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Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss Review

January 29, 2018

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss | The Beauty Look Book

Cle de Peau Beaute just launched several items for spring and the new Radiant Lip Glosses ($36 each for 8 ml/.25 oz, made in Japan) caught my eye immediately. There are eight shades of gloss all with a radiant and glowing theme that reflect light with subtle shimmers. It’s been a while since I’ve bought any makeup from Cle de Peau although I regularly restock on their Facial Cotton and love their Loose Powder Puff. The last thing I bought lip-wise was the Radiant Rouge Liquid which I thoroughly enjoyed and based on that fact decided to splurge on all of the new Radiant Lip Glosses that launched for spring.

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss Review | The Beauty Look Book

The new Radiant Lip Glosses are cushiony glosses that have a very smooth non-sticky finish. There is a very slight hint of a soft floral scent but it’s a barely there kind of scent so those who prefer scent-free lip products will still be able to wear them. Based on the arm swatches online I expected medium coverage. On me these are sheer to medium, but definitely pull more on the sheer side. Each shade has some degree of reflective shimmer – some are more sparkly than others but every one has a very natural looking sheen.

The eight shades include gem-inspired names:

  • 1 Rose Quartz – pale pink with light gold and light pink flecks, basically clear
  • 2 Warm Crystal – medium iridescent warm beige with silver sparkles
  • 3 Charm – soft rose with a very natural pearl quality
  • 4 Pink Aura – light warm peachy pink with pink and silver sparkles
  • 5 Dream Stone – coral pink cream
  • 6 Rose Pearl – cool toned pink pearl
  • 7 Star Dust – brighter pink with pink shimmers
  • 8 Fire Ruby – sheer red

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss via The Beauty Look Book 1 Rose Quartz, 2 Warm Crystal, 3 Charm, 4 Pink Aura, 5 Dream Stone, 6 Rose Pearl, 7 Star Dust, 8 Fire Ruby

They come with a sponge tip applicator that has a twist. The wand itself is semi flexible so it molds to the curve of the lips. I love the formula in the sense that it feels comfortable and hydrating. No irritation or peeling the next day after use. I do wish the pigment was kicked up a notch as the colors are gorgeous! But since I have pigmented lips 1 through 4 pretty much look the same on me. The closest thing I can think of in terms of formula is the Chanel Rouge Coco Glosses but the Cle de Peau ones are sheerer, more cushiony and not quite as thick.

As far as lasting power goes they stay put pretty well but as with any sheer formula it’s not going to last for hours and you’ll need to reapply. I just finally tried one of the Lipsticks and the formula is AMAZING! If you’re looking to splurge and love Cle de Peau Beaute, I’d say maybe buy one or two of the glosses but save your pennies for the Lipstick or Radiant Liquid Rouge.

Radiant Lip Gloss + swatches:

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss Review | The Beauty Look Book

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss Swatches via The Beauty Look Book 1 Rose Quartz, 2 Warm Crystal, 3 Charm, 4 Pink Aura, 5 Dream Stone, 6 Rose Pearl, 7 Star Dust, 8 Fire Ruby

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 1 Rose Quartz

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 2 Warm Crystal

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 3 Charm

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 4 Pink Aura

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 5 Dream Stone

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 6 Rose Pearl

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 7 Star Dust

Cle de Peau Radiant Gloss Swatch 8 Fire Ruby

All swatched side by side, all on bare lips. On my face I’m wearing the UV Protective Cream Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 50 in Ochre + Armani Luminous Silk Powder Foundation in #4:

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss Swatches via The Beauty Look Book 1 Rose Quartz, 2 Warm Crystal, 3 Charm, 4 Pink Aura, 5 Dream Stone, 6 Rose Pearl, 7 Star Dust, 8 Fire Ruby

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss Review | The Beauty Look Book

I’m happy with my haul. I think the price point is reasonable, especially since these glosses are from Cle de Peau Beaute. As a gloss I don’t think these are must-haves simply because they the pigment level in real life doesn’t quite match the online swatches. Formula-wise though I think these are amazing. They are nourishing without that heavy feel. Lips feel very smooth and the finish is cushiony without any tacky feel. I think these are really nice glosses, if there was more color payoff they’d be 100% perfect to me, but I like the colors in the lineup.

I do think I’ll be reaching for these frequently in the upcoming months. However my heart still belongs to the Radiant Liquid Rouge and I’m hoping more shades will be launched in that formula.

For now with the new Radiant Lip Gloss, my top picks: Warm Crystal, Star Dust and Dream Stone.

You can find the Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss at counters now. I bought mine from Neiman Marcus. Also available at Nordstrom, Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Cle de Peau Beaute.

Are any of these on your radar? What’s your current favorite lip gloss formula?


Cle de Peau Beaute Lips

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Liquid Rouge Review

August 16, 2016


Clé de Peau Beauté launched a new lip product for fall called Radiant Liquid Rouge ($48 each for 5.5 ml/0.18 oz). These are luxurious lip lacquers with medium-full rich coverage and a glossy sheen. The texture is smooth and once they set on the lips they thicken a bit into a more gel-like finish. I picked up four shades at the counter, neutrals/natural shades of course in 11, 12, 13 and 14. For those curious about the other shades in the lineup, Bubbly Michelle has the entire collection for fall swatched (8 lip colors total).


The Radiant Liquid Rouge comes with a sponge-tip applicator in a very sturdy tube. I’m not entirely sure what the base packaging is made of but it feels like it could be glass. The colors I picked are suitable for everyday wear if you like natural colors. They do have a soft perfumed scent but it’s not too strong. Lasting power wise they stay put relatively well for a liquid lip lacquer and fade evenly. They have a hydrating feel to them although I am not sure they have any skincare properties in them.
  • 11 is a peachy beige cream. It does take a bit of blending and swiping on my pigmented lips to smooth out. I apply one layer, let it set, and then apply a second thin layer to smooth out the color. A lip brush can also help.
  • 12 is a medium rose brown cream, on my complexion it pulls a bit warmer, but on my arm it’s more of a neutral kind of shade
  • 13 is a cool shimmering rose. This pulls bright and slightly cool but has enough rose to balance out the cool undertone.
  • 14 is a pinky peach cream. This is the only one I had issues with streaks but I suspect those with lighter lip tones or those who can easily wear these kinds of colors will have no issue. For me this is one of those super high-maintenance shades that contrasts with my natural lip tone and therefore looks streaky. I personally prefer the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Tiny Pink which is similar but less streaky on my lips.
A look at the shades in sunlight to better show the colors:





Two sets of comparison swatches in an attempt to find dupes:


Set two of swatch comparisons:




Out of all the shades I bought, I am most smitten with 11 the nude peach beige and 13 the shimmering pink rose. 12 is nice to have and I suspect better suited for fall due to the brown undertones. 14 is high maintenance for me – it takes a lot of work to get streak-free, but once it’s properly blended on my lips the color is really pretty. I don’t own a lot of Cle de Peau items – I tend to avoid the line because of the high price points, but I’ve been happy with everything I have tried from the line. The Cotton Pads are among the best I’ve tried (why I think so in this post here) and it’s one I will never stop buying (it’s well worth the splurge, although they have gone up in price since I reviewed them).


While at the counter I was seriously tempted by the new Luminizing Face Enhancer in Almond. It had a really pretty glowy sheen to it. I have a few other shades that I’ve bought and really like. I stick to my original assessment that I think the price point is just too much (even if you just buy the refills) but it’s one of those products I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with if you splurge. Given the vast number of highlighters I own I decided to pass.


As for the Radiant Liquid Rouge, I think one or two are well worth the splurge. The formula and pigment is top notch and I can’t really fault 14 because of my pigmented lips. As fall collections and launches start to trickle in, I’m sure there will be a number of new lip products coming out. Fall always seems to be the season for new lip formulas. You may want to wait a few weeks as September is just around the corner when most of the fall collections will be out.


I’ll be reviewing my picks from the Louboutin Loubilaque line soon, quick takeaway to compare the Louboutin vs Cle de Peau Beaute is that I prefer the Louboutin finish and coverage, but both are really good.


You can find the Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Liquid Rouge now. Available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Clé de Peau Beauté.


Have you tried these yet? What colors did you test or buy?
Cle de Peau Beaute Highlighters

Cle de Peau Beaute Luminizing Face Enhancers in #13 Sand Beige and #14 Delicate Pink

August 17, 2014


One of the things I love about blogging is connecting with readers who are even more passionate about beauty, cosmetics and fragrances than I am. I’ve learned so much from others who have taken time out of their day to write me about their latest discoveries and loves. Clé de Peau Beauté is one brand that gets frequently mentioned in my inbox. I’ve avoided most of the items from the brand due to the high price points but after so many raves, I couldn’t help but finally check out the Luminizing Face Enhancers ($95 each for the compact+case, or $55 for just the refills). The Luminizing Face Enhancers are powder highlighters that come in a refillable prism-like covered gold mirrored case. There are currently four shades available in a pale white, silvery pink, gold and peachy-bronze.


I picked out #13 Sand Beige and #14 Delicate Pink at Neiman Marcus. The Luminizing Face Enhancers are finely milled super soft pressed powders each containing multiple shades of shimmer pressed together in a jewel-like pattern. It’s difficult to tell exactly how many different shades there are per compact, but there are at least four different colors pressed together. These come with a  sheer veil of glitter overspray (which I’m not fond of) but once you dust it off you get a luminous powder underneath. Once applied on the skin the shimmer is visible but it provides a natural glow. I’ve applied on the cheeks, temples and eyes. These blend in with the skin extremely well. Some powder products can look like they just sit on the skin, but the Clé de Peau Beauté highlighter melds quite well giving a natural look.
For me these are too shimmery to apply all over the face, but they are not frosty. I like them as traditional highlighters. I would say the shimmer factor is light-medium, somewhere in between the shimmer of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in Dim Light and Luminous Light, but with larger shimmer particles infused throughout.



#13 Sand Beige is my favorite. It’s the darkest option which might look more like a bronzer on fairer skins (anything lighter than a Chanel B20). On my medium olive skin the Clé de Peau Beauté #13 is the perfect natural golden honey highlight. It’s similar in color to Chanel Dentelle Precieuse not quite as shimmery as the Chanel (swatch comparisons below). The brush that comes in the compact is quite good, I’ve used it for touch ups, it’s soft and dense and picks up product well. I do wish it was bigger, but for a compact brush, it’s the best I’ve tried.







#14 Delicate Pink is a cool-toned silvery pink on me. It’s on the pale side which contrasts with my olive skin. I’ve seen it on fairer skin tones and it makes the entire face glow. For me it’s something I use with a very light hand on the temples, on the nose, under brow bone (applied very softly) and it gives dimension to the face. It’s difficult to capture the luminous shimmer in photographs but this one gives the skin a perfect glow.





Swatches below. The flash and light emphasized the shimmer particles, in real life they are more subtle on the face, I swatched these with a heavy hand to show the color and shimmer. When applied normally, the shimmer isn’t quite as pronounced as shown in the detail shot.



Comparisons to a few other highlighters:


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette with Radiant Light, Incandescent Light and Dim Light (review)
Chanel Dentelle Precieuse (reviewed here)



Second view with larger swatches up close:



Many have reported these Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancers to be the best powder highlighters on the market. For me, there are so many different types of highlighters, I think finding the “best one” will depend on what you are looking for. Some highlighters offer intense shimmer or color like Mineralize Skinfinishes from MAC or Shimmer Bricks by Bobbi Brown. Others like Chanel Poudre Douce (discontinued shades like Rosee or Peche Tendre) or Dolce & Gabbana are highlighting powders that are designed to be use over the entire face. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders have a wide range of shimmer finishes and textures created for different skin tones to either warm up and bronze the skin, give a candlelit glow-from-within look, or create a diffused glow. There are also different skin types that look better with certain highlighters. There are highlighters that some will find enhance their pores, but on others that same product won’t. Depending on your skin tone, if you’re fair, certain shades will flatter you more than if you are darker.


So for me, when someone asks me “what is the best powder highlighter?” My answer would be “it depends.” I’ve been partial to Chanel, Edward Bess and Hourglass for highlighting powders. I’ve also always been a huge fan of MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes (even the frosty ones) for different looks.


To sum up my thoughts on the Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancers, I do think they are amazing highlighters. If you’re looking for a natural luminous glow that makes the skin radiate, adds dimension to the face, isn’t frosty and doesn’t emphasize pores, these fit the bill. They do come with a steep price tag which is why I’m reluctant to give a 100% glowing review. The quality of the product and packaging is there and I don’t see any other product on the market that can provide that same glow. The texture is finely milled and it glides onto the skin blending in perfectly. The $55 price tag for the refills is reasonable for me, but the $95 price for the powder + compact is just too much for me no matter how good the product is.


That being said, I’m very happy with both and I know I will be using both regularly. These are highlighters you have to try in person to really see how good the glow is. Have you tried Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancers? What did you think?


I bought mine from Neiman Marcus. They are also available at Cle de Peau, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth AvenueBarneys New York, and Bergdorf Goodman.