Sephora Formula X – The System, Delete and Push The Limits

May 22, 2014

Sephora Formula X was launched last October which includes a full lineup of nail care, treatment, removers, lacquers and effect nail products. I discovered the Delete Nail Polish Remover several months ago after reading rave reviews which I found to perform extremely well – super effective in removing polish easily (you don’t have to rub a lot) yet gentle enough on the nails and hands (a must since I frequently change and swatch nail polishes).

For those new to the line, you may find the number of options a bit overwhelming. They break down the options into four main categories:

  • The Colors – there are currently around 100 different nail polish colors in Neutrals and Classic shades, these range from nudes to dark reds to bright edgy options
  • The Treatments – includes cuticle treatments, ridge fillers, polish remover, base/top coats
  • The Effects – for the creative types or those looking for layering effects they have a multitude of nail polishes that have unique finishes or colors for layering such as glitters, crystals, transluscents, holograms
  • The System – four piece starter set with a nail cleanser, base coat and top coat (you get to pick the fourth shade if you purchase the set)

Sephora sent a few of their products for me to test out. I’m reviewing Delete Nail Polish Remover ($10.50), The System ($32), and Push the Limits Nail Polish ($10.50).

Delete Nail Polish Remover ($10.50 for 160 ml/5.4 fl oz) comes with a convenient no-spill push pump dispenser. The cap twists to lock the top after use. I like that’s compact with a simple easy to use bottle. I read reviews on my phone while in the Sephora store before buying (317 reviews with an average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars right now). The reasonable price plus rave reviews convinced me to buy. I’ve found it to be everything reviewers have gushed. It’s gentle yet effective. I don’t usually wear a lot of glitters so I can’t comment on how it removes those hard to remove glittery colors. But for regular polish I’ve found it removes all traces of nail color with one to two swipes per nail. If you don’t use a base coat and end up with stained nails from darker shades or intense brights you may need to use a bit more rubbing or soaking, but it’s still very effective but gentle.

Sephora sent their treatment set The System ($32) which is a steal. It includes a 0.4 oz Nail Cleanser, 0.4 oz Base Coat, 0.4 oz Top Coat and a nail color of your choice (both online and in stores). Each item is also available individually.

It’s an easy to use set. I’ve been testing this set with various brands (Chanel, Dior, and Formula X) and the items all work well with other brands. The Nail Cleanser is a good gentle, non-drying product to prep the nails and make sure they are free of any oil or lotion remnants. Per It’s infused with witch hazel extract (a naturally effective ingredient that
purifies the surface of the nail), Vitamin E (to condition nails), and
invigorating cucumber extract. The Base Coat is a shiny sticky base coat designed to help polish adhere longer than regular base coats. It has a smooth finish. The Top Coat is high shine top coat. I found it to be a bit thick so you need a decent amount loaded up on the brush to get an even application but it dries to a high shine smooth finish.

Overall I’ve found The System works really well with Formula X polishes and Dior. For Chanel I prefer to use other top coats such as Chanel, Rescue Beauty Lounge or CND, but the base/cleanse Formula X performed really well. When I’ve used the Formula X System + Color together I’ve had manicures last over five days without any tip wear or chipping.

I’ll show you Push The Limits a bright red tomato cream color. The coverage is phenomenal with two coats you get full opaque rich coverage. I’m on day 5 of the manicure with no signs of tip wear or chipping. Here it is with two coats plus The System products applied.

More on Sephora’s Formula X Line.

Overall a huge thumbs up for Formula X. I’ve been really pleased with the results and find the price points very reasonable. I’m on my second bottle of Delete Nail Polish remover and can see myself repurchasing over and over again. I found the Cleanser and Base Coats to be of excellent quality and I do believe these help extend the wear of nail polish. The Top Coat performed well but since it is on the thicker side, I found it took a bit more work for it to run smoothly over Chanel nail lacquers (which I wear a lot). It’s not uneven or goopy – I just needed to make sure my brush was loaded with more top coat than I’m normally used to and it took a few brush overs to make it apply smoothly.

The Formula X line is exclusive to Sephora online and in stores. If you have time to visit their stores I highly recommend you spend some time playing at their nail stations. They are equipped with clear nail sleeves you can paint to test colors with a layover type of product without having to ruin your current nail polish or make a mess of your fingers.


Have you tried Sephora’s Formula X? What did you think?

Sephora provided The System and Push the Limits for review. Delete Remover purchased on my own. For more information refer to my Disclosures.

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