Dior Nude Chic & Bond Street on Tips & Toes

February 7, 2011

A few weeks ago in my Nail Polish Styling post a few of you asked “what’s that Dior Nude with the Chanel Khaki Vert?” It’s Dior’s Nude Chic which was released three springs ago (I think). I don’t think they make it anymore, but I have noticed Dior has been going through a nail polish revamp. Perhaps it will be re-released? Who knows. I had it applied yesterday afternoon for a much-needed manicure and picked Bond Street for the toes. Boring but work appropriate.

Bond Street has previously been reviewed in detail. This is one of three limited edition shades released in NY and on Dior.com as part of the Gris City Collection. Refer to my Gris City Collection post here and here for more comparisons.

For those of you who like the look of Nude Chic but can’t get your hands on it, comparisons are shown below (scroll down to the bottom).

* This photo below is republished from my previous review for your reference

See the Bond Street comparisons linked here.

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