Chanel Le Blanc: Rose Tourbillon, Pearl Glow and Liaison

July 10, 2011
My Chanel Le Blanc collection is now complete thanks to Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale offerings. I was lucky that Rouge Deluxe custom purchased some of the items from Singapore several months ago for me. (See the prior features linked here for Rose Envolée Quad, Désinvolte and Joyeuse Rouge Allures, Blossom Glossimer.) The remaining items from the Le Blanc collection include Rose Tourbillon Blush, Pearl Glow Highlighting Powder and Liaison Glossimer.

Rose Tourbillon is the Euro/Asia baked formula but it has a surprisingly lovely pigmented non-chalky finish. It’s a baby cool pink. Cooler than Narcisse but not as cool as Turbulent (both the US formulas). There are tiny micro sparkles in it, but the sparkles are sparse and not visible on the skin. The texture is powdery with a bit of excess debris that surfaces after dipping a brush, but I’m not complaining since the blendability is good and finish well pigmented (but natural). This item sold out super fast when it was released in Asia. After applying it, I can see why.

See other reviews of Rose Tourbillon on My Makeup Reviews, Glossed up via Karlasugar & The Stash Archives.

Poudre Lumière Perlée (Pearl Glow) is one of the most beautiful pressed glowy highlighters I’ve seen. It’s a finely milled luminous neutral shimmer. Don’t let the swatches fool you – this is something best applied on the skin with a brush. Swatched on the arm with fingers or a sponge just doesn’t allow you to get the full effect. I’m not a huge fan of sponge applicators (like the one that comes with this compact) so I’m not sure that I will be using it with this. I applied over Rose Tourbillon with a powder brush and my skin is so naturally glowy I can’t stop staring. It is sheer, but what I love about this is that it’s not super pale – the world is saturated with highlighters that are either super pale champagne or dark orangey bronze. This is a great in-between color. It’s definitely back-up worthy.

See other reviews of Pearl Glow on Orange2LA & Joey’space. (On the thumb, Chanel Graphite, also shown here.)

Liaison Glossimer is a milky-clearish color with a gorgeous shimmery sheen. Unfortunately on the lips, it’s entirely clear. You have to be within inches of the skin or lips to see the sparkle. I definitely could have passed on this but was enamored by the way it looked in the tube. If this were an eyeshadow I think I’d go nuts.

See lovely comparisons courtesy of The Purse Forum.

Overall: Le Blanc has a softer more feminine appeal to me compared to the other recent Chanel releases. For me, Fall Illusion d’Ombre is edgy and cutting edge, Byzance is rich, dramatic and ornamental, Le Blanc is soft and whimsical. My top Le Blanc must-haves include Joyeuse Rouge Allure, Rose Tourbillon Blush and the Pearl Glow Powder. See the whole collection swatched on Karla Sugar as well.

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