Color Focus: Soft Purples, Lilacs, Lavenders & Violets

February 3, 2010

I’m not sure if purple is “in” this season (with the exception of a part of MAC’s upcoming Spring Forecast collection) – but I’m not always one to follow the trends. When I think of spring, I think of soft colors and I love using purple on one feature for the face at a time (to avoid that purple overload look). I pulled out my soft purply colors and was surprised to find how much lilac and violets I own.


Part 1: Eyes

For eyes, I can’t pull off all purples – some lilacs make me look like I have pink-eye but these are the ones that work for me. I would have to say my favorites are the Armani Maestro Single #10 because it has some slight gold sparkles and the new Paul & Joe Purple Clover from spring (waves to Josie for her wonderful swatch and review here).

1. Giorgio Armani Maestro Quad 6 Mineral
2. Giorgio Armani Maestro Single 10
3. NARS Duo Eyeshadow Violetta
4. MAC Violet, Dear (discontinued)
5. Laura Mercier Luster Eyeshadow Dusk (mini size from GWP)
6. Paul & Joe Face & Eyecolor CS in Purple Clover 066
7. MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Crystal
8. Laura Mercier Mineral Eye Powder in Crushed Amethyst
9. Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow in Haze
10. Paul & Joe Eyeshadow Velvet Ribbon 06
11. MAC Pigment in Kitchmas
12. MAC Pigment in Lovely Lily (l/e)
13. MAC Pigment in Circa Plum (l/e)

* Please note, I’m not a fan of that Nars Violetta swatch, the lighter matte shade doesn’t always go on as muddy dark as it did on my arm


Part 2: Lips

For lips, I can’t wear straight purples or lilacs for the lips. Most of these are either sheer or have some pink pearl in them to give a soft cool pink lip. My favorites are Laura Mercier’s Violet & Lilac Lip Glaces.

1. Bobbi Brown Brightening Lipgloss Pink Lilac
2. Laura Mercier Plumping Lipgloss in Wild Berry
3. Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Violet
4. Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Lilac
5. MAC Lustreglass in Morning Glory
6. MAC Lipglass Nico Now (l/e)
7. MAC Lipglass Fast Friends (l/e)
8. Nars Chastity Lip Gloss
9. Nars Sweet Charity Lip Gloss
10. Chanel Glossimer in Delight
11. Laura Mercier Stickgloss Lip Color in Purple Haze


Part 3: Nails

I’m not the biggest fan of purple nails. I got a few of these as gifts yet can’t bring myself to regift them or give them away (because often times it’s the thought that counts). I desperately wanted to love Chanel’s Rodeo Drive (gorgeous violet purple) but it was simply too bright for my comfort. Chanel’s Lilac Sky is much more doable for me. I do like lighter purples for the nails, I also have a photo/swatch of Le Metier Phlox here, but it’s currently MIA.

Pinkie to Thumb: Sephora by OPI Call Your Mother, OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?, MAC Love & Friendship, Chanel Violette (euro exclusive), Chanel Lilac Sky

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  • I'm not a huge fan of purple either because I'm yellow-toned, but lately my newest additions have been purple! (Nars Tokyo e/s duo and Rimmel Steel Grey n/p, which looks a lot like $OPI Call Your Mother)

  • I seriously love these kinds of posts you do.

    I I am in awe of your make-up collection and how neat you keep the products.

    2. I admire that you have such a wide variety of shades. Violets suit me but I never buy any! So this has given me some nice inspiration!!


  • I think this is a post made for me because I love all things purple haha πŸ˜‰ All the swatches look so pretty, and those shadows are making me want to go out and buy some more πŸ˜› xx

  • Hey! Lovely post as always! πŸ™‚ Here are my favorite purples:
    Chanel Magic Night may be my favorite purple crease color ever!! I find the NARS Brouse purple great as a purple liner and Urban Decay's Rockstar and Shu Uemura ME Purple eye pencil are great purple pencil liners!
    I actually have MAC Star Violet– it was one of my first MAC shadows, but have neglected it of late… I am more drawn to neutrals and subtle shades, it might have something to do with your blog and your combinations actually!!!
    Oh btw I have a kinda huge Jouer cosmetics haul to share with you…. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Really love these color comparison posts, thank you!
    I think the only lilac in my collection is one shadow in the Chanel Dreams quad — now I want to wear it!

  • Opps I forgot purple nail polish.. I like Essie Jazz for a pale/milky nude purple and OPI Metro Chic for a darker purplish-grey. I also love an old Chanel nailpolish called Fuchsine– its exactly the color of the purple shadow in the NARS Eurydice duo.. fuschia-ish purple!! πŸ™‚

  • I've actually been really into purple nail polishes lately. Parlez Vous OPI looks so pretty, I think I need to get my hands on that one!

  • Eileen

    Your post is beautiful and makes me long for the coming of spring. I'm one of the "purple people" and love to incorporate the color in my make-up. You have some lovely colors that aren't in the least bit reminiscent of an Easter egg πŸ™‚

  • i love that opi, you have such an amazing collection!

  • Gah, first off, I have to say that you featured my two favorite NARS lip lacquers! NARS Chastity is what carried me through high school (along with BB Rose Sugar gloss).

    Also, I *need* that GA quad and NARS Violetta. How gorgeous they are!

    Like you, I care little about makeup trends (for the most part). For example, coral looks like crap on me so I never wear it. I care about more what I like and what looks good on me. I loved this post!

  • Ooh, you've got a beautiful collection of purples! I LOVE purples lol, and actually electric purple is probably my favorite nail color. =)

    Your swatches of the new P&J face color powder are gorgeous. I haven't been impressed with the face color powders I have so far, but that one looks gorgeous!

  • The OPI looks really nice here, but I'd have to give the prize to Love & Friendship. lovee purples

  • Your nails are so lovely! πŸ™‚
    Thank for this color comparison! I love these posts! πŸ™‚ They're really useful. πŸ™‚

  • These colours are AMAZING! I love Chanel's Lilac sky and the OPI one. Thanks so much for this post xoxo