R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge

November 10, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge has partnered with Refinery29 to release a stunning collection of seven new nail lacquers this month. The colors in this collection were inspired by the seven teams at Refinery29, each of which put together color inspirational boards to create their dream color of nail polish for Ji to mix up and create. I’m thrilled to share the colors with you today. They are available for purchase now online at Rescue Beauty Lounge, all are limited-edition. The seven shades include:
  • Elvis in the Cloud (inspired by the R29 technology team)
  • All About Yves (inspired by the R29 fashion group)
  • Sunny Skies (inspired by the R29 health and wellness team)
  • Better Than Boyfriend Jeans (inspired by the R29 shopping team)
  • Pretty Gritty (inspired by the R29 beauty team)
  • Bubblegum Punk (inspired by the R29 news team)
  • Galaxy Glue (inspired by R29)

Elvis in the Cloud is like a red sunset. It has a mix of orange, iridescent purple, gold and some green in it. This is a metallic but applies smoothly and the brush strokes are minimal. The texture is really beautiful with a slight transparent quality. Two coats will give you full coverage. It has a complex mix of colors making it very unique. I normally don’t like orangey nail polishes (unless they are creams) but this one has completely changed my outlook on orange colors.

All About Yves is a bold blue cream with a high gloss finish. You get full coverage with two coats and the texture is phenomenal. It’s quite bright – almost electric but it’s still deep in color. If you want a statement nail color, this is it. Even though it is opaque, there is a slight jelly quality to it giving it a cushiony look and feel.

Sunny Skies is a richly pigmented sea green + teal mix. This one applies smoothly on the nails as well with two coats for full coverage. This one will be fun to wear on the toes. These kinds of colors can be hard to pull off without looking too pastel or chalky sometimes. Rescue Beauty Lounge always has the best sea-green/teal colors.

Better Than Boyfriend Jeans is a baby blue cream. I love this one for the name. Most pastel blues tend to be sheer in formula on the nails and this one is no exception. I need three thin coats for full coverage with this shade. It will take a bit more time with application but it is worth the wait. Baby blues are also difficult for me to pull off but this one is just perfect. It has the right mix of white and blue to be very flattering on medium skin tone.

Pretty Gritty is an orchid purple base with gold shimmer mixed in. It’s a really pretty color, one I find is well executed with the mix of purple and gold. It applies smoothly with two coats. The gold is very fine so there are no visible brush strokes with this one. The way it’s mixed in is impressive. It gives the effect of a soft veil of gold dust on the nails.

Bubblegum Punk reminds me of bubbles. I also like the name of this one. It’s a sparkling color that has tiny micro sparkles of clear iridescent glitters but it’s not a glitter nail polish. This one looks good alone with two coats but it’s also nice as a layering color. The shimmer particles are visible like micro glitters but the formula is very smooth and not chunky at all.

Galaxy Glue is a beautiful sea green iridescent mix. It has a mermaid-like feel and the colors change as the light hits the nail. In some light it looks more green, while in others it has more blue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nail polish as pretty as this one. I am going to need a backup.

All the R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge shades lined up:

The R29 + Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are available for purchase now online exclusively at Rescue Beauty Lounge ($20 each). All the shares are limited-edition and in my mind each color is a stunner. All winners in my book. If you asked me to pick a favorite, it would be impossible. I love them all, but my top three picks are Bubblegum Punk, Galaxy Glue and Better Than Boyfriend Jeans.

For more swatches, you can check out these awesome bloggers who have also featured the collection today, some with comparison swatches too:

You can read more about Ji’s inspiration on the Rescue Beauty Lounge Blog and get the 411 on the the inspiration from each team also at Refinery29.

Thank you Rescue Beauty Lounge for sending me a preview of these shades to share with you.

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