Deep Blues: Chanel Blue Satin, Dior Bond Street & Dior Blue Label

March 17, 2011

Dior Bond Street from the Gris City Collection seems to be everyone’s favorite from the limited edition trio released earlier this year. It’s a beautiful smokey blue with a tinge of grey with limited availability to a few select Dior Boutiques (NY, London and Paris) and Dior.com. With the release of the Rock Your Nails Collection, I know many of you are wondering if Blue Label is a good substitute for Bond Street. Here are three blues compared side by side to help you decide: Chanel Le Vernis Blue Satin 461, Dior Bond Street 707 and Dior Blue Label 997.

Chanel Blue Satin is an ultra dark navy with subtle iridescent blue shimmer that is hard to detect unless viewed in direct sunlight or with a flash. It’s a beautiful less harsh version of black, but is still very dark.

Dior Bond Street is a smokey blue cream. You can see a detailed comparison linked here from January. It has a cream finish and applies smooth with opaque coverage in 2 thin coats. I find the texture rich and luscious giving it an almost cushy finish.

Dior Blue Label is a darker deeper navy than Bond Street. They are fairly similar in my opinion, I don’t think you need both. It’s virtually identical to Blue Satin from arm’s length. You can see the differences in the close up swatches and in the bottle. As dupe-able as this color may seem, I am thrilled with Dior’s revamp of their nail polish formula. The texture is amazing and lasting power very good (as long as you apply thin coats).

With High Flash:

One more view, they look very similar:

Overall thoughts – Bond Street is still the winner for me mainly because it’s noticeably blue and not so dark that it looks black. It’s still available (at the time of this post) on Dior.com. Still, Blue Label is lovely. I’m not so sure I’m feeling these colors for spring. But they are more spring than summer.

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