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Diptyque Geranium Odorata and Eau de Lavande Eau de Toilette Roll-On Fragrances

May 28, 2014

Diptyque recently introduced two new fragrances additions to the Les Eaux Florales line in Geranium Odorata and Eau de Lavande. Both fragrances are available in a Full Size Spray Bottle ($98 for 3.4 fl. oz/100 ml) or Travel Sized Roll-On ($48 each for 0.68 fl. oz/20 ml). I have the roller fragrances to share with you today.

These are the first roller ball fragrances I’ve tried from Diptyque although I own a sample size version of 34 Eau de Toilette and Solid Perfumes for L’Ombre dans l’Eau and Eau Duelle. I find the fragrance from the roller balls to have better lasting power than the solids and equal lasting power to the spray versions. I like the simple compact design and the fragrance ball dispenser is super easy to use. The intricate floral designs on the roll on bottles as well as the boxes is absolutely stunning.

Geranium Odorata is sweet woody floral that smells like spring. The notes included are: bergamot, geranium bourbon, rose geranium, pink peppercorn, tonka bean, Haitian vetiver, cedar. For Geranium Odorata, there is a blend of geranium from two different geographical origins: the African Geranium from Egypt and the Bourbon Geranium from Réunion Island. According to Diptyque:
“The first reveals lively, floral aspects, the second highlights its woody notes. One, in the top and core notes, is bright and delicious with a slight hint of citrus, while the other is denser and more subtle. Bergamot, green cardamom, cedar, Tonka bean and pink pepper- corns, together with Haitian vetiver, add a few touches here and there to complete this faith- ful picture, a beautiful harmony between flower and wood.”
This blend gives Geranium Odorata a well rounded floral feel with a warm undertone. I really like this one for a soft feminine spring-like scent. It’s a good one that will transition well into summer.

Eau de Lavande is a unique spicy, earthy floral scent with a complex nature. It has strong lavender notes with a warm undertone. Notes include: absolute lavender, coriander seed, cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, essential oils. It’s a unisex scent but I find it leans more masculine. According to Diptyque:

“Although it is a flower, when it is dried by the sun, it has a distinctive aroma which is more sombre and woody. We have therefore blended three different French lavenders. Provencal lavender essence, rarely used as it is so precious, forms the base
note, sustained by a few drops of incense and sandalwood, followed by a more floral essence from the Vaucluse, and a more aromatic hybrid lavender from Valansole. Coriander seeds, nutmeg and cinnamon add spice to the composition, a vibrant incarnation
of sublime nature. The fragrance is warm and subtle, alive and delicate.”

For me there are some fragrances that I prefer as home fragrances rather than as a perfume and Lavender is one of them. I didn’t like this one on me as I found it a bit too herbal-feeling although I do love lavender scented candles or shower gels. If you like Lavender fragrances you will like this one, it has a complex blend of notes to make it unique and the effect is very therapeutic and soothing.

For me Geranium Odorata was a pleasant new discovery. The bottles (true to Diptyque’s creative style) are absolutely gorgeous with the intricate floral designs that have a pop of color in each. I like that they come with a small black sleeve for storage which makes it easy to carry for travel or in your purse without worrying about it getting scratched or breakage (as long as you are on the careful side with your purses). I was really excited to try Eau de Lavande – trying new fragrances outside of my usual comfort zone is something I’ve been working on, however I found my preference to be with something more feminine and spring-like.

Both Diptyque Geranium Odorata and Eau de Lavande Roll-On Fragrances retail for $48 each. You can find them at all Diptyque counters and boutiques now. Online at Diptyqueparis.com (promo of a complimentary Deluxe Tam Dao 12mL EDP and free shipping with any $75 order, using code FATHER14, valid until 9 June 2014 while supplies last), Nordstrom, Space NK, Saks, Neiman Marcus.

Have you tried Diptyque fragrances? What are your favorites? Have you sampled the new Geranium Odorata and Eau de Lavande yet? I know there were various online promotions for samples earlier in the month when they first launched, were you able to try anything?

Roll ons were sent to The Beauty Look Book courtesy of Diptyque for review, all opinions my own, for more information refer to my Disclosures.

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