Chanel Rose Écrin Joues Contraste for Fall 2011

June 21, 2011

Chanel Rose Écrin #68 is a soft luminous pale rose pink. It’s a neutral-cool, leaning slightly more towards the cool side. The shimmer is finely milled (no frost). The texture is soft and there is noticeable rose scent which fades quickly. Pigment is soft but buildable. Lasting power is average as with most powder blushes.

UPDATE: A few have mentioned that Rose Écrin appears to have peachy tones from my photos, from what I see on my screen and in the pot it’s a true pink, no peach. If you see any other relevant reviews pop up of this blush, please link in the comments, thanks!

Compared to other Chanel pinks, it’s closest to Caprice (long discontinued). The difference is Caprice has more warmth and almost looks peachy. Rose Écrin is very similar but more pink/cool-toned. Note that I am doing a comparison of the US formulas. The Euro/Asia formulas of shades with the same name might be slightly different. This might be overkill, but here are the comparisons and swatches in different lighting. Compared to Caprice, Rose Dust, Rose Petale and Pink Explosion. As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary) per computer screen. I found the Chanel promotional photos to be fairly accurate this year, the promo photo is just slightly more dusty/pale than the actual product for the blush (see them on Cafe Makeup here also on Beauty Crazed in CA here).

With flash

Without flash

I’m working as fast as I can to swatch the lips and the new eyeshadows, but I’ve come down with a  bad cold 🙁 I’ve made it so long without getting sick and then all of a sudden bam. Sorry for the delay in getting all the reviews, swatches and photos/details etc. Thanks for your patience!

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