Chanel Fall 2011 Glossimers and Rouge Double Intensite: Pampille, Braise and Rose Morganite for Lips

June 23, 2011
This fall there are two new Glossimer shades, Pampille 156 & Braise 158 and one new shade of Rouge Double Intensite Rose Morganite 30. (Giggle 46 Glossimer and Rose Quartz 04 Rouge Double Intensite are repromoted this year.) I purchased the new shades sight-unseen and when I first opened the package I was not entirely wowed. At first glance, while beautiful and classic, the colors just seemed like slightly different versions of past releases. They did not appear to be all that unique. However after playing with them a bit, I’ve changed my mind.
  • Rose Morganite is a plum-pink stain (there’s shimmer in the tube but it goes on a cream)
  • Pampille is a pale clearish pink with sheerish sparkles (goes on very smooth)
  • Braise is a sheer warm reddish shimmer with gold flecks

A little disclaimer before you evaluate my swatches: For some reason these applied very different on the hand compared to what went on my lips. The glossimers are both very sheer, but on my hand look completely different from what I see in the tube and what color I get when applied to the lips. As always, please take these with a grain of salt. I don’t know why I get orangey from Braise on the hands while on the lips it’s not orangey, but a warm reddish pink. I’m not sure if you can see the sparkle in my Pampille swatch – it’s there but I’m afraid it’s virtually impossible to detect in the photo below.

Comparisons to Chanel Spark, Futile and Iris:

Overall beautiful for fall, but really these colors will take you year-round. The glossimers make lovely layering colors to add a natural sheen to lipsticks. I have a few Rouge Double Intensites but I’m not really used to using them. Those who have tried them will know that the colors really do stay put! I prefer a traditional lipstick but from what I’ve heard – those who have tried these REALLY love them. I personally don’t think they are must-haves – mainly because I have similar colors that will achieve a similar effect on the lips. They are however beautiful and I don’t regret purchasing them. I know they will be frequently used in the seasons to come.

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