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Spring 2011 Previews from Maquia February 2011 Issue

December 26, 2010
I scanned these from Maquia’s February 2011 issue. A few sneak peeks of what’s to come. Note, I cannot translate this so I won’t be able to answer questions about the products, your guess is as good as mine is. However, there are number indicators on some of the products which help me try to figure out the coordinating product number to name. Also note Maquia is a Japanese publication so I don’t know if the US will get all the items featured, I know in years past we haven’t, but I’m not sure about this year.

For more previews, check out Rouge Deluxe for her preview scans/photos from Biteki’s February 2011 publication. She’s great at finding out new information and has a number of sneak peek and links to previews of stuff coming out this spring.

At the moment I have no information about what else is coming out or when items will be released except for Chanel, MAC and Bobbi Brown: I do know the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful palettes have been released, I saw them at Nordstrom this morning but passed since they combine creams and powders in the same level for the palette – a BIG NO-NO for me.

Please do not republish these on message boards, blogs, websites or anywhere else as it took me some time to scan each in and format them to fit this blog. Thank you.


Loving Right Now: Shimmering Pales

November 10, 2010

L to R: Le Metier de Beaute Whisper & Armani Holiday 2010 Shimmer Powder (to be reviewed soon)

Top to bottom: Chanel Star Glossimer, Laura Mercier Pink Diamond, Trish Irresistible Nude, MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass, MAC Gel Lipstick (on tube #3), D&G Perfection Lipstick

L to R: Paul & Joe Pearl Powder #01, MAC Naked Pigment, NARS All About Eve Eyeshadow Duo

OPI Hollywood Blonde Nail Polish, MAC Bare Study Paint Pot

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, Paul & Joe Pearl Powder #01, MAC Naked Pigment, OPI Hollywood Blonde Nail Polish, Le Metier de Beaute Whisper Highlighter, D&G Perfection Lipstick, MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass, NARS All About Eve Duo, Chanel Star Glossimer, Laura Mercier Pink Diamond Lip Glace, Trish Irresistible Nude, MAC Gel Lipstick


Paul & Joe Autumn Creation 2010: My Picks

August 13, 2010
I tried to resist, but Paul & Joe still has managed to capture my interest despite the odd packaging design for their fall collection. I picked out a few things from their Fall Collection Sparkles: Face & Eye Color CS 068 Paper Moon, Lipstick C in 066 Clair de Lune and 067 Over the Moon.

My favorite item is their Face & Eye Color CS ($35), a multi-purpose powder for eyes and cheeks. The colors are all pigmented with a gold sparkle in 068 Paper Moon. The stripes are similar in size to the Armani Eyes to Kill bulls-eye palettes, but the shape of the Paul & Joe palettes seem to be easier to work with. You will still need a smaller sized brush to keep from mixing the colors. It’s packaged in a cardboard box with an elastic brown strap. The packaging is delicate but simply stunning. I think the lighter shades will make a good highlighter – the trick for me will be to find a brush small enough to pick up only the lighter shades, but big enough for my cheek. I see myself using this for the eyes more than the face.

The Lipstick C ($25) this season seems to be sheerer than most of the Paul & Joe lipsticks I’ve tried. I thought I would be creeped out by the cat head but looking at them in person, the detail is adorable. The lipsticks are a semi-sheer cream with a hint of sparkle. The finish is highly glossy and has a moisturizing feel. It has that signature P&J scent – I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s almost like a soft powder. Note that the glossy finish on these made it difficult to swatch on the arm accurately. 066 is a pink mauve and 067 is a brighter sheer coral pink. I applied 066 on the lips and have to say as much as I love cats, the shape of the lipstick in a cat-head made this difficult to apply on the lips. Innovative and chic, but not very practical for application.


Overall – Paul & Joe still has my heart. I got these from the lovely ladies at Bergdorf Goodman. The collection should be available at most P&J retailers by now – I was a little late with my order this fall.

Loving Right Now

July 28, 2010

A lot of repeats this month from recent features. Right now I’m loving …

NARS Eyeshadow Duos – here are a few of my favorites that haven’t been depotted yet (which I don’t recommend, but did for the compacts that got too sticky, now stored in my Trish McEvoy planner pages)

Top: India Song, Cordura, Brumes
Middle: Rajasthan, Alhambra, Brousse
Bottom: Silk Road, Tzarine, Bohemian Gold

NARS Nourishing Eye Cream (previously reviewed here)

Urban Decay Naked Palette (previously featured here)

Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation and Natural Finish Loose Powder – No matter how many other foundations I try, I keep coming back to the Teint Innocence. Just recently tried their loose setting powder and love it as well. I use Shell in the foundation and Naturel in the powder.

Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz & Rose Dentelle – A little bit more delicate than most of my other Chanel lipsticks. These came a bit dinged on the sides but everything else was in tact. They are really close in color, Chintz is more peach, while Rose Dentelle is more pink.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliners – Rich pigment and longlasting plus no sharpening required! Wish they would re-release that old shade Tweed (a lovely golden taupe).

Black Shimmer & Ebene swatched here
Cassis swatched here
Marine swatched here and

Edward Bess All Over Seduction Cream Highlighters – Perfectly glowy (previously reviewed and swatched here)

Paul & Joe Lip Lacquers – Great pigment and shine. I had to get almost all of the colors. I’ll get to lip swatches eventually.

Burberry Lipglosses are great . . . but I’m loving everything I purchased (click on the Burberry tag)

Quilted accessories, purses, makeup planners – dreaming of a quilted flap bag

Out of all the Trish planners I have, the quilted ones are my favorite.

Last but not least, my kitty, small but mighty fierce. This is the only photo I could get of him that makes him look non-evil. (I love my puppies too but they won’t sit still for a picture – way too excited about my brother in-law visiting this week after having been gone to the east coast for several months)

What are you loving this month?


Paul & Joe Eye Glosses: Celestial, Halo & Murmur

July 1, 2010
I’ve been eyeing the Paul & Joe Eye Glosses for over a year and finally decided to purchase them to try them out. Another lemming-inspired purchase influenced by bloggers I adore and trust. I am a skeptic by nature and for me reviews are sometimes hard to decipher. We all have different tastes, opinions, and preferences, so what works for some might not be my cup of tea. I don’t have immediate access to Paul & Joe in person, so these reviews gave me a good idea of what to expect. Each have their own unique style, but there are multiple items they’ve reviewed on occasion that I love, so I found their perspective and descriptions extremely helpful. Check out their reviews:
  • Lotus Palace’s review of Halo 04 + eye swatch here
  • Josie’s review of Celestial 01 and Murmur 05 + swatches here
  • Gaia’s review of Moonlight 03 and Murmur 05 + swatches here
  • Tali’s review of Celestial 01 + eye swatch here
The Eye Glosses retail for $24 each and come in a tube with a sponge tipped application with a whipped gel type of formula. My picks from Beautyhabit (online) & Bergdorfs (instore) in 01 Celestial (sparkling pale gold), 04 Halo (light frosted cool pink), and 05 Murmur (shimmering grey-taupe) are shown below:

The first one I played with was Murmur 05, a shimmering grey-taupe. It took some experimenting before I could get the application right. My first tries left me with either a finish that was too sheer or lop-sided (because they dry pretty fast). I found this one works best when applied in light layers. They dry and set pretty fast once brushed onto the eyelid, so I had to use my cream eyeshadow brush to apply in quick strokes blending fast. I like this one just by itself with mascara.

Next, I tried Celestial 01, a super sparkly pale gold. When it comes to shimmer, we all have our own personal preference for how much shimmer we feel comfortable with. I have to say this one is a lovely shade of pale gold, but the sparkle factor is extremely intense! Gaia from The Non-Blonde described it perfectly when she says it’s more for date night. We have similar tastes in brands and products, just typically pick colors on different ends of the spectrum. I’m all about shimmer, but I’m pushing 30 and this seems a bit over the top for conservative-me. It’s borderline glittery. Gorgeous, but it’s definitely out of my comfort zone.

Halo 04 was the last one I tried out, a cool pale pink shimmer. It’s sparkly as well, but the finish is less glittery than Celestial. This one blends to a lovely pink shimmer wash.

So the verdict – I like the packaging and the lasting power. They dry fast, but once they are set, they stay put. Murmur is lovely when layered properly on the eye and is subtle enough for everyday wear. Halo and Celestial are a few notches up in the shimmer factor. I think these are better suited for going out. I could possibly wear Halo (the pink one) for every day, but only when applied with a light hand.

If you’ve tried these – what are your thoughts? Are there any other colors you feel are must-haves or must-try-outs? If you’ve reviewed it feel free to link in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Or if you have any suggestions on what you coordinate with these I’m all ears!


Current Loves For June . . .

June 26, 2010

Paul & Joe Creamy Facial Foam
NARS Beverly Hills Multiple Tint
NARS Sertao Blush
NARS Cordura Eyeshadow Duo
Urban Decay YDK Eyeshadow
Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush
Bobbi Brown Shore Cream Eyeshadow
Chanel Nail Polishes
MAC Blonde’s Gold Pigment
MAC Fleur Power
J.Crew Skinny Belts

* Sorry for the misspelling on the NARS blush, it’s Sertao, not Serato

  • Paul & Joe Creamy Facial Foam – I tried this from a sample and finally purchased the full size. It’s thick and creamy and cleanses the skin really well. Leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed.
  • NARS Beverly Hills Multiple Tint – See more swatches and the review here, a nice swipe & go type of product, easy to use and blend, gives a pop of color, can’t rave enough about these
  • NARS Sertao Blush – A pretty shimmery light golden tan
  • NARS Cordura Eyeshadow Duo – Great for a smokey bronzed eye look
  • Urban Decay YDK Eyeshadow – This is from the old packaging, a nice nude-taupey-bronze sparkle
  • Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush – This is from the Black Plum set, but is available in the regular brush handle, the most luxurious soft bronzer brush you’ll ever find. Definitely worth the price even though it is pricier.
  • Bobbi Brown Shore Cream Eyeshadow – My perfect lids-but-better base, review here
  • Chanel Nail Polishes – Especially love Riviera (check out dupes here) and Orange Blossom (see the manicure here)
  • MAC Fleur Power – The perfect healthy warm pink blush
  • MAC Blonde’s Gold Pigment – The prettiest wash of soft gold-champagne
  • J.Crew Skinny Belts – Simple, classic and makes a nice accent to the waist, now I just need to go back and find a black one

What are you loving right now? I always love reading your favorites.

*Update* I wasn’t happy with the swatches for this post – I think they were a bit misleading because the lighting was off so I removed them so I don’t confuse my readers. Sorry for any confusion!


Look of the Day Inspired By My Daily Reads & Readers

June 20, 2010
Today’s look is inspired from a few of my favorite daily reads and readers. The bits of inspiration include the following:

Today’s Look: Summer Casual

Top: J.Crew Perfect-Fit Stripe Boatneck (S)
Shorts: J.Crew
Sandals: Tory Burch
Purse: Chanel
Guest Puppy Appearance: Mr. Jake

Makeup of The Day:

Face: Chanel Sunkissed Illuminator
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
MAC Dollymix Blush

Eyes: Paul & Joe Eye Gloss 05
Bobbi Brown Seashell Shimmerwash
MAC Naked Dark Pigment (swatches here)
Bobbi Brown Java Metallic Eyeshadow
(Java comparisons)

Lips: MAC Dervish
Paul & Joe Liplacquer 06

Brushes Used:

Eye look was a smokey taupe, here’s how:

  • Step 1: Apply Paul & Joe Eye Gloss in Murmur 05 on lids (for asian eyes, 1/2 way up eye from lash to middle of eye, heavier near lash line)
  • Step 2: Apply Bobbi Brown Java Metallic from lash to 1/2 way up lid for a smokey eye, also heavier near lash line
  • Step 3: Apply MAC Naked Dark Pigment over center of eye to blend out any harsh lines from the darker shades
  • Step 4: Apply Bobbi Brown Seashell Shimmerwash from brow downwards softly to create a subtle highlight
  • Step 5: Curl lashes and apply mascara

Nails of the Day: Chanel Django & Nouvelle Vague

The mani/pedi combo:

I’m surprised that I’m liking the blue nail polish! FYI – the Jcrew top seems to run a bit small. I’m normally an XS in their shirts but found it to be a bit too snug. Or perhaps I just have been having too many sugary drinks and gained weight.

Feedback appreciated! Too much info in one post? Is the look too casual to write about? Would you style the top differently? I like that it can be dressed up a little with a nice skirt or dress pants. But it’s nice as a loungy-carefree-top too. Being in Southern California – my daily style is pretty casual.

I already did a lip swatch and EOTD attempt – neither turned out decent this morning. I’ll try and feature the Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer by itself in another post in the near future.

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