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Christian Louboutin Beauté Scarabée

July 9, 2015

Christian Louboutin Beauté released a new limited-edition Scarabée Collection inspired by Louboutin’s love of Egypt. There are three colors ($50 each) that have a soft shimmery multi-dimensional chrome effect. I saw the preview of these while I was in Europe. On our last day in Paris one of the Louvre Carousel Shops had the three new colors on display. I didn’t purchase them there but ordered them online and they arrived at my home the same day I came back to the US. Below you can see the three new colors at the top of the display along with all the nudes, pops and noirs. (For reference all the nudes reviewed and swatched here.)

All three come cased in a pretty brown carton embossed with a gold
scarab motif on the outside. The handles are lacquered with a coat of
warm gold colored caps. Each color flashes different colors as you move
your hand and the lacquer reflects with the light. In the bottles they
look duo-chrome which can look sharp once you apply them on the nails.
On the hands the color softens because the shimmer is very fine and all
the colors blend together beautifully. All are metallics but brush
strokes aren’t visible and the application is very smooth. Colors are sheer with the first coat with a jelly finish. Two coats gives full coverage but three coats will make the color deeper and richer. I’ve swatched each color with two coats.

Scarabée I is described as a soft metallic flecked with shades of rose and gold
Scarabée II is described as a deep blue with flashes of purple, emerald and gold
Scarabée II is described as a bronze with highlights of green and blue

Louboutin shot a few fun collage images for each shade. I’ll include one for each color along with a close up and swatches. Scarabée I is a warm rose gold. It’s iridescent and flashes a tiny bit of gold and olive depending on how the light hits the nails. On the fingers it’s like a pink red sunset.

Scarabée II is a metallic teal blue. I thought it would be similar to Chanel Azure or Bel-Argus. It has a similar vibe but it’s more of a cross between the two with less visible brush strokes. I’m wearing this right now on the toes and it’s a fun color for summer. It has a teal base with flashes of purple and deep blue and some silver.

Scarabée III is a stunning warm bronze gold with hints of olive shimmer. I thought it would be a dupe for Chanel Peridot, but it’s actually noticeably different. (Comparison swatches below.) I have a hard time pulling off anything with green or yellow undertones on my nails because it makes my olive skin look sallow or yellow. Scarabée III is quite pretty.

Comparison swatches below:

Louboutin Scarabée I
Rescue Beauty Lounge Elvis in the Cloud (swatched here)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Bonne Journée (swatched here)
Louboutin Scarabée II
Chanel Azure and Bel-Argus (discontinued, reviewed here)
Louboutin Scarabée III
Chanel Peridot (discontinued)
Chanel Alchimie (reviewed here)

At $50 each, Louboutin Polishes are a luxurious splurge. They are extremely pricey but I am really happy and pleased with all three shades I purchased. I found each of the three colors unique with a really smooth easy to apply formula. The texture is the perfect density for thin coats that are easy to layer. The dry time is fairly quick and two to three coats gives the nails a lush glossy lacquered look. I can’t pick a favorite out of the three although the teal blue Scarabée II keeps catching my eye (I have it on my toes and keep staring at them). All three are limited-edition colors and I suspect they will sell out (a quick search shows some have already sold out on a few sites). You can find them at Louboutin Beaute retailers. Online while supplies last at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Christian Louboutin.

Have you checked out the Scarabée Collection yet? What did you think? Did you splurge on any?

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