Chanel Summer Glossimers in Pink Peony, Pensée and Aurore

April 16, 2011

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the Chanel summer glossimers ever since I saw them on Karlasugar’s preview. Thanks to a few others, we got a sneak peek from Best Things in Beauty and The Bethesda Bliss – both of whom described them spot on. Also check Karlasugar’s swatches. The colors this summer are super sheer with lots of sparkle. I agree with Best Things in Beauty when she describes these as “lipstick toppers.” Alone they will give a slight sparkle and sheen. Over lipsticks they will enhance and illuminate and give that extra oomph for a pretty pout. I’ve taken a few different shots in different lighting hoping you’ll be able to see how the sparkles catch the light. (Above photo is in direct sunlight.)

Pink Peony 267 is a rosey shimmer
Pensée 277 is a brighter coral peach
Aurore 287 is a light pink-opal with a gold sheen

Swatched you can see how they blend out for a sheer finish, I’m finding these glossimers smoother and less tacky/sticky feeling than the traditional glossimer, has anyone else noticed the thinner texture?

Compared to other shades, L to R: Pink Peony, Blossom, Pensée, Coral Reef, Aurore, Seashell

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