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New Tom Ford Lip Colors for Fall 2015

September 11, 2015


Tom Ford added 16 new Lip Colors to his permanent beauty lineup. He launched three shades that were previously Asia Exclusives and also launched eight lipsticks in full-size form that were formerly in the small Lips & Boys size. I ordered several a few weeks ago – I’m a huge fan of Tom Ford Lipsticks (all his formulas) even though these come with a high price tag of $52 each, the formula is rich, creamy, pigmented, non-irritating and non-drying (they made it into my top three picks of favorite lipsticks). I have a review of 6 shades I picked out plus swatches of 15 of the 16 colors that I swatched at the counter (I missed one that I couldn’t locate at the counter). The new colors that just launched include:


  • Bare Peach is a medium peach silver shimmer
  • Casino (formerly Blake from Lips & Boys) is a metallic plum-brown with gold frost
  • Dark & Stormy (formerly Pavlos from Lips & Boys) is a dark brown with a hint of red
  • Flash of Pink (formerly John from Lips & Boys) is the color I couldn’t locate at the counter
  • Guilty Pleasure (formerly William from Lips & Boys) is a warm metallic peach gold
  • Lilac Nymph is a cool-toned lilac cream
  • Misbehaved is a medium peach cream
  • Naked Coral is a shimmering soft coral
  • Seventh Sin is a metallic copper gold
  • Showgirl (formerly Francesco from Lips & Boys) is a vibrant hot pink cream
  • So Vain is a mauve plum with a slight hint of gold shimmer
  • Something Wild is a medium warm hot pink
  • Sunset Boulevard (formerly Tomas from Lips & Boys) is a hot orange cream
  • Sweet Mystery (formerly Peter from Lips & Boys) is a shimmering champagne nude
  • Virgin Rose is a cool-toned baby pink
The colors I picked out are all neutrals of course. When I bought mine I ordered sight unseen and I did not know that some were repromotes of Lips & Boys. After seeing the other colors at the counter I was tempted by Virgin Rose but suspect it will be too cool-toned for my skin. Casino is gorgeous but looks identical Blake which I already own so I passed.


My picks include Naked Coral, Forbidden Pink, Sweet Mystery, Bare Peach, Guilty Pleasure and So Vain. All performed true to what I’m used to with other Tom Ford Lip Colors. They glide on the lips nicely. The shimmering colors are on the frosty side which emphasized lip lines – although I will say that my lips have been a bit dry lately. These days I prep my lips with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic or MAC Prep + Prime Lips and let it set for a minute before applying lip color. Both give the lips a nice smooth base with some hydration. They are good bases for lipstick because they have just the right amount of moisture and aren’t too emollient which is a must – otherwise the lip color can tend to slide off.


Colors in different lighting, indoors without flash:



Swatches side by side, note most of the colors I picked had some kind of shimmer in them. Naked Coral, Forbidden Pink and So Vain are the ones with the least shimmer but the formula still has a very slight glossy sheen which makes them glow:



Close up and lip swatches. On my skin Naked Coral and Forbidden Pink are very close. My lips tend to make anything with a slightly bright base turn a bit so you will probably see more of a distinction on your lips versus mine. I have a very slight preference for Forbidden Pink because it has a warm pink base.









I pulled a few other Tom Ford lipsticks to compare and see if a couple were truly dupes of the Lips & Boys. The ones I looked at are 90%+ identical, there are very slight differences. There are still a few of the Lips & Boys available online at Neiman Marcus. Reviews of previous reviews linked below:


One last shot of the new colors lined up side by side:


I definitely have dupes with Sweet Mystery and Guilty Pleasure. If you have either Peter or William you don’t need the repromotes unless you love it, are running low and want to replenish. Naked Coral and Forbidden Pink are very close on me. I have a slight preference for Forbidden Pink although if you like lighter colors I’d recommend you opt for Naked Coral instead – it has a brighter look. Bare Peach is pure love although the shimmer in it requires lip prep so it doesn’t emphasize lip lines. So Vain is a good cool-toned mauve plum that will be perfect for a fall transition color.
All the new lip colors are supposed to be permanent additions to the Tom Ford Lip Color line. I’m still tempted by Virgin Rose but I know it will almost certainly be too cool in color for my skin. Also with the other lipstick launches from other lines this fall, there are plenty of other colors and formulas to choose from.
The Tom Ford Lip Colors retail for $52 each. Available now at Tom Ford Beauty counters. Online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Selfridges.


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