Top 5 Favorite Lipstick Brands

July 29, 2019

National Lipstick Day 2019 Best Lipstick Formulas

It’s National Lipstick Day and I wanted to roundup my top five favorite luxury lipstick brands to celebrate. It was challenging for me to narrow it down to just five since there are so many great lines with different formulas, finishes and price points. I picked the brands I wear the most frequently these days.


Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath BlitzTrance Lipstick Summer Shades review and swatches. Skin Flixx, Naked Kiss, Lady Stardust, Skinsane, Full Fantasy, Love Train, Flesh3, Blood Rush, Emmanuelle

If you forced me to only wear one brand of lipstick the rest of my life I would pick Pat McGrath. She completely changed my outlook on matte lipsticks and also glitter sparkle lipsticks. I love all her formulas including the Lip Fetish Lip Balms which are a great option for those who want a hint of color. My top five favorites:

  • BlitzTrance Skinsane (swatches here)
  • BlitzTrance Love Train (swatches here)
  • BlitzTrance Emmanuelle (swatches here)
  • MatteTrance in Christy (review here)
  • MatteTrance in Omi (review here)

P.S. I’m testing out her new Skin Fetish Foundation in Medium 15 and Light Medium 14 along with her whole system. Review very soon but I’ve been doing some previews and demos on Instagram stories if you want to get a sneak peek!



Best Red Lipsticks from Chanel

Chanel is as classic as it gets. For anyone looking for a classic red or pink lipstick, Chanel hands down has it all. There are pink reds, orange reds, coral reds, brick reds, blue reds – you name it. There’s something so special about buying your first Chanel lip product. Formula breakdown:

  • Rouge Coco – is the hydrating classic formula, to me it has a medium satiny finish.
  • Rouge Allure – is the one I consider the most classic and iconic. Creamy formulas with a natural luminous sheen and medium to full coverage.
  • Rouge Allure Velvet – is a formula Chanel describes as a “luminous matte.” It’s a velvety finish version of the Rouge Allure. The bold reds are among the best long wearing colors I’ve tried.
  • Rouge Allure Ink – matte super lightweight lip ink stain, bold shades have the best color payoff, this formula is probably the most weightless one I’ve ever tried!
  • Rouge Coco Flash – ultra glossy sheer lipsticks that are great for a swipe and go effortless kind of color, my favorites are Jour and Flash (haul picks swatched here).
  • Rouge Coco Gloss – cushiony, hydrating, super lush high-shine glosses perfect to wear alone or on top of a lipstick (swatches here).


Charlotte Tilbury

Favorite Charlotte Tilbury Neutrals Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury makes some of the best wearable neutrals. I ordered products from their website long before they launched in the US – all sight unseen too! Her lipsticks and it was love at first swipe. I really like all of her formulas. My top favorite colors:


Tom Ford

Best Tom Ford Lipsticks Bad Lietenant, Autoerotique, Mustique, Carriacou, Sable Smoke

Tom Ford lipsticks are among the most expensive and luxurious ones I’ve tried. I still remember when they first launched a small handful of colors in the white packaging. Pink Dusk Lip Color was my first shade and is still one of my favorites. When I’m tan I opt for slightly deeper neutrals. Many of my favorites in the Boys and Girls were limited-edition and have been discontinued, but my top picks you can still find now:



Best MAC Neutrals Patisserie, Velvet Teddy, Nippon, Mehr

MAC was the first mid-to-high end lipstick brand I was into! They have the most diverse shade range I’ve seen and so many other brands have followed. It is hard to narrow down my top picks. I’ve tried so many of the colors. The ones I recommend the most and just bought fresh tubes of include:


Lipstick Organization

Lipstick Makeup Storage Ideas

Last but not least, I have a quick peek at two storage organization favorites. I bought an Acrylic Lipstick Tower from Impressions Vanity a few years ago when they were carried at Nordstrom. You can still find the tower online at Impressions Vanity in a few different variations and colors. I also use Lipstick Organizers from the Container Store and keep them on my shelf or in drawers.

Hope you liked the roundup! There are still a lot of other brands I use and love including Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche, Hourglass Confession, NARS Audacious, L’Oreal Color Riche Shines and so much more. Narrowing it down to my top 5 was hard since I truly love playing with all brands and formulas of makeup. I’d love to hear what your favs are!


What are your favorite lipstick brands and formulas?

Press samples featured include lip colors from Chanel and Pat McGrath.

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