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Pat McGrath Mothership VI Midnight Sun Eyeshadow Palette

October 1, 2019

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun

Pat McGrath Labs launched a eyeshadow palette called Mothership VI Midnight Sun ($125 for 10 shades, 1.32 g each eyeshadow) and it’s glorious! True to Pat McGrath’s style this palette has a mix of bold and edgy colors with a unique combination of colors. The format and textures are the same as her other Mothership palettes where she has mattes, smooth metallic shimmers and glittery sparkles. For me this is way outside of my comfort zone but I still had fun playing with it. Quality and pigment-wise all the colors are phenomenal. The mattes blend and layer beautifully. As boring as the soft tan brown Taboo looks I found it really nice and flattering! The shimmers are almost creamy to the touch and blend smoothly. The glitters give this multi-dimensional iridescent sheen that is quite amazing – there is some fallout with the glitters as expected but it’s easy to clean up. I recommend applying the sparkles with a damp brush, over a creamy base to help it stick, or fingers in a patting motion.

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches and close ups of Midnight Sun which includes all new shades:

  • Skinshow Moon Glow is a smooth metallic champagne
  • Bronze Eclipse is a warm shimmery bronze taupe
  • Vermillion Venom is matte cranberry
  • Blood Moon 005 is a glittery copper rose metallic
  • Jubilee is a glittery warm yellow gold
  • Xtreme Dusk is a deep brown matte
  • Taboo is a matte medium brown
  • Wicked Envy is a shimmery olive
  • Blitz Violet Orchid is an ultra smooth almost creamy blue violet shimmer
  • Astral Solstice is a glittering platinum sparkle

Pat McGrath Labs Midnight Sun

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun swatches

Close ups of the pans and closer/larger swatches:

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun palette

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun top row

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Midnight Sun bottom row

Look wearing a few of the colors from Midnight Sun which includes Bronzed Eclipse, Taboo, Blood Moon 005 and Astral Solstice mixed, also wearing Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Foundation in Medium 15, Powder in Light Medium 2, LUST Gloss in Carnal Desire, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat.

Midnight Sun and Carnal Desire

Midnight Sun Eyeshadow Palette

The palette is stunning for sure! But I didn’t love all of the colors. Quality and performance-wise it’s excellent, however I cannot wear yellow golds or violet purples – they clash with my skin tone no matter how pretty they are or how hard I try to blend. For her palettes I prefer the color scheme of her previous launch Mothership V Bronze Seduction or any of her 6-pan palettes which I find easier to wear for someone like me who tends to be more conservative on the sparkle for eyes. I do think it is different/unique enough to justify owning if you like all the colors. For me I most likely would not have bought this one as I really try to stick with my rule of buying palettes if I think I will like all the colors. I’m still going to try to make the purple work for me but it’s never really been a color I gravitate towards.

The Mothership VI Midnight Sun is available now at Pat McGrath Labs. Have you tried any of her eyeshadow palettes before? What did you think?

Midnight Sun provided courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs for review.

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