Wearing Today: Chanel

July 14, 2011
Today all of my makeup was from one single brand: from skincare, to foundation to mascara. All Chanel with something old and something new. There are few brands I can do this with. Few as in 3. I rarely wear all of one brand at one time and have only been able to do this with Armani, Becca and Chanel. I realize this would be more useful shown on my face, but I’m still camera shy. I hope this will help some for coordination ideas.

  • Eyes: Mystic Eyes Quad layered with Illusoire Illusion d’Ombre (also here) and Sublime Mascara (Asia/Europe exclusive)
  • Cheeks: Rose Ecrin blush (also reviewed here)
  • Lips: Tulip Lip Definer, Boy Rouge Coco Shine, Liaison Glossimer (also here)
  • Nails: Blue Satin (compared here and here, individual feature to come soon)
  • Skincare prep: Ultra Lift Sculpting Firming Concentrate (initial thoughts here)
  • Foundation & powder: Vitalumiere Aqua B30 and Powder Foundation Tender Bisque

Everything was easy to apply with a few swipes. The colors are virtually goof proof. For the eyes, I tried using Illusoire as a base under the powder Mystic Eyes Quad, however brushing the shadow on top of the gel made the purple disappear. After applying the silver 1/2 way up the lid, I re-applied the Illusoire purple Illusion d’Ombre on top of the powder, blended, added the bronze on outer corners and then applied the darkest quad shade wet as a liner. The result was pretty! After testing, I think I prefer the Illusoire Illusion d’Ombre by itself, only with a liner and mascara. That way the sparkle stays put and doesn’t disappear.
I loved the look so much today, I’m going to do the exact same tomorrow.
P.S. Thanks to those on Twitter who helped me pick Blue Satin even though it’s mid-summer and the dark blue is more “fall.” A detail to come tomorrow.

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