my closet!

Base Makeup Skincare Tatcha

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Review

March 21, 2018

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Review | The Beauty Look Book

Tatcha launched a new primer called The Silk Canvas Protective Primer ($52 for 0.7 oz/ 20 g, available at Tatcha and Sephora). It’s described as a “multitasking skin-protecting, makeup-perfecting primer is for face, eyes, and lips” that “smooths and makes makeup last longer while keeping it out of skin, helping to prevent clogged pores and breakouts.” I tried it two ways, as an all over face primer and as an eye shadow primer and found it to be one of the best that I’ve tried. I usually don’t like makeup primers because although they do make my makeup look better when applied, they don’t make my makeup last as long as advertised. Also I apply moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, powder and occasionally concealer just for my base, adding one more layer of primer often seems just too heavy and excessive. That doesn’t even count the days I add serum (which I’m actually pretty lazy about). I’ve found Tatcha skincare to be excellent in quality, packaging design and performance. The Silk Canvas is no exception.

The Tatcha Silk Canvas primer has a velvety smooth feel and comes in a super pale pink cream. The cream disappears into the skin once blended on the face but since I’m very tan I can detect a very slight pale cast left on my hand. Once on the face it is barely noticeable and even applying a sheer base on top will cover it entirely. The primer smooths out the skin and does a really good job at making the skin a smooth canvas for makeup application. To apply they’ve given you a small circular disk with a line indicator. Simply swipe it across the surface until product hits the line and that is supposed to give you enough for your entire face. For me it does give the perfect amount of product. I like the applicator because it will keep the product itself germ-free and from fingers although I’m one who always loses any kind of small applicator (compact brushes, spatulas, stirring sticks, you name it, I will most likely misplace it). I’m going to have to try and be more diligent about these things. Finish-wise it’s not heavy or thick feeling.

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer Review | The Beauty Look Book

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer Packaging Review | The Beauty Look Book

With The Silk Canvas there’s no detectable scent. Edit – it is lightly scented but for me there is no detectable scent once it is blended on my face. Your mileage may vary depending on how sensitive your nose is. It doesn’t clog my pores. It feels velvety without being thick. Foundation goes on smoothly and the entire face feels noticeably more matte throughout the day and when I tested it I didn’t have to touch up once. Skin looks smoother with this although I do remember seeing a more noticeable smoothing effect with their Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen that doubles as a sunscreen and primer for me. I’ve been out of this and keep forgetting to repurchase!

You may have to do a bit of experimenting to get the right combination of bases. I tested it with a number of different combinations. Since I like to have as few layers of makeup on my face with Florida humidity I tested it with a few double-duty products like sunscreen and serum in one. The primer worked well with any combination of these. Your combo of course is most likely going to be different depending on your skin type and skincare routine. You might apply sunscreen after your moisturizer too.

Tatcha Silk Canvas Application Combinations | The Beauty Look Book

Step 1: Apply a double-duty sunscreen and primer in one with the Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum (one of my favorites, also Andrew’s current favorite)

Step 2: Apply a moisturizer, I tested the primer in combination with four different moisturizers on different occasions, ones that worked well included the Tatcha Watercream * (lightest in texture), Tatcha Silk Cream (best for normal to dry skin), Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream * (lightweight in texture for normal / combo skin), Drunk Elephant Protini™ Polypeptide Cream (another favorite with more hydration than the water cream or sisley, but still good for combo skin).

Step 3: Add a layer of Tatcha’s The Silk Canvas all over face.

Step 4: Apply your foundation base, ones I tested that work well with this primer include the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation in Medium Sand (review soon), Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation in Bisque, Dior Forever Undercover Foundation (I mix 21 and 31, color shown above is 31), La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer + Foundation in Satin Nude and Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude in 3W1. I did not test all my bases as I haven’t had enough time to do so. But with the ones I did try, I found it compatible with a wide range of formulas.

I always set with powder too. Swatch on my hand below to show what it looks like blended. If you blend more on the face it disappears completely.

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Review | The Beauty Look Book

Swatches for eyeshadow with three shades from Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quad in Honeymoon which I think has excellent pigment on its own. Swatched on bare skin vs over the primer just using fingers to swatch. The primer makes the product adhere better to the skin with richer more opaque application.

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eyeshadow Swatches over Tatcha Silk Canvas

Compared to other smoothing matte primers I’ve tested, the most similar one in effect is the Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen * and Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen. Tarte’s Timeless Smoothing Primer is also similar and one that works well for me but is thicker in texture as it’s more dense. All of these have a velvety silicone-like feel and finish to them, but I’m really thrilled that none of them irritated my skin or clogged my pores. Your mileage may vary depending on your sensitivity.

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Review | The Beauty Look Book

Bottom line a solid winner. I do think it’s very similar to their Pore Perfecting Sunscreen, just in a different formula and packaging. The Silk Canvas does a better job at keeping everything matte throughout the day. But their sunscreen doubles as a primer + sunscreen. If you’re dry make sure you have your skin properly moisturized first. We’ve started to see bits of warm weather peek through here in South Florida. I will be testing this throughout the warmer months but so far for the mildly warm weather it’s performed remarkably well for me to extend the wear of makeup all day. Since it keeps makeup on a long time, be sure to wash your face thoroughly at the end of the day. I double cleanse with either a cleansing oil like the Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil * or Deep Cleanse Face Wash * and follow with a second round of cleanser which is either one of the Rice Enzyme Powders or something from Kate Somerville (loving the Exfolikate and Eradikate Cleansers right now).

You can find Tatcha’s The Silk Canvas out now at Sephora or Tatcha. I highly recommend giving it a try.

The Silk Canvas provided by Tatcha for review. Other press samples featured have a * next to them.


Skincare Tatcha

Tatcha Holiday Gift Sets + A Few of My Favorite Things

November 13, 2017

Tatcha Holiday Gift Sets and Favorite Skincare | The Beauty Look Book

Tatcha is having their holiday Friends and Family Sale online at until November 16th! With code FF2017 you will receive 20% off your order. They have a few lovely holiday gift sets you can only find on their website. I have a few to review for you today along with a roundup of my favorites. I’ve found Tatcha skincare to be great for sensitive and normal to dry skin. They’ve recently added more items for normal to combination skin which I’ve really loved. A few years ago they launched their first makeup item the Kyoto Red Lipstick. They’ve also added Plum Blossom and Cherry Blossom all of which have sold out numerous times. I hope they will restock and bring them back to be added to their permanent lineup because they are really beautiful!

Tatcha Holiday Gift Sets and Favorite Skincare | The Beauty Look Book

Up first is a look at some holiday launches. Their Holiday Gift Sets are always so beautifully packaged. Even their shipping boxes have a special touch with the packing and purple packing stickers on the outside. I’ve gifted Tatcha to a number of friends and the first thing they comment on is the beautiful packaging. Hearts are won even before they open the box!

Tatcha Holiday Gift Sets A Joyful Discovery and Kissed with Gold Set | The Beauty Look Book

If you’re looking for a good sampler set with minis the Joyful Discovery Set ($115) has six of their travel-sized favorites. If you’re new to Tatcha I think the best thing is that they have travel sizes they sell separately that have exceptional packaging. This one has:

  • One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil 25 ml
  • Classic Rice Enzyme Powder 10 g
  • The Essence 25 ml
  • Radiant Deep Brightening Serum 10 ml
  • The Silk Cream 10 ml
  • Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream 3 ml

Another cute set is the Kissed With Gold Set Duo ($32) which has their Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm and a beautiful Gold Leaf Travel Mirror. This would make for an adorable stocking stuffer for anyone that wants a special lip balm. It’s smooth and nourishing and the gold flecks make for a beautiful looking balm.

Tatcha Holiday Lip Sets and Oil | The Beauty Look Book

For lip color there are three offerings this holiday. Two sets including the Camellia Kisses Lip Balm Trio ($85) which has three full-size tinted lip balms and the Blossoming Joy Silk Lipstick Trio ($60) which has three miniature lipsticks of their Kyoto Red, Sunrise A Plum Blossom and Twilight A Cherry Blossom. Unfortunately the lipstick set has sold out but I’m hoping it will be restocked because this is the perfect mini lipstick set! I ordered these during their early access sale and am glad to have snagged them! The third item launches is the Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil ($30) which is a beautiful sheer moisturizing red. I rarely wear reds but sheer ones are perfect for neutral lip lovers like me. They look more natural but still have a lovely tint.

As a quick FYI in case you don’t want the balms as a set, you can find the Red Camellia, Gold Spun and Cherry Blossom available individually online.

Tatcha Blossoming Joy Lipstick Miniatures, Camellia Kisses Lip Balm Trio, Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil

Tatcha Blossoming Joy Lipstick Miniatures, Camellia Kisses Lip Balm Trio, Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil swatches

Tatcha Blossoming Joy Lipstick Miniatures, Camellia Kisses Lip Balm Trio, Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil Lip Swatches

Last but not least are my favorites from Tatcha. I test a lot of skincare and Tatcha is one that always manages to calm my skin down and helps immensely with dryness when it occurs. My two absolute favorites for normal combination skin are the items in the soft sea green packaging. I hope they expand the line!

Tatcha Skincare Favorites from The Beauty Look Book

My personal favorites:

  • The Water Cream is one of my favorite water burst moisturizers. It’s super lightweight and feels like water on the skin but does adhere well to give it moisture. I’m beyond obsessed with it – it’s worked extremely well in humid Florida weather. It hydrates without looking shiny or getting too moisturizing.
  • The Water Gel (sold out on Tatcha but available at Sephora) is practically the only face gel I like and use. It’s gone on many travels with me and has a bit more substance/thickness than the water cream but applies smoothly and works well under all my liquid foundations.
  • The Silk Cream is best suited for dry skin, I will use this at night sometimes because during the day it’s a bit too rich for hot humid climates. It works well to hydrate and smooth the skin.
  • The Essence is my favorite essence of the moment. I really didn’t think it was doing anything to my skin but once I used it regularly I noticed everything else that followed absorbed better into my face. Also I notice when I don’t use it my skin doesn’t feel as balanced.
  • Camellia Lip Balm (sold out on Tatcha but available at Sephora) is a classic lip balm that smooths, hydrates and plumps. The gold leaf adds a special touch to it!
  • Violet-C Radiance Mask is one of the softest most gentle brightening masks I’ve tried. It has ingredients that give the skin a brighter glowing look. I didn’t notice immediate visible results from a one-time use, but skin feels very soft after you rinse it off. Regular weekly use has improved brightness for me. If you need a stronger mask this may not be the one for you.
  • Classic Enzyme Rice Powder is a staple for soft gentle daily exfoliation. I use this in conjunction with my regular liquid cleansers from other brands because I like traditional cleansers better for clean skin. I use the Tatcha Rice Powders in place of a face scrub to exfoliate in the most gentle way possible.
  • Dewy Skin Mist is a must for travel as my skin gets dried out on airplanes. I do find it too dewy for mid-day touch ups here in Florida. I hope they consider launching a lighter weight spray mist for oily skin because that would be my dream come true!

Favorites not shown because I’m all out and plan on restocking:

Do you have any favorites from Tatcha? I know a lot of you are huge fans of the line – let me know what you’ve tried and what has worked for you! The 20% off sale runs online at through November 16th with code FF2017.

Holiday gift sets gifted courtesy of Tatcha for review. All full-size items featured have also been press samples in past features but I’ve since repurchased all the items featured in this post on my own.


Lips Tatcha

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Contour Trio

May 15, 2017

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Trio | The Beauty Look Book

Earlier last month Tatcha launched new lip products in their Twilight Cherry Blossom Lip Contour Trio ($85) and it sold out almost immediately. If you missed out I have exciting news to share from Tatcha that the set and the individual items will be restocked today at 1:00 PM PST. The Cherry Blossom collection is exclusive online to and per the team it’s going to be available only on their site. If you like natural fresh looking beauty I highly recommend you check the entire collection out. Tatcha calls this “a fresh take on nude lips” with a “universally flattering pink blush.” An FYI for this restock – the trio won’t have the purple makeup pouch as they wanted to bring the collection back as soon as they could.

A look at the collection which includes:

  • TWILIGHT: A Cherry Blossom Contouring Lip Liner is my favorite piece of the collection, it’s an ultra creamy, full pigment perfect pink beige that glides on the lips
  • TWILIGHT: A Cherry Blossom Silk Lipstick is a stunning soft petal pink, it has a glossy sheer to medium finish, it has a different formula that is lighter, sheerer and more glossy compared to their Plum Blossom and Kyoto Red
  • CHERRY BLOSSOM Camellia Lip Balm is a sheer soft tinted pink balm, on my lips it’s pretty much clear with a smooth hydrating feel

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Trio | The Beauty Look BookSwatches:

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Trio | The Beauty Look Book

Lip swatches, foundation worn is Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation and Concealer in Natural (out of all the bases I’ve tried I still think this is the best foundation I have). Setting powder used is the Armani Luminous Silk Powder Foundation in #4. I also re-swatched the now discontinued limited-edition Sunrise Plum Blossom to compare for you!

The Cherry Blossom Lip Balm is clear with a very soft sheen on my lips. The Lip Pencil pulls warmer and slightly beige on my skintone. The Lipstick is a neutral pink. Plum Blossom is a lot deeper, more pink and brighter.

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Trio | The Beauty Look Book

All three lip items applied. I applied the balm first to prep the lips, then followed with the lipliner to line and fill and then topped with the lipstick. On the eyes and cheeks I’m wearing the Becca x Chrissy Teigan Glow Face Palette (which is pure love!). Dress is an older style from Rag and Bone, similar here, here and here. When I layer all three lip products in the Cherry Blossom Lip Trio I get a soft petal pink with a beige and slightly peachy sheen. Also I am in desperate need of a hair cut – in San Diego I used the same two stylists for nearly 10 years. I’m debating whether or not to wait until I go back to visit, although I suspect I’ll have to try someone new. If you have any Tampa hair salon recommendations let me know.

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Trio | The Beauty Look Book

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Trio + Becca Chrissy Teigan Palette Look | The Beauty Look Book

And because I know you girls love comparisons, I pulled a handful of neutrals to compare. I did find a couple shades that look similar but the gorgeous presentation, packaging and formulas from Tatcha just simply cannot be matched. First a look at Cherry Blossom vs Plum Blossom (previously reviewed here), I have an untouched backup because that shade was also limited-edition:

Tatcha Cherry Blossom vs Plum Blossom | The Beauty Look Book

Lipstick comparison swatches to:

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lipstick Comparisons | The Beauty Look Book

Lipliner swatches:

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Liner Comparisons | The Beauty Look Book

Last month I saw Cherry Blossoms for the first time in NYC and the packaging of this collection matches the petal color perfectly!

Central Park NYC Cherry Blossoms Spring | The Beauty Look Book

Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lip Trio | The Beauty Look Book

I love all three – how can one resist the pretty pink tints and packaging? For the liner and lipstick there is no detectable scent. There is a very subtle scent in the lip balm but it’s barely detectable. If I had to pick one favorite it would be the lip pencil, although the other two are also very special. I’m dying for the pink lipstick packaging. Tatcha Lipsticks are made with the most exquisite details and have a gorgeous heavyweight feel. I know many women who hate paying a lot for lipstick but still think their Tatcha splurges were well worth every penny spent (myself included).

The Cherry Blossom Lip Contour Trio retails for $85. Individual items are expected to be listed online exclusively at Tatcha this afternoon. The collection is scheduled to restock today 5/15 at 1:00 PM PST. Have you tried these yet? If you were able to get them the first round what did you think?

Many thanks to Tatcha for sending the Cherry Blossom set for review.



Tatcha Silk Lipstick in Kyoto Red

May 3, 2016

I’m thrilled to share today that Tatcha has brought back their Silk Lipstick in Kyoto Red ($55 for 3.7 g) which is one of the most stunning statement reds I’ve ever seen. I missed it the first round when it launched last year so I was really happy to hear they decided to bring it back for a relaunch. To date Tatcha has released two lipsticks, Kyoto Red and A Plum Blossom (reviewed here, discontinued) – both are exquisite in every aspect. The packaging of the case is heavy weight and sturdy, the multi-faceted mold of the actual lipstick makes it super easy for precise application. These are hands down among the most luxurious and most beautifully designed lipsticks I own.

Kyoto Red is inspired by the geisha’s classic bold red lip. Tatcha’s website shows it swatched on four different skin tones to demonstrate how universally flattering color is. The pigment in the lipstick is extremely opaque making it a one-swipe wonder covering the entire lip with a single stroke. Application of color is even, smooth and full with a weightless feel. Tatcha calls the formula “feather-light” and it really is – it offers a nice soft veil of product on the lips but once it sets you completely forget you have anything on because it truly is feather light.

I would call this one a warm red but unlike many other warm reds it doesn’t turn orangey on the lips. It’s warm but still manages to stay a true red on the lips. Lasting power is quite good – it stays put for several hours without fading (snacks and drinks will cause transfer). It doesn’t feather or bleed. Quality is on point. A few quick snaps of the lipstick at the Japanese Garden at Balboa Park below:

A closer look at the lipstick below. The black, gold and red combination is quite striking.

Swatches to show how pigmented the color is, there is a very slight sheen right after application but once on the lips it has a semi-matte finish:

I was so impressed with the Sunrise Plum Blossom Lipstick and was happy to have been able to purchase that one before it sold out (I hope they bring it back). Kyoto Red is just as impressive in terms of quality, pigment and coverage. There are slight differences between the two (aside from the lipstick color and packaging color). Sunrise Plum Blossom is slightly creamier with a more cushiony moisture feel while Kyoto Red is more lightweight with a semi-matte finish. Even though the finish and feel are different I find them both equally hydrating. The day after wearing each of these my lips have a noticeablely smoother and well hydrated feel (most lipsticks either dry out my lips or make them peel by the second day).

Bottom line: another winner from Tatcha. Since I discovered the line I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve tried which I think is quite incredible. I know many of my readers are HUGE Tatcha fans, I’ve tried things based on your recommendations and have never been let down. If you’re new to the line and are interested in a top picks/roundup post let me know in the commments. For those who want to know right now what my top three favorites are right now, I swear by the Pore Perfecting Sunscreen, Dewy Skin Mist and Beauty Papers. If you’re like me and want to be able to try things before committing to the full size, Tatcha has almost all of their skincare products available in Travel/Trial Sizes for purchase. I order these for travel and also for friends. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day Gifts – they have a lot of beautifully curated Gift Sets that are impeccably packaged.
I’ve teamed up with Tatcha for a special giveaway (US only) – you can enter on my Instagram account @beautylookbook – all the details on how to enter on my page here.

In the meantime, Kyoto Red is back (I do believe while supplies last) at If you like red lipstick I highly recommend you give this one a try.

This post was created in partnership with Tatcha. Many thanks to the Tatcha for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

Tatcha Sunrise: A Plum Blossom 23-Karat Gold Illuminated Lipstick (Limited-Edition)

February 10, 2016
Tatcha just launched a new lipstick called Sunrise: A Plum Blossom ($55 for 3g/0.1 oz, made in Japan, limited-edition). As soon as I heard about it I immediately ordered a few as it looked like a pretty plum pink lip color I would wear everyday. Tatcha’s Sunrise Lipstick is one of the most luxurious lip colors I think I’ve ever splurged on. Everything is exquisite from the box to the packaging design of the tube. It’s described as a cool plum pink blush color that has a fine hint of 23-karat gold mixed in for a creamy, lustrous finish to flatter any complexion, day or night. I see a very fine veil of gold in the color but on the lips it applies more like a cream. It’s very creamy and smooth and glides on the lips easily without having too much slip. I’m so impressed with the way it feels – it’s very moisturizing but feels lightweight. I can’t detect any scent or taste which is a huge plus. Lasting power for this glossy finish lipstick is pretty impressive. On me it pulls more pink than plum and brightens the entire look for a fresh pink glow. Do note that on me, anything plum-toned tends to pull brighter and more vibrant for some reason. I recommend you check out the swatches on The Non-Blonde and Best Things in Beauty to see how it looks on other skintones.

Tatcha’s Sunrise Lip Color is inspired by the first spring time blooms of the iconic pink Japanese Plum Blossoms in Kyoto. Here in Southern California we don’t have any but I played tourist in my hometown and took a visit to the Japanese Gardens at Balboa Park to see what blooms I could find. Right now the Pear Trees are in full bloom everywhere with pretty white blossoms.

A closer look at the packaging and intricate details. The lipstick comes in a heavy weight sleek metal tube. It’s quite luxurious and I love the clean classic look of it. There are gold details on the cap and base that give this an extra special touch.

Above, on the nails Essie Barefoot and Topless 
Below, a look at the multi-faceted design of the lipstick itself

Another look at the detailing:

Some swatches, applied straight from the tube it adheres well to the lips, but with glossy lipsticks sometimes they swatch sheer on the arm. I have one light and one heavier one to show how you can build the pigment. On the lip swatches lipstick is applied straight from the tube.

Some comparison swatches:

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lip Color in Bond Girl (reviewed here)
Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Cary (swatched here)
Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dusk (on the lips here)
Tom Ford Lip Color in So Vain (on my lips here)
Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle (reviewed here)
Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Rose Blush (swatched here)

Note many of the above colors look similar on the arm, but they are pretty distinct in my opinion, especially on the lips. Tatcha Sunrise is the brightest and most youthful. Tom Ford Lips and Boys in Cary looks a lot deeper and darker on my lips. Tom Ford So Vain is significantly cooler-toned and more blue-based. Chanel Mademoiselle is warmer.

Tatcha’s Sunrise A Plum Blossom shade is hands down a winner. Even with the high price point of $55 I think it’s something that will be truly a universally flattering color no matter what skintone or lip color you have. Everything from the formula, packaging and way the lipstick is molded is exquisite and well worth the high price tag. I think it’s the perfect bright but still somewhat neutral pinkish color with a hint of plum to add life to the complexion this time of year. It’s the color I will be wearing on Valentine’s Day 🙂 It’s a soft romantic pink that has enough pigment to show up but still neutral enough to be on the natural side. I believe it’s exclusive to (where I ordered mine). Since it’s limited-edition, I do recommend ordering very soon. The last one that was launched sold out very quickly (it was a red shade and I missed out).

Right now, Tatcha has a promotion to Celebrate the Lunar New Year and a golden future ahead with their Omokage Gold-leaf Hand Mirror, a hand-crafted treasure from Kyoto. You can enjoy a complimentary Hand Mirror with code MIRROR16 at checkout at Tatcha with any order over $200. Begins 2/7/16 while supplies last.

Have you checked out the new Tatcha lipstick yet? If not I hope you will! If you have, I’d love to hear what you think about it!


Tatcha Holiday Gifting / Friends and Family Sale 11/27 to 12/6

November 27, 2015
Tatcha has some of the most beautiful gift sets and the ones for this holiday are even more stunning than ever. If you’re looking for something extra special, you can’t go wrong with anything in their holiday lineup. Right now Tatcha’s Annual Friends and Family Event is happening where you can save 20% off everything through 12/6 with code FF2015 at checkout. Last year the sets sold out very quickly – if you have your eye on any I suggest you order soon.  Today I have three gift sets to share.

First a bit of some background on my Tatcha loves. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to flaring up and react to a number of skincare products or foundations. Tatcha has been a regular go-to for me to help keep my skin clear and glowing. It’s also a great line to help calm my skin with flare ups. When my skin goes crazy, Tatcha is one of the few lines I can use while my skin is recovering because everything is gentle but still very effective. If you have extremely sensitive skin, I can’t rave enough about how much I love this line.

The packaging this year is simple but exquisite. Each one comes beautifully wrapped – the paper and gold ties are gorgeous!

If you’re new to Tatcha or have a friend who is looking for new skincare, the Hakken Special Introduction Set ($95) is the best trial set because it has a little bit of everything. This is a 6-piece set with travel sized skincare items customized to suit your skintype. There four options in Combination, Dry, Sensitive and Oily. Each set has a slightly different variation of products. The one I have featured is the one for combination skin it includes travel sizes of:
  • Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil (25 ml) – one of the best cleansing oils I’ve tried that removes all face makeup, but leaves the skin soft without any film
  • Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (10 g) – the gentlest of exfoliators, it’s a water-activated powder that thickens into a cleanser
  • Radiant Deep Brightening Serum (10 ml) – a super gentle serum
  • Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream (10 ml) – great for the days I’m extra dry
  • Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 35 (10 ml) – my holy grail sunscreen
  • Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream (3 ml) – the perfect eye cream for everyday (I’ve been relying on stock-piled minis that come as a promos with online GWPs)
You can buy all the travel sized items individually which is nice for travel or to test something out before committing to the full size. If you were to buy all the items individually the retail price would be $141, so you are getting a good value when you purchase this as a set. Each gift set comes with a beautiful description sheet.

Quick snapshot of the items in the Combination Set. Do note you can select different options online for this exact same style/format. The items will vary slightly depending on whether you pick Combination, Dry, Sensitive or Oily. Do note all items come in their individual boxes with product ingredients, directions – everything is well packed and protected to make sure the items arrive in perfect condition.


Next up is the Hitomi Bright Eyes Set ($149) which has 4 Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Masks and one 15 ml size of the Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream. The retail value of the kit is $183 so as you can see, the set does give you a price break. The eye masks are one of my favorites to soothe, hydrate and depuff eyes. When I bloat, have allergies or get headaches, my eyes are always the first area to get swollen (my skin is kinda high maintenance). I swear by these eye masks to remove signs of puffiness. Full ingredient list and description here.

The Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream is something I was skeptical about since I’m super picky about eye creams in general. I don’t like any greasy feel but at the same time many gels just don’t do the trick to give enough hydration. I put the Ageless one to the test for night time first. It does take a little bit of time to see results, but with regular use I think it really does improve the texture and brightness of the eyes. A little goes a long way so you only need a tiny bit. I love that it’s non-irritating and doesn’t sting the eyes.


Last but not least, one of the most impressive gift sets is the Complete Travel-Size Kiri Set ($375). This is an 18 piece set that includes Tatcha’s entire lineup of travel-sized products (16 items) plus a roll of the Original Aburatorigami Beauty Papers and the Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm. I broke down the price of all the contents which total $392. The savings isn’t quite as much as some of the other sets, but it comes in a beautiful large box tied in a beautiful purple wrap. I almost didn’t want to show you what it looks like inside because I feel like I’m ruining a surprise, but wow, it’s quite a sight to behold. Below shows a mix of the product with the boxes. Everything in the set comes boxed and padded with beautiful tissue paper. I think this set is absolutely perfect. You can see the full content list online but to recap, it contains:
  • Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil (25 ml)
  • Polished Rice Enzyme Powders in Classic, Gentle, Deep and Indigo (10 g each, review here and also here)
  • Radiant Deep Brightening Serum (10 ml)
  • Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream (10 ml)
  • Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream (10 ml)
  • Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream (3 ml)
  • Luminous Deep Hydrating Firming Serum (10 ml)
  • Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (12 ml)
  • Gold Camellia Beauty Oil (10 ml)
  • Gold Camellia Nourising Lip Balm (8 ml)
  • Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter (30 ml), Hand Cream (10 ml), Triple Recovery Cream (10 ml) (all three currently favorites in rotation as my skin is recovering from a bad allergic reaction right now)
  • Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen (10 ml, review here, I love this one)
  • Petal Fresh Clutch Ready Aburatorigami Beauty Papers (review here)

Shop all their gift sets here. If you’re the kind who wants to pick out your own items separately, Tatcha has a cute option to create your own Custom Travel Gift Set. You pick three items and they will package it in a zip pouch for you. There are a number of helpful customer reviews on their website, many have helped me order items. I haven’t tested everything from the line but am looking forward to trying a lot of the face creams from the travel set. Of the items I have tried though, my top five picks include:
  • Original Aburatorigami Beauty Papers – the best blotting papers to absorb shine, they won’t disintegrate when they blot nor will they leave any powder residue on your face
  • Pore Perfecting Sunscreen – the best sunscreen that’s super gentle and really does make your pores disappear like magic (I like this as a foundation primer too)
  • Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream – best instant soothing hand cream for irritated skin
  • Indigo Soothing Silk Body Butter – same for the body
  • Rice Enzyme Powders either in Classic or Indigo – the most gentle face exfoliating products I’ve tried to clean the skin and gently remove dead skin
If you want to go all out Tatcha has the Complete Kiri Collection, similar to the Hakken set above in the sense that it’s also customizable by skin type. This one has has full-sized items. The sets are priced at $650. The most luxurious splurge of all is the Tabi Ultimate Journey Set which has a selection of full sized items packed into a hand-finihsed calfskin suitcase line with genuine kimono fabric. This one is priced at $1,800.

Bottom line lots to love with a wide variety of options at different price points. All the gift sets for holiday are limited-edition and exclusive to Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, stock up on staples, or find a beautiful gift – there’s lots to choose from and the Friends and Family Sale is a great time to save. You can take advantage of the 20% off savings now until 12/6 with code FF2015 at checkout.

Do you have any Tatcha favorites? I actually discovered the line because readers recommended it to me! I’ve been thrilled ever since I tried the Camellia Lip Balm.

Many thanks to Tatcha for sending the gift sets for review.