Chanel Vamp, Rose Fusion Le Vernis and Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir – Holiday 2015 Vamp Attitude

November 15, 2015

There are two new nail colors in this year’s Chanel Vamp Attitude Collection for holiday in Rose Fusion Le Vernis and the Le Top Coat Lamé in Rouge Noir ($27 each). In the US Vamp 18 is the one of the re-promoted colors in the collection while other countries received a special-edition Rouge Noir 18. I have swatches of Vamp, Rose Fusion and the Rouge Noir Top Coat along with comparisons below. Both of the new shades are limited-edition.

Rose Fusion #757 is a sparkling duo-chrome purple, silver, taupe shimmer. It has tiny flecks of blue and silver shimmer and has a beautiful iridescent glow to it. There is a lot of shimmer and frost in the color but it applies smoothly on the nails and the brush strokes smooth out nicely. At first glance I thought it would be a duplicate of Sweet Star (reviewed here). Swatch comparions show that Rose Fusion is warmer while Sweet Star looks more cool-toned and silvery.

Shown below with two coats and a top coat. It’s a color that shifts depending on how the light hits it. If you google swatches of this it will look different in every photo – I love how unique it is. The shimmer is perfect for this time of year.

Swatch comparisons below to:
Chanel Sweet Star (discontinued, review here)
Chanel Graphite (discontinued)
Bobbi Brown Scotch (discontinued, swatched here)
Chanel Illusion D’Or (discontinued)
Chanel Le Top Coat Lamé in Rouge Noir over Rose Fusion and Vamp

I’ve reswatched Vamp for reference even though it’s not a new color. Also as promised in my Rouge Allure Picks post, I’ve added more comparisons for Troublante and Singuliere. (Troublante is definitely still a must-have on my list.)

Swatch comparisons below:
Chanel Terrana (reviewed here)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Elvis in the Cloud (swatches here)
Louboutin Scarabeé I (swatched here)
Chanel Cosmic Violine (discontinued)
Chanel Rouge Noir 18 (not available in the US, but often repromoted)
Chanel Accessoire (review here)
Chanel Fantastic (discontinued)
The Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir is stunning. It has a clear jelly transparent plum base with gold flecks that settle to the bottom of the bottle. You need to give it a good shake to mix up the shimmers. One coat will cover the nail with gold flecks. I prefer to use two coats. Suspended glitter polishes can sometimes be a pain to apply – often times you have to pack it on to get the glitter to show up evenly. This one is perfection. Over Rose Fusion the top coat adds more warmth and subtle sparkle. On a contrasting color the gold flecks are really pretty.

The Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir over Rose Fusion. I was really sad to take this off the nails to swatch it over Vamp. Two coats of the Rose Fusion and one coat of the Top Coat.

Two coats of Vamp and two coats of the Lame Top Coat:

One last shot below, if you compare this one to the ones above you can see how Rose Fusion shifts in color with different light:

Bottom line both of the new colors are winners. Rose Fusion is a pretty metallic that’s edgy and unique but still conservative enough for everyday wear. The Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir is simply stunning (I’m backing it up). Also in case you haven’t checked out Troublante from the Rouge Allure collection, I highly recommend you do. Rose Fusion and Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir are both limited-edition. I recommend buying sooner than later as we all know Chanel regret is heartbreaking once the color is gone from counters.

You can find these both at Chanel counters and stores now. Online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and all other Chanel retailers.

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