Chanel Le Vernis for Fall 2011: Quartz, Graphite and Peridot

June 18, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 has broken my blog break and has also eaten into my savings for a Chanel mini-flap. I am still highly ecstatic. My first feature on the Fall Collection will be on new Le Vernis shades ($25 each). The theme for nails is metallic where light plays a key role in the final result of what you see on the nails. The colors are slightly translucent in texture so you can build intensity with two or more coats. Each shade has a slightly different finish and quality making each color unique.

  • Quartz 525 is a frosted silvery brown taupe (I’d describe this as a smooth and soft metallic)
  • Graphite 529 is a highly metallic glittery silver-gunmetal (this one is intense, almost foiled-like, the tiny particles reflect light making this a multi-dimensional shade)
  • Peridot 531 reminds me of a scarab beetle, the color is complex with green, yellow, brown, blue I’m hard pressed to put a description on this (it’s almost duochrome, almost frost-like, but non-streaky and simply glows)
The photo at the very top shows the shades in natural light, no flash but with direct sun shining on the colors. The photo below is the same angle and also with natural light, but with an added high flash from the camera so you can see the other metallic qualities/colors.

Another angle reveals the complexity of these shades




Each swatch has 2 coats. I love Quartz and Graphite. Peridot is such a unique color but I’m not loving it. Comparisons to other shades to come soon but for inquiring minds – these are all very unique and different from any previous Chanel or Dior release. These are very “fall” though. I personally adore virtually everything Chanel releases. However some of you might not be feeling in the mood to wear these for a couple months when the real fall season arrives. (FYI this is how I felt with Chanel Paradoxal last year when it came out end of June.)

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