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Chanel Sweet Beige & Sparkle d’Or Glossimer and Enivrée Rouge Allure

October 13, 2011

My picks for lips from Chanel holiday:
  • Enivrée Rouge Allure – a healthy glowing sparkly pink (applies true to the tube, but the arm swatch below looks sheerer than in person)
  • Sparkle d’Or Glossimer – a transparent gloss infused with gold flecks
  • Sweet Beige Glossimer – pink nude beige with gold shimmers

When I was at the counter there were no testers so I picked the colors I felt were safe. Enivrée Rouge Allure gives a beautiful healthy flushed pink glow. The texture of the Rouge Allures are pure luxury – creamy and moisturizing. The shimmer is a stunner with multi-colored flecks but without frost or grittiness. The glossimers are beautiful neutrals. Sweet Beige covered my entire lip to give a nude-pink glossy pout. The pigment is medium. Sparkle d’Or is a sheer almost clear color that gives a hint of golden sparkle. It’s a good layering gloss. I love that the glosses matched the eye shadow single theme of beige and gold. I did not get good lip swatches but here are a few more close ups.

I do believe Enivrée Rouge Allure is unique and a must-have for the holiday season – it’s not similar to any of the Rouge Cocos, except it’s perhaps similar to the Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco with added complex shimmers. The glossimers are lovely but  fairly standard in my opinion. They are stunners but I think there have been better shades released in past seasons by Chanel.

Chanel Le Blanc: Rose Tourbillon, Pearl Glow and Liaison

July 10, 2011
My Chanel Le Blanc collection is now complete thanks to Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale offerings. I was lucky that Rouge Deluxe custom purchased some of the items from Singapore several months ago for me. (See the prior features linked here for Rose Envolée Quad, Désinvolte and Joyeuse Rouge Allures, Blossom Glossimer.) The remaining items from the Le Blanc collection include Rose Tourbillon Blush, Pearl Glow Highlighting Powder and Liaison Glossimer.

Rose Tourbillon is the Euro/Asia baked formula but it has a surprisingly lovely pigmented non-chalky finish. It’s a baby cool pink. Cooler than Narcisse but not as cool as Turbulent (both the US formulas). There are tiny micro sparkles in it, but the sparkles are sparse and not visible on the skin. The texture is powdery with a bit of excess debris that surfaces after dipping a brush, but I’m not complaining since the blendability is good and finish well pigmented (but natural). This item sold out super fast when it was released in Asia. After applying it, I can see why.

See other reviews of Rose Tourbillon on My Makeup Reviews, Glossed up via Karlasugar & The Stash Archives.

Poudre Lumière Perlée (Pearl Glow) is one of the most beautiful pressed glowy highlighters I’ve seen. It’s a finely milled luminous neutral shimmer. Don’t let the swatches fool you – this is something best applied on the skin with a brush. Swatched on the arm with fingers or a sponge just doesn’t allow you to get the full effect. I’m not a huge fan of sponge applicators (like the one that comes with this compact) so I’m not sure that I will be using it with this. I applied over Rose Tourbillon with a powder brush and my skin is so naturally glowy I can’t stop staring. It is sheer, but what I love about this is that it’s not super pale – the world is saturated with highlighters that are either super pale champagne or dark orangey bronze. This is a great in-between color. It’s definitely back-up worthy.

See other reviews of Pearl Glow on Orange2LA & Joey’space. (On the thumb, Chanel Graphite, also shown here.)

Liaison Glossimer is a milky-clearish color with a gorgeous shimmery sheen. Unfortunately on the lips, it’s entirely clear. You have to be within inches of the skin or lips to see the sparkle. I definitely could have passed on this but was enamored by the way it looked in the tube. If this were an eyeshadow I think I’d go nuts.

See lovely comparisons courtesy of The Purse Forum.

Overall: Le Blanc has a softer more feminine appeal to me compared to the other recent Chanel releases. For me, Fall Illusion d’Ombre is edgy and cutting edge, Byzance is rich, dramatic and ornamental, Le Blanc is soft and whimsical. My top Le Blanc must-haves include Joyeuse Rouge Allure, Rose Tourbillon Blush and the Pearl Glow Powder. See the whole collection swatched on Karla Sugar as well.


Chanel Fall 2011 Glossimers and Rouge Double Intensite: Pampille, Braise and Rose Morganite for Lips

June 23, 2011
This fall there are two new Glossimer shades, Pampille 156 & Braise 158 and one new shade of Rouge Double Intensite Rose Morganite 30. (Giggle 46 Glossimer and Rose Quartz 04 Rouge Double Intensite are repromoted this year.) I purchased the new shades sight-unseen and when I first opened the package I was not entirely wowed. At first glance, while beautiful and classic, the colors just seemed like slightly different versions of past releases. They did not appear to be all that unique. However after playing with them a bit, I’ve changed my mind.
  • Rose Morganite is a plum-pink stain (there’s shimmer in the tube but it goes on a cream)
  • Pampille is a pale clearish pink with sheerish sparkles (goes on very smooth)
  • Braise is a sheer warm reddish shimmer with gold flecks

A little disclaimer before you evaluate my swatches: For some reason these applied very different on the hand compared to what went on my lips. The glossimers are both very sheer, but on my hand look completely different from what I see in the tube and what color I get when applied to the lips. As always, please take these with a grain of salt. I don’t know why I get orangey from Braise on the hands while on the lips it’s not orangey, but a warm reddish pink. I’m not sure if you can see the sparkle in my Pampille swatch – it’s there but I’m afraid it’s virtually impossible to detect in the photo below.

Comparisons to Chanel Spark, Futile and Iris:

Overall beautiful for fall, but really these colors will take you year-round. The glossimers make lovely layering colors to add a natural sheen to lipsticks. I have a few Rouge Double Intensites but I’m not really used to using them. Those who have tried them will know that the colors really do stay put! I prefer a traditional lipstick but from what I’ve heard – those who have tried these REALLY love them. I personally don’t think they are must-haves – mainly because I have similar colors that will achieve a similar effect on the lips. They are however beautiful and I don’t regret purchasing them. I know they will be frequently used in the seasons to come.

Dear Chanel, You Make My Heart Sing!

June 18, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011, Illusions d’Ombre, has arrived online at and Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. See KarlaSugar for the lineup on an easy-to-read sheet with descriptions. Check online at for prices, product info, and the breakdown of the fall look. I suspect this will be launched in-store in the next few days and upcoming week – I’m on the West Coast and a few of my local Nordstroms have scheduled Chanel events the weekend of June 24th-26th which I assume were planned to coincide with the fall launch.
I have not yet had a chance to play with the items very much, although I have swiped a few of the new shadows on my eyes and the nail polishes on my nails. I have promised myself a break from my computer the entire weekend, so I can leave work at work and not be tempted, although I know many of you are anxious for the 411, so I will try my best to do full reviews this weekend. I don’t want to rush it though, I want to be thorough so no promises. In the meantime I snapped a few pictures and tried to beat the clouds that were rolling in for June gloom. Here is a sneak peek which I hope will satisfy your curiosity for the time being.

Rose Ecrin Blush, Prelude Quad & Khaki Platine Eyeliner

Quartz, Graphite, Peridot Le Vernis

Plumetis Rouge Coco, Coralline Lipliner, Pampille Glossimer, Braise Glossimer, Rose Cuivre Lipliner, Etole Rouge Coco

Illusion d’Ombres

Overall, everything looks amazing. Had I seen the lip items in person first, I probably would have skipped the lipliners and glossimer, but they are gorgeous nevertheless. Happy Friday everyone!


Loving Right Now: Chanel

May 30, 2011

Chanel is my favorite brand, hands down. Chanel never fails to release something beautiful and each season I find at least one thing that catches my eye. Many have asked for my top ten picks for Chanel in each product category (nails, lips, eyes etc.) but I find it difficult to narrow down my favorites to any given number. My favorites change monthly depending on season, mood and occasion. I will be hard pressed to name something that I don’t love from the brand (although I’m not really fond of their concealer or mascara). I do love all the other color items, however, RIGHT NOW, my favorites include the following:

Perlé Rouge Coco, Seashell Glossimer, Bronze Universel de Chanel (replaced by Soleil Tan De Chanel), Dragon Le Vernis, Jade Rose Le Vernis, Espresso Stylo Yeux, Regard Perlé Quad, Mystic Eyes Quad, Island Soft Touch Eyeshadow

Lips and Cheeks
  • Perlé Rouge Coco – soft shimmering pink (if you want something less expensive that is similar in effect, check out MAC VGV lipstick)
  • Seashell Glossimer – sheer shimmer
  • Bronze Universel de Chanel (replaced by Soleil Tan De Chanel) – the best cream bronzer to contour your face naturally and lasts all day, hit pan on 1, this is my second one

  • Dragon is without a doubt THE best red out there
  • Jade Rose is subtle but elegant and never fails to look polished

Jade Rose:

Dragon & dreaming of a caviar classic flap in red:

  • Island Soft Touch Eyeshadow (unfortunately discontinued) is the prettiest soft peachy pink champagne, Liberty and Lotus are similar, or for cheaper MAC Naked Lunch, but to me nothing truly compares
  • Regard Perlé is still on my favorites list (see it here)
  • Mystic Eyes is a classic that can take you from day to night
  • Espresso Stylo Yeux comes with a sharpener at the end to keep the tip pointy, this eyeliner is soft, easy to blend but stays put all day

I can’t believe May is almost over!


Chanel Summer Glossimers in Pink Peony, Pensée and Aurore

April 16, 2011

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the Chanel summer glossimers ever since I saw them on Karlasugar’s preview. Thanks to a few others, we got a sneak peek from Best Things in Beauty and The Bethesda Bliss – both of whom described them spot on. Also check Karlasugar’s swatches. The colors this summer are super sheer with lots of sparkle. I agree with Best Things in Beauty when she describes these as “lipstick toppers.” Alone they will give a slight sparkle and sheen. Over lipsticks they will enhance and illuminate and give that extra oomph for a pretty pout. I’ve taken a few different shots in different lighting hoping you’ll be able to see how the sparkles catch the light. (Above photo is in direct sunlight.)

Pink Peony 267 is a rosey shimmer
Pensée 277 is a brighter coral peach
Aurore 287 is a light pink-opal with a gold sheen

Swatched you can see how they blend out for a sheer finish, I’m finding these glossimers smoother and less tacky/sticky feeling than the traditional glossimer, has anyone else noticed the thinner texture?

Compared to other shades, L to R: Pink Peony, Blossom, Pensée, Coral Reef, Aurore, Seashell


Minimalist on Monday

April 4, 2011

I think every week should have a three-day weekend. Two days simply isn’t enough time to do the things I want to do (the fun stuff). Today’s look is quick and easy with a simple black cotton dress, tan belt, black flats, ivory leather bag. Outfit is almost entirely J.Crew (I can always rely on them for a classic simple look). Leather bag is by Balenciaga. Makeup is all barely-there natural colors. I’m a minimalist at heart even if my natural “no makeup” look isn’t really minimalist if you break it down to what I’m wearing.

Inside the bag:

What I’m wearing today: Chanel Tweed Rose Blush, Chanel Taupe-Délicat Eyeshadow Duo, Chanel Espresso Stylo Yeux, Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara, Chanel Confidentielle Rouge Allure, Chanel Star Glossimer, Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne, Chanel Peche Nacree Le Vernis

I hope each and every one of you have a great week! Remember Chanel Rouge Coco Shines come out this week in the US!